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Best Wheat Beers

Wheat beer. Beer made with wheat. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, wheat beers can come in many shapes and sizes. The use of specific yeast

Best low calorie hoppy beers

Best Low-Calorie IPAs

Low-Cal is in. After years of pastry stouts and milkshake IPAs, craft beer drinkers are reaching for lighter, lower calorie options. With low-calorie IPA, there

Best beers in south korea

Best Korean Beers

Beer is massively popular in South Korea and even eclipses soju as the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Although omnipresent, Korean beer is generally pale

Best Breweries in Connecticut

Best Breweries in Connecticut

Connecticut often gets overshadowed by the flourishing craft beer scene of New York City. Deep rooted beer culture runs through the state, however, and Connecticut

First Sip Brew Box Review

Our First Sip Brew Box Review

Craft beer lovers’ enthusiasm rivals the passion of even the most devoted sports fans. Beer geeks proudly wear brewery t-shirts and collect unique glasses, coasters,

What does beer taste like?

What does beer taste like?

One of my favorite things to do in recent months has been hosting beer tastings with a few friends. It’s cheaper than the bar, the

Brewer’s Friend Review

Brewer’s Friend Review

Cloud-based brewing software is the way of the future for homebrewers and professionals alike. Brewers are starting to embrace this convenient solution to design and