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The Best Breweries In Queens, NY

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There are a ton of breweries that you could visit in Queens New York. But why settle for any brewery in the city when you can go to some of the best?

So what makes these breweries the best in Queens? What do they have that is different than all the others? Reading on will give you some information about why these breweries are the best and what sets them apart from the rest.

To help you out, I have compiled a list for you with everything you will need to know, and the best part, it’s all going to be in one place.

Some of the best breweries in Queens New York are:

    There are more to these breweries that will help you decide on which ones to visit. You can’t go wrong with any of these though.

    The Brewery Bar & Kitchen

    49-18 30TH Ave., Woodside, NY 11377
    (718) 777-8007

    This brewery, located in Queens, New York, is a family-owned and operated bar and kitchen. With great Irish hospitality, they serve over twenty draft and twenty-nine bottled beers. Being open seven days a week, you are able to choose from a full lunch and dinner menu. On the weekends, The Brewery Bar & Kitchen offers a brunch option.

    This brewery sponsors different events and teams. They are sponsors of ST. John’s Basketball and the New York Mets. At The Brewery Bar & Kitchen, you can watch any soccer games while enjoying food and house beers.

    When it comes to private events, there are buffets and sit-down meal choices that are available. A great place to host a Super Bowl event because of its HD TVs and surround sound system. Plus, they offer beer specials for every game event that they host.

    When it comes to popularity, even drinks can be in the number one spot for restaurants and bars. But what is The Brewery Bar & Kitchen’s crowd-pleasing favorite?

    The favorite among its customers is the wings and beer. As it would seem with their assortment of beers both craft and local, they are a crowd favorite for this brewery.

    Evil Twin Brewing

    1616 George St., Queens, NY 11385
    (718) 366-1850

    The Evil Twin Brewing Company, has numerous awards and accolades for its beers. One of these awards is from the Great American Beer Festival for the unique and flavorful drink combinations. The Evil Twin is a local neighborhood brewery that is well-known as possibly one of the greatest and most exciting places to visit in the country. Since they are a microbrewery, they are able to experiment with more flavor combinations and can have more control of its menus.

    Being local, the Evil Twin works together with other brewers in the area and New York. This makes them a great place for gatherings or even for after-work meetings.

    Even with many options to choose from, the Evil Twin does have an all-time favorite among its customers. The drink, Hipster Ale, is a flagship beer with a tart and hoppy wheat ale.

    Finback Brewery

    7801 77TH Ave., Queens, New York 11385
    (718) 628-8600

    Founded in 2011, Finback Brewery finally found a home site in Queens in 2013. In January 2014, they were able to finally release their brewed beers to the local neighborhood and the public. With its quality ingredients and complex flavors, Finback houses a rich and diverse culture within its walls.

    They distribute their brewed beers to local areas in New York. This means that you can also enjoy their beers at many local bars in town.

    Since they craft their own beer, they may not have the same flavors twice. Every beer that is offered on their menu is guaranteed to be great and full of flavor.

    Rockaway Brewing Company

    46-01 5Th St., Long Island City, NY 11101
    (718) 482-6528

    Rockaway Brewing Company first started in Rockaway Beach. They moved to Queens in 2012 with their 2-barrel brew system. Rockaway Brewing continues to grow its company in Queens in hopes of sharing its crafting skills and beers with the local neighborhood and community.

    One thing that sets them apart from the others is their retro, hippy style. On their website, they have a new Rockaway Jingle that is sure to catch your attention. According to some reviews, this brewery has a mascot, a cat that hangs out inside.

    Other than all their specialty and craft beers, there do seem to be a few favorites. They do have what is called a flight that lets you taste all the available beers they have. Some of the local favorites are “cactus kisses” and Nitro Stout.

    Big aLICe Brewing

    8-08 43RD Rd., Long Island City, Queens 11101
    (347) 688-2337

    The Big aLICe Brewery, or “Big Allis”, is named in honor of a landmark in Queens to honor the history and growth of the surrounding area. This brewery has great specialized beers. They offer sour and wild that are made in modern brewing technology that uses a temperature-controlled vessel that creates the most unique flavors. With Big aLICe Brewer’s sour and wild beers they were named one out of 100 of America’s Best New Brewers in 2015. There is a taproom that offers onsite drinking for your choice of specialty beers.

    THE Big aLICe Brewery uses farmers and maltsters to get the ingredients to craft their beers. They also are in collaboration with local businesses in Queens for special ingredients to make items such as coffee, donuts, and even honey.

    One of their best and most popular drink is their Sour Cherry Ale. This drink earned the Big aLICe a Gold Medal in 2016. They offer indoor and outdoor spaces as well as to-go beer. They are a dog-friendly business and have great options for those seeking out a great place to spend with friends.

    Lost Farmer Brewing

    63- A East 2ND St., Mineola, NY 11501
    (516) 283-2500

    Lost Farmer Brewery gets its name from honoring local farmers that are responsible for growing the malt and hop that is used in their beers. Created by two childhood friends, this brewery was founded with their love of the 80s and industrial designs for their atmosphere and craft beers.

    They are a dog-friendly business and while they do offer guest taps from the state of New York, the biggest majority of their beers are crafted and brewed on-site. If you are looking for a great place to host an event, they are a great option for you.

    They do offer beer to go and one of their best drinks is the Mango Smoothie Hard Seltzer. They do offer other great drinks that seem to be a fan favorite. These are:

    • Bananarama Hefeweizen
    • Hopper Hazy Pale Ale
    • Killer Pumpkin Ale

    They also have a snack menu that offers bread, pretzels, and pizza.

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