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The Best Breweries In Springfield, MA

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There is so much to do in Springfield, Massachusetts. From spending a day with the family at Six Flags, sitting in on the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, to visiting Forest Park, there really is something for every type of person. That also includes tasting some local brews!

Here are some of the breweries that are either in Springfield, MA proper or in the nearby surrounding area:

So if just visiting for a family vacation or need to find a new place after work, Springfield has it covered. Not to mention, some of these brews will show up in local restaurants, so might as well visit the source for their widest selection of drinks.

Best Breweries in Springfield, MA

Springfield, MA doesn’t have too many breweries with locations specified in the city itself. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good range of places to choose from, as there are quite a few in surrounding areas and suburbs. There are three within the city itself however that is definitely worth checking out.

White Lion Brewing Company

1500 Main St Tower Square, Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 326-1829

White Lion Brewing Company noticed there was a missing niche waiting to be filled in 2014 and happily took up the position. They really leaned into their White Lion aesthetic and even have a mascot they take around to events. Not only that, but they also host Wild Dandelion Mobile Beverage Catering which will cater to any type of event.

They have an interesting selection of brews to check out. One of which is their Blueberry & Marshmallow. It’s an interesting and unique combination that is part of their hopsicle sour series. Not often is marshmallow in a brew, and especially not with blueberry, so if there’s ever the need for something different, this is it.

Two Weeks Notice Brewing Company

110 Bosworth St West, Springfield, MA 01089
(413) 707-1413

Two Weeks Brewing Company really wants their guests to stop in and spend time with them. This is evident by the fact they not only serve delicious craft beer in their taproom but also some tasty food. Who can say no to tacos and nachos? The vibe is great and laid back, if not a little ironic that it’s staffed by people when the whole schtick is about quitting work.

As far as brews go, check out Casual Friday. It’s a pale ale that’s also made with white wine. It’s citrusy, grapey, and hopped with Citra and Hallertau Blanc so it ends up lacking a lot of bitterness that some other brews will end up having. A little bit of something different, and a great choice for someone who can’t decide if they want beer or wine tonight.

Rustic Brewing Company

34 Front St., Springfield, MA 01151
(413) 273-7166

Rustic Brewing Company focuses heavily on making their brews in a rustic, more old-fashioned style while also still building upon those techniques to make something fresh, healthy, and new. There’s a lot of pride that goes into each of their brews, and the vibe in their taproom is quite pleasant as a result.

They have some funny, punny, and pop culture references in the names of some of their drinks which helps drive home the atmosphere. Do be sure to check out CoffeeNutt if needing something seriously special. It’s aromatic and full of coffee and coconut with dark specialty malts!

Breweries near Springfield

The surrounding area near Springfield, MA is a little bit better for checking out breweries than the city proper. Some of these are close enough though that it’s basically the same place, so the drive shouldn’t take too long depending on the starting location.

Iron Duke Brewing

100 State St Stockhouse 122, Ludlow, MA 01056
(413) 624-6258

Iron Duke Brewing is a little special compared to some of the other breweries on the list, as they have both indoor and outdoor seating. Not only that, but they also take reservations which can be useful on busy event nights.

Their American Amber Lager, Generosity, has gotten numerous positive reviews. It’s smooth with a great vanilla flavor with a sweet aftertaste that isn’t too common in lagers.

Fieldcrest Brewing

2343 Boston Rd., Wilbraham, MA 01095
(413) 596-3632

Fieldcrest Brewing focuses on American and English styles of brewing, which is something a little different in the German-heavy area of Springfield, MA. They do often host events, and therefore their hours can be variable. Be sure to check for updates before trying to swing in.

While they’re pretty well known for their seltzers, check out their F-Bomb with Mango. It’s a spin on one of their most popular NE IPAs made with Citra and El Dorado hops, but this one is also infused with—you guessed it—mango.

Leadfoot Brewing

95 North Chicopee St., Chicopee, MA 01020
(413) 315-9828

Leadfoot Brewing is near the Westover Airport right next to the Connecticut River, and thus a little bit opposite in direction from the others on the list. They started out home brewing in their garage and ended up getting so many compliments on their German Pilsner that they decided to start offering their drinks on a larger scale.

That said, be sure to check out their Leadfoot Pilsner. It’s made with Munich and Vienna malts and Saaz hops for a traditional flavor, and really is one of their best-known for a reason.