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The Best Breweries In Salinas, CA

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What makes a great brewery? Is it the beer or the atmosphere? Or maybe it’s the food they serve? Whatever it is, Arizona has a few great ones. In this article, let’s take a look at three of the best breweries in Salinas:

La Cantina Brewing Company

165 Main St, Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 320-4221

La Cantina Brewing Company was established in 2008, and its tasting room is located on Alvarado Street in downtown Salinas. Their motto is “We make good beer with good people.” They have an excellent selection of beers that are available year-round. The pub serves delicious appetizers such as nachos, wings, burgers, salads, tacos, and quesadillas to help soak up their delicious beers. Worth a visit during Happy Hour for sure.

La Cantina has a 15-bbl brewhouse that is currently in the middle of being remodeled and should be completed in 2023.

We recommend trying Vampiro, which is a sour beer version of a staple Mexican cocktail originating in Jalisco, Mexico. To make it, they substitute tequila and grapefruit soda with our Piñorita Specialty Beer, creating a very citrusy, tango, and crisp profile.

Alvarado Street Brewery

1315 Dayton St e, Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 800-3332

Alvarado Street Brewery opened its doors in 2011 and offers some of the most unique and creative brews in the country. They currently have 5 locations, including one at the Cardinale Stadium, where you can get world-class beer and watch Monterey Bay FC win games, and another in the upper-crust town of Carmel by the Sea. Their great restaurant features tasty pub favorites like their Bacon Burger and Crispy Chicken Wings.

Some of our favorite Alvarado beers are their multiple award-winning Mai Tai P.A. (brewed with passion fruit, guava, and lychee) and basically anything from their Yeast Of Eden series.

This isn’t just a great brewery for locals, though. Alvarado also made our list of the best breweries in the US, which you can find here.

Brew -N- Krew Ale House

155 Main St, Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 676-6533

Brew -N- Krew Ale House is another craft beer bar in Salinas. It has an incredibly unique and fun atmosphere inside that you have to experience for yourself.

It is owned by a diverse group of friends who love great beer and make this a minority-owned and woman-owned business. To top off their amazing beer selection, they also have live music every night. If you’re looking for a place to hang out with your buddies, check them out and see what’s on tap!

We recommend trying one of their latest beers, Lokura, which is a 6.9% ABV hoppy beer with hints of tamarindo, mango, and habaneros.

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