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The Best Breweries In Manhattan, NY

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New York – the city of dreams. Manhattan is New York’s iconic suburb, featuring high-rise skyscrapers, a central park, and the statue of liberty: among many other substantial tourist destinations.

Spending a day in Manhattan isn’t complete without a trip to one of its famous breweries – or a few! We have combined a list of some of the top recommended breweries throughout Manhattan and their highest-rated brews.

Manhattan is an iconic alcohol scene, from the famous streets of Soho to a more low-key vibe in Tribeca – Manhattans brewery scene is buzzing with amazing breweries that sell some of the top-rated ails in New York. Please continue reading to discover our top recommended breweries in Manhattan.

That Witch Ales You

116 Madison Street, Manhattan, NY 10002
(646) 669-7363

A funky name for a funky brewery, That Witch Ales You is located right in the middle of Manhattan and provides all the typical vibe you would wish for from a Manhattan Brewery. Not only do they serve top-notch ales, but an array of delicious finger food is also served at this highly-rated brewery.

If you want to try an eccentric and different type of ale, That Witch Ales You have a very popular imperial porter called Coconut Potion. This porter is saturated with rich coconut and dark chocolate, giving it a mild but rich flavor. Coconut Potion is one of That Witch Ales You’s top recommended brews and is a favorite among locals.

Torch And Crown Brewing Company

12 Vandam St, Manhattan, NY 10013
(212) 228-7005

Torch and Crown Brewing Company aim to embrace all things New York – Diversity, ambition, and vibrancy. Established over ten years ago, and the co-founders spent years playing around with brewing, Touch and Crown Brewing Company was established.

Touch and Crown Brewing Company has many customer-favorite ales, with plenty of people writing raving reviews for their products. However, one of their most highly rated brews – Almost famous, a New England IPA, is double dry hopped and packed full of citrus and fruity flavors. A top-rated brew and guaranteed to be a favorite for anyone who enjoys a rich IPA.

Other Half Brewing – Rockefeller Centre Taproom

600 5th Avenue A2, Manhattan, NY 10020
(212) 202-2564

The Other Half Brewing Company is located in the Rockefeller Center and is a vital brewery in Manhattan’s scene. This brewery began in 2013 when the three owners came together to create a local Manhattan brewery, centered around the motto – ‘to create beers that they wanted to drink from a company they wanted to be a part of.’

The Other Half Brewing Company has a wide array of popular brews, but their 4th Anniversary New England IPA takes the lead. This IPA is a quadruple dry hopped imperial ale with pilsner malts, oats, and wheat – giving it a robust and hoppy taste. This IPA is heavy on the hops, so definitely one to try!

McSorley’s Old Ale House

15 E 7th St, Manhattan, NY 10003
(212) 473-9148

McSorley’s Old Ale House is a brewery steeped in New York history. McSorley’s has a rich Irish heritage, dating back to its founder John McSorley who immigrated to New York after the Irish potato famine. This saloon also has extensive ties with the women’s movement, being one of the first New York bars to allow women in and to work behind the bar.

Visiting an Irish Manhattan bar calls for trying an Irish brew. The highly rated McSorley’s Irish Ale is a light and hoppy ale – that is very popular among all the breweries visitors. Lightness on the hops makes this ale a great choice for anyone who doesn’t love a strong hoppy taste and prefers a lighter aroma and color to their beer.

Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co

1150 Manhatten Avenue, Manhattan, NY 11222
(347) 725-3061

Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co is a German-inspired brewery right in the heart of Manhattan. Serving a variety of brews on tap, by the bottle, or can in their taproom. Greenpoint Beer and Ale also hosts a number of different events throughout the year customers can partake in – while drinking their delicious brews.

With such a variety on offer, it can be hard to decide what beer to get from Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co. Thankfully, their customers have done it for you by narrowing down some of their top favorites. One of their most popular ales is the Belgian Witbier – a hoppy brew with lemon peel, cracked pepper, and orange zest.

Bronx Brewery East Village

64 2nd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003
(917) 243-5015

The Bronx Brewery East Village Brewery is an extension of the company’s original brewery in the Bronx. Thanks to its superb popularity, the owners expanded to Manhattan, where the brewery’s popularity continued to grow rapidly.

Are you searching for a full-bodied and well-rounded American Pale Ale? Then the Bronx Brewery East Villages American Pale Ale is the drink you’ve been looking for. This ale is a light color, rich in hops, and has a strong citrus flavor you will love.


21 E 7th Street, Manhattan, NY 10003
(833) 328-4588

The proletariat is a unique brewery and restaurant that offers an entirely vegan experience. This brewery focuses on a British dining experience and offers over 20 unique and carefully selected drafts, available on tap from their taproom.

With such a wide variety of availability in the proletariat, it’s easy to see how this brewery is highly rated. However, a considerable number of customers highly recommend Praise Both Syrah, a famous American Wild Ale. This brew is fermented with syrah grapes to give a rich and fruity aftertaste.

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