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The Best Breweries In Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is the birthplace of several country music legends. This includes but is not limited to Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, and Carrie Underwood. Moreover, Oklahoma is also home to many indigenous tribes whose history stretches long into the past. It is home to some 39 tribal nations, and almost 300,000 state residents belong to said tribes. This makes their population incredibly diverse.

Another great thing about the state of Oklahoma is its craft beer culture, and this is what we’re going to discuss here. Compared to other states, it is new but still budding and growing with great potential.

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According to us, the best breweries in Oklahoma are Beavers Bend Brewery, Mountain Fork Brewery, Anthem Brewing Company, Bricktown Brewery, and Roughtail Brewing Company.

Beavers Bend Brewery

46 Coho Rd, Broken Bow, OK

The Beavers Bend Brewery was a dream of its founder Brad Reesing for a long time. He and beer have a long history since he started making it in his kitchen almost two decades ago. He knew how to craft it right and when he could open his own brewery, it basically meant everything came full circle for him. It started with distribution to local restaurants and eventually grew into a brewery with its own taproom that accommodates tourists and enthusiasts.

At Beavers Bend Brewery, they offer a selection of ales and IPAs for their customers to choose from. They combine a rich beer-making history with modern flavors to craft a drink that people love and adore, both from near and far. This makes them a fan favorite and a must-visit whenever possible.

Mountain Fork Brewery

89 N Lukfata Trail Rd, Hochatown, Broken Bow, OK

One of the more recent entrants in the beer scene, Mountain Fork Brewery has made quite the name for itself. They take great pride in the beer they make and claim that the water they use in their beer is from the Mountain Fork River. This is a pristine water source, meaning that the beer is essentially one with the land, making for a great story and wonderful taste.

At Mountain Fork Brewery, they have a wide selection of ales, IPAs, and stouts to choose from. This allows their customers to choose from a diverse range of beers owing to their preferred taste and want. Mountain Fork Brewery is a wonderful option to choose from if you’re looking for tasty beers in Oklahoma. They also have a menu of different dishes, so if you want the whole package, you can enjoy a delicious meal while having a refreshing pint.

Anthem Brewing Company

908 SW 4th St, Oklahoma City, OK

The people at Anthem Brewing company claim to have established one of the first craft breweries out there. This means they have a solid grip over the craft beer art and are run using a combination of passion for beer and also world-class beer production methods. They have always made some of the best beer in the state and have used different methods to produce their beer, including both old and new methods. They pride themselves on creating a culture where people not only enjoy their beer but also become a part of the community.

At Anthem Brewing Company, they have a range of Ale, Lager, IPA, Cider, and also Pilsners. This allows them to have a varied selection for their customers, making them a viable option for casual and seasoned beer drinkers. You can have a favorite that you always drink, or you could mix it up a little and try something different from time to time.

Bricktown Brewery

1 N Oklahoma Ave, Oklahoma City, OK

Bricktown Brewery is one of the more famous names on this list. At the time of writing, they have multiple locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. This means they know what they are doing because it takes a lot for a brewery to have this many branches. They are one of the most recognizable names in the business and for a good reason.

They have many different local craft beers to choose from, along with many other brands on offer. They not only make their own beer but also sell other beer at the same time.

At Bricktown Brewery, you not only find beer but also amazing food. They have a wide selection to choose from. This way, if you want to have a wonderful meal along with a delightful beer, you can do so under one roof. This makes them the perfect all-in-one option for the casual and seasoned beer drinker.

Roughtail Brewing Company

1279 N Air Depot Blvd, Midwest City, OK

As the name suggests, Roughtail Brewing Company has made a name for itself by being a rebel in the craft beer industry. They knew that there were many conventional options to choose from and that someone needed to come in and challenge the norm.

By employing a controlled-chaos method, they have been able to grow while pushing the boundaries of beer. This has given them a unique identity they have cultivated into fan favorites.

At Roughtail Brewing Company, they offer a variety of different drinks that include ales, IPAs, stouts, and hefeweizens as well. They have permanent as well as limited-release drinks for their customers to choose from. These drinks are a combination of age-old beer-making techniques combined with modern technology and a rule-bending flavor profile. Anyone who has these beers will certainly go through a roller coaster of emotions and flavors because there is so much that is going on with these beers.

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