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These Are the Best MLB Ballparks to Drink Craft Beer

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Beer and baseball – there exists possibly no greater American combination. Until recently, ballparks and stadiums have been dominated by macro lagers. But with the growing craft beer scene nationwide, most Major League parks have upped their beer game.

Though most teams have caught up with the times, some parks still lack behind. Not surprised when some ballparks are even named after Macro Beer companies! Don’t expect great things at those, although some of their “craft” subsidiaries will get you through at least the 7th inning stretch…

We’ll tell you the top 10 best MLB ballparks for craft beer enthusiasts. Plan your next beer and baseball weekend around these top craft beer ballparks – even if your favorite team’s not playing.

Petco Park – San Diego Padres

You can’t go very many places in San Diego without incredible craft beer selection. Their ballpark is no exception. Petco Park is certainly one of the best places to drink craft beer and watch a baseball game, especially if you’re into hoppy styles.

San Diego breweries are very well represented. You’ll find the likes of Alesmith, Stone, Ballast Point, Coronado, and Modern Times. My personal favorite is a West Coast classic: Duet by Alpine Beer Company. An IPA featuring Simcoe and Amarillo hops. It’s the perfect citrusy, dry, and refreshing beer to enjoy under the hot San Diego sun.

T-Mobile Park – Seattle Mariners

T-Mobile park is a gigantic stadium – it’s the biggest park on our list. Usually, the bigger the stadium the worse the craft beer quality. But the Mariners’ home field definitely strives to offer a massive and diverse selection of craft beer.

Throughout T-Mobile Park, you’ll find pFriem, Ninkasi, Fremont, and smaller breweries like Double Mountain. You can also find very good deals on Macro lagers – around $5 a can – if you’re looking to quench your thirst on a budget.

They also have a cask, barrel-aged, and specialty beer station located at Section 129, behind home plate. You never know what they’ll tap for each game, but if you’re lucky you might come across a very limited release. Don’t hesitate on those – the limited beer runs out quickly.

Fenway – Boston Red Sox

Heading over to the East Coast, Boston’s craft beer scene is one of the deepest and historic in the country. At the Red Sox home field, Fenway Park, fans are treated to some local classics.

Inside Fenway, you’ll find a large range of Samuel Adams beers – they’re the official brewery of the ballpark.

Samuel Adams may not be every craft beer enthusiast’s favorite brewery, but they do make consistent and well rounded beer. Not only that, with their 2019 acquisition of Dogfish Head, we hope to see more of those off-centered ales making it to the concession stands.

What sets Fenway apart, and places it deservedly on this list, is nearby Trillium Fenway. While not in the park itself, it’s a 5 or 10 minute walk from the front gate. We wouldn’t judge if you decide to prolong your stay at Trillium and miss the first few innings.

Progressive Field – Cleveland Indians

If you’re drinking craft beer in Cleveland, you’re surely familiar with Great Lakes Brewing Company. They make some amazing classic styles, and are famous nation-wide for their Dortmunder Gold Lager.

Great Lakes is the official craft beer of the Cleveland Indians, and that means a wide array of their products are available at Progessive Field.

On top of Great Lakes, there are a few other interesting craft options. Market Garden Citramax IPA is the park’s best IPA. For a lighter option, their Prosperity Wheat is a refreshing take on classic German Hefeweizen.

Tropicana Field – Tampa Bay Rays

We’ve written about how great the Tampa Bay beer scene is. It’s one of the best places to go on a beer-vacation. Catching a ball game at the Trop is an interesting experience. It’s often derided by baseball fans for its strange aesthetic and outdated design. But for craft beer fans, it’s one of the best in the league!

At Tropicana Field, you’ll be able to find a wide range of craft offerings. Local favorites Cigar City, Coppertail, and Green Bench are all available. Fresh Jai Alai IPA is usually my go-to, but I’d happily settle for Coppertail’s hoppy tripel, Unholy.

My favorite perk about going to a game at Tropicana Field is dropping into nearby Green Bench after the game. You’ll enjoy some of Florida’s best lagers, saisons, and IPAs while hanging out on their cozy patio.

PNC Park – Pittsburgh Pirates

Pennsylvania has some great craft breweries. And PNC Park in Pittsburgh is a great ballpark to watch a game. Put those together, you have one great afternoon.

Craft beer fans will be more than happy sipping Troegs or Victory watching ball, looking over Pittburgh’s beautiful skyline. Victory Prima Pils is one of the best blends of traditional pilsners with a modern American touch of added hoppiness – a great beer for a sunny day.

If you’re in the mood for a classic, you can always reach for the Pennsylvania original, a crisp and refreshing Yuengling.

Oracle Park – San Francisco Giants

Oracle Park boasts an outstanding selection of craft beer. In fact, Public House is connected to Oracle with its own entrance. There, you can grab an amazing selection of high quality and rare beers that you can bring right into the ballpark. Treat yourself to heavy hitters like Russian River, Cellarmaker, Allagash, and Sierra Nevada.

Inside Oracle Park, there are many concession stands selling even more craft beer. You’ll easily come across great beers from breweries like Moonraker, Almanac, and Fieldwork.

Pre-game at 21st Amendment just down the road but definitely save space for some fresh Pliny the Elder once inside Oracle Park.

Comerica Park – Detroit Tigers

Comerica Park is one of the nicest ballparks in the MLB. Great sight lines, atmosphere, and definitely lots of craft beer.

Michigan’s finest brewery, Bell’s, will definitely be at the top of most beer geek’s lists when entering the turnstiles of Comerica. You can find Two Hearted, Hopslam, as well as seasonals like the deliciously thirst quenching Oberon.

Along with Bell’s, fans can treat themselves to a range of Founders products and a slew of other local craft breweries. Top of my list would be the epicly juicy, Old Nation M-43 IPA. A true modern New England IPA that hits all of those smooth, tropical, hazy, and hop-drenched notes.

Guaranteed Rate Field – Chicago White Sox

Most tourists in the Windy City head to the historic Shea Stadium to catch the Cubs in action. But beer nerds should make a beeline to Guaranteed Rate Field for a Wite Sox game. Not only is the ballpark interesting and quirky in its own right, the craft beer selection is outstanding.

Local breweries are well represented, like Half Acre, Revolution, and 3 Floyds. Even the AB-Inbev owned, Chicago based Goose Island has some interesting beers on offer like Sofie and Matilda.

For a smaller craft option, look for Marz – you can usually find their Jungle Boogie, an American wheat ale with Rooibos tea.

Oakland Coliseum – Oakland A’s

California baseball teams sure know how to keep their craft beer loving fans happy. Over in Oakland, at the RingCentral Coliseum, craft beer flows in abundance.

Catching the A’s in their atypical baseball stadium is a fun and sometimes wild experience. Stay cool with a Firestone Pivo Pils, or reach for something hoppy like their outstanding Union Jack IPA. You’ll also find 21st Amendment, Drakes, as well as a wide selection of very nicely priced macro and mainstream beers.

Good prices, great fans, and a very unique park to watch a game, we highly recommend Oakland Coliseum to any craft beer fan.