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The Best Breweries In Arlington, VA

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If you like beer but love craft beer, you are probably searching for some of the best breweries in Arlington, VA. However, you have no idea where to start. Where and what are some of the best breweries in Arlington, Virginia?

Breweries in and near Arlington, Virginia are:

These are some of the best breweries in the city. But what sets them apart from the rest and are there any other breweries close to Arlington?

Best Breweries in Arlington, VA

Breweries in Arlington are fun to go to. They have a lot to offer in terms of craft beers and atmosphere. Each one has different characteristics from its beer flavors to other drinks they have on the menu.

New District Brewing

2709 S Oakland St., Arlington, VA 22206
(703) 888-5820

New District Brewing is the first brewery that was located in Arlington, Virginia. They are committed to supporting the local community and producing high-quality beer. New District is big when it comes to events and loves participating in fests and festivals all over.

They have different options available for their beer flavors. Some of their beer flavors are:

  • Dog Park Days Double IPA
  • Ginger Saison
  • Oktoberfest
  • It’s Never Too Late Honeysuckle Hefeweizen
  • Hard Selly

If you are interested in these or others they have on their menu, you can just ask the bartender for more information and preferences.

Local Favorite

With this being the first brewery ever located in Arlington, VA, there is sure to be a popular drink among its customers. As a popular backyard brew, 1821 features a golden color with a Belgian-style Saison with ingredients from Greece.

Nighthawk Brewery & Pizza

1201 S Joyce St Ste C10, Arlington, VA 22202
(571) 416-8100

Nighthawk Brewery and Pizza is the newest brewery in Arlington. With their pizza menu, they serve a full list of beers that are both juicy and crispy. They have at least 5 beers that have made it into the top 250 in the world.

Nighthawk Favorite

There is no surprise that there is a popular drink at this brewery. Nighthawk’s most popular drink is the Ditto Dipa IPA. This beer is a New England-style double with a Citra, mosaic that tastes like a dank orange peel with lime zest.

Board Room & Brewery

925 N. Garfield Street, Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 248-9439

Board Room and Brewery is the place to be if you are looking for an afternoon of fun. They have a game library which you can choose from. While you play your choice of game, you can order an award-winning craft beer and create memories with your friends and family.

They have events such as the Tuesday Trivia Night and bocce tournaments. You can also host a private event or party here.

Fan Favorite at the Board Room

A favorite and Silver Medal Winner in the 2019 Craft Beer cup, The Bishop Brown is a chocolatey malt. With the brown ale’s hints of dark chocolate, hazelnuts, and toasted bread, it’s no wonder it has become a favorite among the Board Room and Brewery.

Breweries Near Arlington, VA

Approximately 20 minutes away in Washington, DC. there are some really great breweries. These breweries are some of the local favorites and have a friendly atmosphere. So, if you are looking for somewhere new to go that isn’t too far from Arlington, these breweries are the place to go.

Bluejacket in Washington, DC

300 Tingey St SE, Washington, DC 20003
(202) 524-4862

Bluejacket, a glass and brick building, was once used to manufacture parts for ships. This brewery is now owned by the Neighborhood Restaurant Group. This brewery has 20 different beers on tap. There are also sours available that are fermented in barrels.

The head brewer, Josh Chapman, crafts beers with his team that have a broad range of flavors and styles for the locals and out-of-towners to enjoy.

They host several different types of events at their locations and have tours and tastings as well. Bluejacket is available to host private dinners and parties for guests to enjoy and make memories while drinking some of their best craft beers.

Is There a Favorite?

Bluejacket has several drinks available that they gladly serve to their customers. However, a fan favorite is the Mexican Radio Spiced Sweet Stout. This drink is a sweet stout that is brewed with oats and milk sugar that is then mixed with vanilla beans, chili peppers, and cinnamon.

Lost Generation Brewing

327 S ST NE, Washington, DC 20002
(202) 621-8525

Lost Generation Brewing was first created by a husband and wife, who had dreams of opening up a brewery. Leaving for California, this duo came back to Washington to perfect their recipes for excellent beers. Their brewery is for people of all kinds and from everywhere.

The atmosphere is focused on comfort and ease. The Lost Generation choose an old Nabisco Factory as the home of their brewery. This 120-year-old building with its cathedral ceilings, and brick and wooden structures give this brewery a 1920s meets 2020’s feel.

Lost Generation is focused on the community as well. They are part of local charities and support local artists.

Even though they have their own food options they are not opposed to guests bringing in their own food. They actually encourage customers to bring in their own food of choice.

Even though there are quite a few flavors of craft beers, one of the local favorites is the Peach Cobbler a la mode. This beer is a dessert-style sour that includes peaches, brown sugar, and graham crackers. It is then finished off with vanilla ice cream.

Right, Proper Brewing Co.

624 T St NW, Washington, DC 20001
(202) 607-2337

With a production facility located in Brookland, the Right Proper Brewing Co. is one of the bests in Washington, Virginia. Even with different beers on tap, the head brewer, Nathan Zeender, is a local favorite. His drinks are made with different house blends that use a specific fermenting process.

What is a Favorite Among the Right Proper Brewing Companies?

With all the flavors and options there can only be a few favorites. One, however, is Baron Corvo. This ale is a blend of flavors with oak foeders from France and wild yeasts that makes it have a farmhouse feel and taste. Although, this beer is not suited for everyone since it is a fruity yet spicy beer.

Red Bear Brewing

209 M St NE, Washington, DC 20002
(202) 849-6130

The owners, Simon Bee and Bryan Van Den Oever, first decided to start a brewery while at the “Scottish Highland Games” near Seattle. Red Bear Brewing is an independent brewery that crafts amazing beers for the community. They have core values that there needs to be creativity involved when crafting their beers. To ensure that they provide the best, they make sure to provide quality instead of quantity.

Since they have a unique start, they strive to be different and to focus on improving lives around them and throughout their community. They are an inclusive brewery that prides itself on including everyone. This extends to being ADA-friendly and learning ASL for those that are hard of hearing.

A Red Bear Favorite

A local favorite seems to be the Dissent Hazy IPA. A New England IPA made with kumquat, orange, and papaya that provide a citrusy flavor that was created in celebration of the life of the Notorious RBG.