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The Best Breweries In Ohio

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The state of Ohio is known for many things. Firstly, it is known as the birthplace of aviation. It was here that the Wright Brothers were born and laid the foundations for modern-day aviation. Ohio is also known as the state of presidents because 7 different US presidents have come from here. What’s more, Ohio has no shortage of acclaimed sports teams.

Most notable are the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. Perhaps two of the most famous people to come out of the state of Ohio are Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, and LeBron James, an NBA legend and one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. But you’re not here for that. You’re here to learn about Ohio’s best breweries.

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If you find yourself in the state of Ohio, either as a resident or visitor, you’re in luck! We have compiled a list of, what we think, are the best breweries in Ohio.

Twin Oast Brewing

630 NE Catawba Rd. Port Clinton, OH 43452
(419) 573-6126

If you’re looking for scenic views to enjoy your drink with, Twin Oast Brewing is there to make it happen. This brewery is located just outside of Toledo and is built on a 60-acre estate that also doubles as a farm. Along with delicious beer, they also have a food menu for you to choose from when you visit.

At Twin Oast Brewing, they choose to combine German beer elements with American sentiments. They want to remain true to their inspiration but also be at one with where they are located. They have a selection of IPAs, stouts, Saison’s, and many others. You can come in and enjoy a Hefeweizen or a Cherry Vanilla IPA, a personal favorite.

Maumee Bay Brewing Company

27 Broadway Street Toledo, OH 43604

Having been around for almost 2 decades and with some change, the Maumee Bay Brewing Company is considered one of the first craft breweries in Toledo. Being around for this long means that they have a plentiful experience when it comes to making a delectable drink for everyone to enjoy. Their menu includes a variety of ales, stouts, lagers, and IPAs.

At Maumee Bay Brewing Company, there is an extensive list of drinks to choose from. A personal recommendation after trying a few would be their #FakeJuice, a New England IPA, and their American Bitter Ale, an American brown ale. Besides having much to choose from in terms of drinks, they also have a wonderful menu of food to choose from and you can also rent out their brewery for private parties.

Roundhouse Depot Brewing

217 W, Chillicothe Ave., Bellefontaine, OH 43311

If you’re a fan of trains and craft beers, you’re lucky because Roundhouse Deport Brewing combines the two. It is run by a husband and wife who brew beer with a passion. They wanted to combine this passion with a tribute to one of the most important pieces of Bellefontaine’s history – the railroad. Throughout the brewery and the drinks, you will see different forms of tribute to the railroad, and they have built a culture where customers can come in, enjoy a good drink, and talk about the past, present, or future.

At Roundhouse Depot Brewing, they have several different options to choose from. They have IPAs, Ales, Ciders, Pilsners, Hefeweizens, and a Weizenbier to choose from. This is a lot to go around and one of our personal favorites would be their Roundhouse Depot Beer Mimosa, a Hefeweizen, or their Cleveland Crash of 1974 Simcoe, an American IPA.

Gongoozlers Brewery

629 West Monroe Street, New Bremen, OH,
(419) 733-2320

The city of New Bremen has a rich history in its community, along with the Miami-Erie canal that cuts right through the city. The Gongoozlers Brewery aims to pay tribute to this community as well as the canal that flows through it. The town is not incredibly vast, and there are only so many places for people to come together and have a good time.

The founders of Gongoozlers wanted to set up shop in a place where everyone could come together to enjoy beer and have a good time while doing so. Originally set up to make wine, they felt that it was better for them if they opted for beer instead because the outcome and process were much more pleasing.

At Gongoozlers Brewery, you will find a selection of Ale, Schwarz bier, Rauch Bier, Hefeweizen, Berliner Weisse, Doppelbock, Vienna Lager, and British Brown Ale. Some of these options are not as common, but they are a wonderful addition to any menu because they provide a diverse set of tastes and flavors for you to go around. The brewery is an incredibly calm and serene place to be if you wish to have a beer, enjoy the scenery, and have a good time with your friends.

Branch & Bones Artisan Ales

905 Wayne Avenue Dayton, OH, 45410

One of the most recent entrants into this list, Branch & Bones Artisans Ales hasn’t spent too much time in the market but it has done enough to stand out as one of the most exciting players out there. They have made a name for themselves by crafting beers that have both unique and also tasty hops. This allows them to come up with a taste that is unique yet exciting.

They have a selection of Lagers, Ales, IPAs, Stouts, and Berliner Weisse for you to choose from. As you can see, they make the same beers as others but have managed to enhance the flavor through their ingenious methods of production. Among their most common choices that also double as fan favorites are the On a Cloud IPA and the Classic Crisp American Lager.

MadTree Brewing

3301 Madison Road Cincinnati, OH 45209

Having opened its doors in 2013, MadTree Brewing has had two missions in mind. The first is to make amazing craft beer for its customers and the second is to bring them closer to nature while doing so. They have taken one of the greatest joys of life, beer, and also made a conscious effort to rejoin us to nature where we came from.

The two can combine to form a wonderful atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Their ‘toss a buck for the planet’ initiative also aims at partnering with global and local charitable organizations to help the environment in different ways.

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