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The Best Breweries In Pembroke Pines, FL

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Although many breweries exist in Florida, only one exists in Pembroke Pines. It has no competition.

The best and only brewery in Pembroke Pines is Twin Peaks. This restaurant location has plenty to offer residents of the town and will satisfy any hankering for a beer.

Best Brewery in Pembroke Pines

Here are the best breweries in and near Pembroke Pines, Florida:

Twin Peaks

440 SouthWest 145th Avenue, Pembroke Pines FL 33027
(754) 400-6990

Twin Peaks is a quality restaurant in Pembroke Pines. However, there is one thing that helps it stand out from the competition – its brewery. Twin Peaks Brewing Company is the business’s private-label beer, brewed at its central location in Texas. Twin Peaks’ unique brews make it one of the best places to grab food and a drink in Florida.

We recommend the Dirty Blonde if you’re interested in one of their standard brews. This 5.2% ABV Witbier/Blanche Wheat Beer is a tasty white ale, unfiltered. It offers a citrus taste and scent, finished with spices of Indian coriander and orange peel. This beer is one of the best to complement with a zesty orange slice.

Breweries Near Pembroke Pines, FL

Although there is only one brewery in Pembroke Pines, there are plenty in the surrounding area. We have some recommendations within thirty miles of the town if you want to expand from your comfort zone.

Let’s talk more about the best breweries near Pembroke Pines. If Twin Peaks doesn’t suit your taste, these have additional beer selections to satisfy your palette.

Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewing

13416 NW 38th Ct B, Opa-Locka, FL 33054
(786) 681-6572

Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewing is a unique location, focusing on small-batch brewing options for the best-quality beverages. They ensure every batch of beers created is as similar as possible to the original flavor. Legacy strives to stay away from fads and gimmicks as much as possible.

We recommend Don Miguel. This 5.5% ABV American Porter is a bold drink with a little Caribbean flair twisted inside. It offers flavors of chocolate and caramel, taking on a gorgeous dark hue inside a glass. There is also a slight hint of floral flavors and a coconut aroma for an all-around refreshing beverage.

3 Sons Brewing Co.

235 North Federal Highway #104, Dania Beach, FL 33004
(954) 601-3833

The 3 Sons Brewing Co. is a restaurant and brewery. They pride themselves on unique beer flavors and a family-friendly environment, so you don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed if you choose to visit in person. Creative brewing is a sought-after craft, and 3 Sons capitalizes on that with their family-friendly company.

We recommend the Lumberjack Morning Break if it’s your first time at 3 Sons Brewing. This Imperial/Double Coffee Stout has a 13% ABV and is sure to impress anyone looking for an untraditional beverage. The beer is aged in a bourbon barrel, packed with hints of maple and coffee for any time of the day type flavor.

Black Flamingo Brewing Company

3260 NW 23rd Avenue #400e, Pompano Beach, FL 33069
(954) 933-1960

Black Flamingo Brewing grew from a garage to a brick-and-mortar location, all thanks to a love for beer. They have only been open for three years, creating small batches of artisan brews through the pandemic. Now, on the other side of the lockdown, they continue to form unique and eccentric drink options for their customers.

We recommend Juicier Than Juice if it’s your first time trying what Black Flamingo has to offer. This 7.5% ABV New England/Hazy IPA is a tasty, light-flavored beverage. It’s double dry-hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Lemon Drop. It’s rested on passionfruit, lemons, and mangoes, then finished with delicious lemon zest.

LauderAle Brewing

3305 SE 14th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 653-9711

LauderAle Brewing is an independently owned and operated brewery location with multiple standard and rotating drafts. They focus on local culture for the influence for their unique drafts. The company has many awards attached to its brewers, including medals from The Great American Beer Festival and The Best Florida Beer Competition. They are one of the best in Fort Lauderdale and have the awards to back it up.

If it’s your first time at LauderAle Brewing, we recommend the C Porter. This 6.2% ABV Porter is the company’s classic Everglades Porter, mixed with Caribbean flavors. There are flavors of milk chocolate, sweet coconut, roast, caramel, and a wonderful nutty aroma. It’s malty and tropical in all the best ways.

Unbranded Brewing Co.

1395 E. 11th Avenue, Hialeah, FL 33010
(786) 332-3097

Unbranded Brewing Co. got its name from the tradition of leaving cattle without a brand. These cows, known as mavericks, paved the way for the new meaning of maverick today – someone who goes against tradition. Unbranded pushes against the classic way of doing things in every beer they brew.

For a unique beverage at Unbranded Brewing, we recommend the Guava Wheat. This 4.6% ABV American Pale Wheat Wheat Beer is just as colorful as it is tasty. There are 1,200 pounds of guava in each batch, filling the beverage with notes of sweet fruit. It’s an easy beverage to drink.

Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers

3944 NW 19th Street, Lauderhill, FL 33311
(754) 223-2198

Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers opened two years ago to serve unique, funky beverages to interested customers. Their goal was to create a relaxing space for people to enjoy fabulous concoctions, and they succeeded. Yeast Brews is ideal if you want somewhere laid-back to sample beers you can’t find anywhere else.

We recommend the Coquito Cowboy if it’s your first time at Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers. This 8.5% ABV Milk/Sweet Stout is a change of pace from traditional savory options. The beverage is brewed with lactose, cinnamon, rum-soaked oak chips, and coconut for a wonderful sweet taste and aroma.

Tarpon River Brewing

280 SW 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 353-193

Tarpon River Brewing is a gastropub, offering a delicious line of foods. Along with their meal offerings are distinct brewery options. They constantly rotate what is on tap and work hard to ensure their beer options match the flavor of their food. For a quality meal and drink, go with Tarpon River Brewing.

If it’s your first time at Tarpon River Brewing, we recommend Deflated. This 7.7% ABV New England/Hazy IPA has a tasty, smooth body and a wonderful hoppy aroma. It has Citra, Amarillo, and Azacca hops brewed inside. The tasty beverage has a lovely golden color and is sure to please any palette.