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The Best Breweries In Scottsdale, AZ

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Whenever we visit a new place, we look for entertainment, culture, beautiful landscapes, and an amazing culinary experience. We don’t know about the rest, but Scottsdale will never disappoint you when it comes to food and beer.

Some of the best breweries in Scottsdale include Fate Brewing, Four Peaks Brewing Company, Front Pourch Brewing, and State 43 Lager House. Not only will you find a wide variety of craft beers, but also delicious food to accompany it.

Best Breweries in Scottsdale AZ

Check out our list of the top breweries in Scottsdale, AZ.

Goldwater Brewing

3608 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251
(480) 350-7305

Goldwater Brewing Co. was initially launched due to the passion, experience, and skill Greg brought to the table. Later on, his sons, Chad and Dillon, and Jimmy joined forces and their unique talents, such as commercial brewing experience, marketing and branding, and restaurant management knowledge, respectively, to restore the craft beer scene in Arizona. Now they have two taprooms and distribute to over 100+ restaurants and bars.

We recommend their Hop Chowda IPA. It has nice floral notes where orange and tangerine are prominent. The taste is similar and has an added touch of malt, flaked oats, and wheat.

Helton Brewing Company

2144 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ, United States, Arizona
(602) 730-2739

Brain Helton, the owner of Helton Brewing Company, has won numerous World Cup Beer Awards and has been in the industry for 23 years. He wants to support his community and create a cozy space with an inviting atmosphere. The goal is to create high-quality beer and educate locals on how to be better beer drinkers.

From sours to IPA to stouts toales, they have it all. The best is its Northeast IPA. It is brewed with wheat and barley and has a cloudy appearance. It has an intense citrus aroma and tastes like orange and strawberry.

Fate Brewing

1312 N Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Steve McFate built the Fate Brewing Company in 2012 to be the place where the community can gather to celebrate special events. What started from a small brewhouse turned into a 15-barrel system and a larger location. The brewery brews beers in small batches and rotates them to ensure they are fresh. It also has an extensive food menu to pair up with fantastic drinks.

Try its Candy Bar Milk Stout. It’s sweet and smells like chocolate-covered nuts and hints of vanilla, and the taste is similar.

Wren House Brewing Company

2125 N. 24th St., Phoenix, Arizona 85008
(602) 244-9184

The Wren House Brewing Company was created by rebuilding an old guest house into a cozy taproom. The character and age of the place give the brewery its unique vibe and ensure that simply the power of craft beer is enough to gather people here.

Try their Spellbinder IPA. It is brewed with wheat and gallons of oat milk. It is triple dry-hopped during the fermentation process and has a huge amount of Citra and Mosaic lupulin powder that gives it its characteristic taste and smell.

Two Brothers Tap House and Brewery

30W315 Calumet Ave, Warrenville, IL
(630) 393–2337

Head on over to the Two Brothers Tap House and Brewery, where you can enjoy high-quality craft beer with delicious artisan dishes. It is a family-friendly place where you can enjoy food and drinks made from the freshest organic ingredients. Jim and Jason, the co-founders of Two Brothers, started this brewery with a passion for the craft beer process and community and hoped to create a place that reflects their values.

They offer rotating beers that are prepared right on-site. Try their Amplifier IPA which has intense citrus notes and tastes the same with mild bitterness at the end for balance.

Four Peaks Brewing Company

1340 E. 8th Street, #104, Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 303-9967

The Four Peaks Brewing Company was created by a mutual passion for brewing, dumb luck, and undying ambition. The owners wanted to create a brewhouse with a neighborhood pub mentality, and they did exactly that. They offer multiple beer options, such as Scottish ale, stout, and IPA, and brew them with unique techniques and craftsmanship.

Try the beer that started it all. The Kilt Lifter Scottish style ale is an award-winning flagship brew and has pronounced flavors of caramel and barley. Dry clean finish with a hint of smokiness and sweetness.

OHSO Brewery

15681 N. Hayden Rd. #112, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 948-3159

If you are looking for a unique venue for your next event, we suggest the OHSO Brewery and Distillery. It serves great food with local craft beer and spirits and has ample space to host parties and events. It is a family and dog-friendly hot spot where you can try the 40+ beers on tap and house cocktails with finger-licking food.

Try its American style ale, the 89Ale. It is a malt-forward beer with a rustic and earthy profile with notes of caramel and toffee. Pair it up with their Hawaiian-style pork tuna, called Tuna Stack.

Front Pourch Brewing

1611 W. Whispering Wind Dr, Ste. 7, Phoenix, Arizona, US
(623) 277-0526

The Front Pourch Brewery wants to share the authentic craft beer tradition. Catering to the deep porches of Deer Valley, Cave Creek, and 101 Freeway, the brewery offers good company, good beer, and good times. They have tons of beer options, from stouts, and IPAs, to ales.

Its It Ain’t Space Science IPA is a local favorite among many. It is a double hazy IPA with citrus and tropical flavors with a hint of balanced malt. Pair it with the local food truck delicacies and make the experience unforgettable.

State 48 Lager House

15600 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 659-0048

The State 48 Lager House has multiple locations situated across Arizona. The largest brewing system in Scottsdale, Az, has a 20 barrel-system and 1140-barrel fermenters. The brewhouse also has a full-service restaurant, a huge dining patio, and a second-level patio with breathtaking views. You can also enjoy brewery tours at all hours.

Try their Blood Orange Belgian Blonde, which is loaded with blood orange and has a native citrus flavor. Pair it up with their Reuben. It has the perfect ratio of sauce and meat and is delicious.