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The Best Breweries in Brooklyn, NY

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Heading to Brooklyn for a night out? Why not make it a quirky and fun-filled night by visiting some of the top Breweries this suburb offers? Take a walk around one of New York’s busiest suburbs and enjoy a gorgeous local craft beer along the way. Read on below to discover this neighborhood’s top breweries:

Grimm Artisanal Ales

990 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 564-9767

Grimm Artisanal Ales was founded in 2013 by Joe and Lauren Grimm and was initially started as a nomadic brewery. The pair spent some time in Belgium, where they discovered the art and their passion for brewing ales. From there, they returned to the East Coast to found their Brooklyn-based Brewery and provide locals with their excellent ales.

When you are visiting this brewery, make sure to pick up one of their most popular IPAs – Tesseract. Highly rated among beer fanatics, this double IPA has a fresh and hoppy flavor with a fruity aroma.

Wild East Brewing Company

623 Sackett St., Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 797-5135

This list couldn’t be complete without one of Google’s top-rated breweries in Brooklyn! The Wild East Brewing Company’s primary focus is to provide European Brewing techniques together with modern American craft beer innovations to provide stunning beers.

Visit the Wild East Brewing Company taproom and enjoy one of their most popular beers – Moral Dilemma. This American Imperial Stout is a spicy, hoppy stout with a rich chocolate undertone that you can’t get enough of.

Strong Rope Brewery

574A President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
(929) 337-8699

The Strong Rope Brewery was established in 2015 and expanded from a single brewery into three, with two locations in Brooklyn. This brewery sets itself apart from the rest by using 100% New York-grown ingredients in its brews and food, supporting the local economy, and giving back to local farmers.

The Strong Rope Brewery even offers day tours where you can get a sample of some of their most popular beers, such as Fat Man, and Little Stout. Embrace Ireland with this light but rich Irish Stout.

Other Half Brewing Company

195 Center Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
(212) 564-6065

Are you searching for the perfect beers you can collect and bring home? Then the Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn is a brewery you need to get familiar with. This brewery offers all of its unique beers for collection as a curbside pickup – and has recently expanded to open a taproom for indoor seating too!

Whether you are sitting in or bringing home, the Other Half Brewing Companies’ 4th Anniversary New England IPA is recognized as one of the top 100 beers in the world by Beer Advocate. This top-rated IPA is brewed with Pilsner malt, oats, and wheat, giving it a rich and vibrant flavor.

Five Boroughs Brewing Co

215 47th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 355-8575

The Five Boroughs Brewing Co was created with New York City in Mind, with their beers crafted to suit all New Yorkers. The creators have diverged from all five boroughs of New York City and came together to brew craft beer that is the heart of New York City.

Are you on the search for a top-rated lager brewed right in Brooklyn? Look no further! The Five Boroughs Brewing Co’s Hoppy Lager is a fruity and hoppy clear-light yellow American Lager. Additionally, this larger is a higher APV of 6% than others traditionally brewed by the Five Boroughs Brewing Co.

Kings County Brewers Collection

381 Troutman Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn NW 11237
(929) 409-5040

Kings County Brewers Collection was the first brick-and-mortar brewery to operate in Bushwick in over 40 years. Bushwick was home to a vast German community in the late 1800s. This led to a massive rise in the popularity of beer in the area and ultimately resulted in Bushwick supplying a large percentage of all beer crafted in America.

King county Brewers collection follows on from that legacy by offering a stunning array of craft beers brewed in Brooklyn. Stop by and try one of their most popular beers – Superhero Sidekicks, a New England IPA. This IPA has a fruity undertone of pineapple and orange while still being full of rich hops.

Endless Life Brewing

585 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
(347) 789-4211

Endless Life Brewing was established as a professional brewery in Brooklyn in 2014 and has gained massive support and favoritism from locals. This brewery specializes in using 100% New York State-grown malt and hops, adopting a farm-to-pint motto.

This brewery offers a smaller array of beers; each one is crafted to the highest perfection. So hit up the Endless Life Brewing Company and enjoy a pint of one of their most popular beers – Constructed To Waste Your time. This is a Kolsch-style Ale with plenty of aroma and flavor!

Threes Brewery

333 Douglas Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 568-9673

Last but most certainly not least on the list is Threes Brewery. This Brewery has frequently been named as one of the best breweries in Brooklyn, one sip of their amazingly crafted beer, and it is easy to understand why. In addition, threes Brewery has a taproom where you can try all their beers while having something to eat.

Your visit to Threes Brewery would be wasted without trying one of their top-rated beers, SFY. SFY is an imperial IPA that is lighter on the hops than others, giving the beer a more lightweight and fruitier taste.

Interboro Spirit & Ales

942 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(877) 843-6545

Interboro is Brooklyn’s only combination brewery and distillery. Co-founded by Laura Dierks and Jesse Ferguson, this duo has created a unique drinking experience in the heart of Brooklyn.

If you are searching for a full-bodied Imperial IPA, the Interboros well-known III Plus Matic is a massive hit with customers! This IPA is a huge hit and is described as full of fruity flavors and hops.

Transmitter Brewing

141 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
(646) 378-8529

Last but most certainly not least on the list is Transmitter Brewing. Transmitter Brewing specializes in producing Belgian and French farmhouse-style ales. This brewery initially started out in Queens in 2014 before the co-owners relocated to Brooklyn in 2019 and opened their popular taphouse.

If you are searching for a more organic ale, Transmitter Brewings’ popular wild ale – G4, is made using wild or natural yeasts. Top-rated amongst this brewery’s ales, G4 is a tasty and popular ale choice for all visitors.

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