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The Best Breweries In Helena, MT

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Helena is a charming town in Montana’s capital and sits between Yellowstone and the Glacier National Parks. The combination of both of these national treasures makes Helena a bustling tourist spot.

Beer enthusiasts will be happy to know that Helena is home to plenty of amazing brewery options, offering a large variety of popular oils. Many of these breweries specifically use ingredients sourced in Montana and adopt a giving back to the community type of policy.

Whether Montana is your destination, or you are passing through the town while visiting Yellowstone or the Glacier National Parks, why not have an exploration of Helena’s amazing Brewery scene? If you want to discover some of the top breweries available in Helena, read below!

Speakeasy 41

685 Barney Street Suite A, Helena, MT 59602
(406) 422-1841

Speakeasy 41 is a highly-rated brewery located in Helena, Montana. This brewery offers a large selection of different ales that visitors can enjoy inside, outside, or even bring home! Additionally, Speakeasy 41 hosts a variety of exciting nights, such as a ‘pints and pottery’ night, where you can enjoy activities while sipping on a stunning local brew.

Speakeasy 41 offers a wide variety of ales such as American IPAs, Scottish Ales, American Porter – and many more. One of their top recommended drinks is the Irish Dark, an Irish Red Ale with a sweet, almost butterscotch taste. This ale is hugely popular in Speakeasy 41 and comes highly advised by many online critics.

Lewis & Clark Brewing Company

1517 Dodge Ave, Helena, MT 59601
(406) 442-5960

No trip to Helena would be complete without a visit to the Lewis and Clark Brewing Company, a brewery that has been producing award-winning brews for over 20 years in Helena. The love for brewing unique beers shines true with every sip! This family-owned brewery has a deep love for what they do, and it is evident inside the brewery.

One of Lewis and Clark Brewing Companies’ most famous ales, the Prickly Pear Pale Ale is a fan favorite among locals and visitors alike. This ale is brewed with a heavy emphasis on the hops, giving it a nice, robust flavor. This ale would be highly recommended both by the company and visitors online!

Blackfoot River Brewing Co

66 S Park Ave, Helena, MT 59601
(406) 449-3005

Blackfoot River Brewing Co has received an unprecedented amount of raving reviews, with this microbrewery having a positive effect on every visitor. This brewery was established by two beer fanatics who started brewing together in 1993 and began opening breweries in 1998- making Blackfoot River Brewing Co an essential part of Helena’s modern history.

If you are looking for a mouthwatering American IPA while visiting Helena, then Blackfoot River Brewing Co is the place for you. Their Single Malt IPA is highly rated, has a strong hop flavor, and is brewed with Northwest-grown Simcoe, and Cascade hops.

Ten Mile Creek Brewery

48 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601
(406) 502-1382

Ten Mile Creek Brewery opened in 2015 and became Helena’s third brewery. This brewery is designed as a community brewery, so the owners source many of the ingredients and furnishing materials from Montana. Additionally, this brewery also supports the community by displaying local art, local musicians, and local food trucks – giving back to the local community.

Ten Mile Creek Brewery’s outstanding mission isn’t the only draw to this brewery – they also make exceptional ales. A must-try is one of the most popular Rye Beers called Wildflower Honey Rye. If you didn’t guess it from the name, this rye ale is made with Montana wildflower honey that gives the light ale a sweet, honey flavor that will leave you buzzing.

Copper Furrow Brewing

2801 N. Roberts, Helena, MT 59601
(406) 422-5975

The Copper Furrow Brewing Co has established a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you can go to enjoy a tasty brew made fresh from local Montana ingredients. In addition, the Cooper Furrow Brewing Co likes to give back to the Montana community by hosting regular charity nights in its taprooms.

Although this brewery has a smaller amount of brews on offer than some of its competitors, it is easy to see why this brewery is highly rated after tasting one. The Mexican Lager is one of their flagship beers and is one of the highest-recommended brews from this brewery. This lager is brewed with Montana Barley, flaked corn, special lager yeast, and a touch of crystal.

Headwaters Crafthouse

2125 Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59601
(406) 442-0155

Headwaters Crafthouse is one of Helena’s newest and trendiest breweries. If you are searching for impeccable vibes alongside an excellent brew, this is the brewery you are looking for. Headwaters Crafthouse values itself as a brewery for everyone – and is even family-friendly.

If you are visiting this trendy craft house, the Project X Fractured Reality is available on tap and is a fan favorite. This New England-style IPA is a hazy beer that is rich in that good hoppy taste you love from an IPA. This IPA is highly recommended online, and critics have overwhelmingly positive reviews about it.

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