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The Best Breweries In Chicago, IL

Chicago has a beautiful and well-established drinking history from Schlitz and Old Styles to the infamous Malort. All this to say, no one could have predicted the boom in the…

The Best Breweries In Charleston, SC

Charleston has so much to do, from historic landmarks and cobblestone streets to family-fun activities. But another thing that sets it apart from other hot tourist spots is its craft…

The Best Breweries in Baltimore, MD

Before we talk about the best breweries in Baltimore, you must keep in mind that this city has played a major role in the history of beers and drinks. In…

How to Pair Craft Beer and Food

Beer and food go hand and hand – arguably beer is the most versatile beverage to pair with a meal. As a beer geek, I’m often the only one at…

Best low calorie hoppy beers

Best Low-Calorie IPAs

Low-Cal is in. After years of pastry stouts and milkshake IPAs, craft beer drinkers are reaching for lighter, lower calorie options. With low-calorie IPA, there needs to be some compromise….

First Sip Brew Box Review

Our First Sip Brew Box Review

Craft beer lovers’ enthusiasm rivals the passion of even the most devoted sports fans. Beer geeks proudly wear brewery t-shirts and collect unique glasses, coasters, and bottle openers. Craft beer…

Brewer’s Friend Review

Brewer’s Friend Review

Cloud-based brewing software is the way of the future for homebrewers and professionals alike. Brewers are starting to embrace this convenient solution to design and share their delicious beer recipes….

Best New England IPAs - Trillium, Weldwerks, Other Half, Bissell Brothers

Best New England IPAs

India Pale Ale is all about the hops. Packing as many hops into a beer at every point of the brewing process has always been a hallmark of the style….

Tavour subscription box with 9 beers in front of it

Tavour Review

Beer clubs are great. Receiving monthly deliveries of fantastic craft beer is a modern day pleasure, with a hint of luxury. Many beer subscription services are rigid in their selection,…

The Original Craft Beer Club Review

The Original Craft Beer Club Review

There are over 7000 craft breweries in America. That’s a lot of beer to try! Everyone has their local favorites, but it can be difficult to venture out of state…

lots of syringes full of hop extract

Hop Extract: Loads of Lupulin

Hops give beer its bitterness along with its distinctive floral, herbal, and fruity flavors. As an agricultural product, hops vary crop to crop and have a limited shelf life. Hop…

Beer Drop Subscription Box Beer Of The Month Club

Beer Drop Subscription Box Review

Staying on top of trends in craft beer can be difficult. Are hazy IPAs still cool? What type of donut is in the hottest new barrel-aged stout? We admit some…

best ipas in 2020 text with cans of bissell brothers, focal banger and hop showers in the background

These Are The Best IPAs You Can Buy

Distinctive and assertive, IPA is emblematic of the modern beer revolution. These hopped up ales reign supreme in craft brewing. India Pale Ale has transformed, evolved, and been re-invented continuously…

IPA of the month club sample including a newsletter and 12 IPAs

Hop Heads Beer Club Review

Hoppy beers are dominating the craft-beer market place. Almost every brewery makes at least a couple of IPAs or hoppy pale ales. Hop-forward beers are also quickly gaining over the…

rare beer club newsletter with 2 bottles of cigar city tocobaga and viven smoked porter

Rare Beer Club Review

Subscription services are hugely popular in all consumer domains. Food, drink, pets, DIY – you name it – people love receiving packages at home. It’s fun, exciting, and often surprising…

best pilner beers - prima pils, pivo pils

These are The Best Pilsner Beers In the World

Pilsner beer is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Golden, effervescent, and refreshing, pilsners are the default go-to beer for most beer drinkers. This historic style, as popular as…

foeders from foeder crafters wooden vats for aging beer sour beer

What the Funk is a Foeder?

Oak aged and sour beers are dominating craft beer bars, bottle shops, and beer trading markets. Beer has been fermented on wood for hundreds of years…so what’s with the recent…

usda certified organic craft beer

Organic Beer: Sustainable from Grain to Glass

Beer is made from malt, hops, yeast, and water… have you ever considered where these ingredients come from?  Most grain and hop farms use pesticides and toxic fertilizers. These can…