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The Best Breweries In Corona, CA

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Are you interested in learning about the craft beer scene in Corona? Here are the best breweries in Corona for a “hoppy” day in the circle city with friends.

Corona, California, formerly South Riverside, is home to Monster Energy Company. Founded during the California citrus boom and once the lemon capital of the world, the city was wrapped in a subtle citrus aroma. We know It’s dominating the energy drink market, but what can we say about the craft beer scene in Corona?

Let’s take a tour of breweries you should hit up next time you visit Corona, California.

Skyland Ale Works

1869 Pomona Rd, Units E & F, Corona CA 92880
(951) 817-3037

If you are looking for a chill, laid-back place to enjoy a fantastic glass of craft beer and make some friends, look no further. Skyland Ale Works is the city’s most popular craft beer brewery and tasting room. A pleasant tasting room and patio with live music on the weekends and fun events, what more can you ask of a brewery? The atmosphere is terrific. You’ll right feel at home.

Try their Citradipity. A boozy imperial double IPA with an impressive 9.1 ABV, one is enough to get you buzzed but not drunk. What’s better than a refreshing lemony, hoppy thirteen ounces of beer after a long hard day? If you aren’t a fan of IPAs, there is a varied selection of porters or ales. They have eleven beers on tap! You can get your favorites in a can to go.

Evans’s Brewing Co.

2440 Railroad St., Corona, California, 92880

As the oldest running brewery in circle city, Evan’s Brewing Co has a special place in the corona locals’ hearts. Since they moved to a larger location and upgraded their equipment, they’ve been showing everyone what they can do. Their tap room has twenty beers available on tap, and it’s decked out with board games and an arcade. Have a blast with your friends. When it comes to the games, you win and lose some, but the beer always hits the target.

Our favorite is the Sun of a Beach Blonde Ale, a variation of long-time favored blonde ale, comically called its bastard son. Light golden color with a white head and lacing that lasts forever on the glass. The biscuit flavor is light and crisp with a lovely hop aroma. The luxurious mouthfeel is precisely what you’d expect from a blonde ale.

Storytellers Brewery and Meet House

109 North Maple Street, Unit C, Corona, CA 92880
(951) 475-7636

Storytellers brewery is the best place to slow down and swap stories with a brilliant glass of crafted beer. It’s a wonderful family-run establishment with humble Kentucky roots. The perfect place for friends, family, and strangers to come together and relax. The Owners grew up in their grandfather’s farmhouse, where people would come and hang out by the back porch and share stories. They built a place to provide that experience to others along with amazing beer. So come over and chill on the back porch!

You will get blown away by their Dessert Stout. The imperial double has a whopping 13.5% ABV and rich dark chocolate color, and an impressive tan head to go along with it. The rich, creamy mouthfeel is pleasing, and you can taste hints of peanuts, caramel, and pretzels along with the dark chocolate malt base. All these flavors are balanced expertly with sea salt, bringing out the sweetness in contrast.

Stone Church Brewing

2785 Cabot Dr #160, Corona, California, 92883
(951) 433-0121

Retired army colonel Bill Steinkirchner established Stone Church Brewing in 2013. With his two decades of experience in the craft after logging over 1000 craft breweries during his travels, he specializes in India Pale Ales, Pale Ales, and Belgian-Style Triples. The ambitious brewery already has three taprooms. The Corona taproom offers live music, games, free Wi-Fi, and an awesome patio.

We recommend their Sweet Baby Jesus, a light American Lager that is one of their flagship beers. It has sweet hints of corn. Always on tap, it’s the perfect introductory beer for craft beer noobs or your friends that “don’t drink craft beer.” The golden easy-drinker has a quaint 4.8% ABV and tiny 11 IBUs, so you can drink as much as possible to quench your thirst.

Taps Fish House and Brewery

2745 Lakeshore Dr, Corona, California 92883
(951) 277-5800

Taps Fish House and Brewery are one of five fish-centered restaurants opened by orange county’s most successful restauranteur, Joe Manzella. Three times Mid-Size Brewpub and Brewers of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival held annually in Colorado. This is the place to be if you are looking for high-quality, affordable, and award-winning beer with fish tacos or sushi!

We are obsessed with Piranha Joe’s Fish Tacos and usually pair it with their cream ale. The straw-golden ale is light and perfect for the white fish tacos. A balanced combination in which one doesn’t overpower the other. The sweet clear, lightly hoppy ale is an easy drinker and just what you need to wash down the heat from the chili de Arbol aioli and chopped jalapenos in the tacos. Some people might think a cream ale is a boring drink. You can try their Imperial Balinese Stout or Juicy Lui IPA instead.

The Brass Tap

705 N Main St Ste 103, Corona, CA 92880-1458
(951) 278-2337

How can a franchise craft brewery be worth going to? The dream of every local craft brewery is to make it big! Well, the brass tap has over fifty branches in twenty-two states for a reason. The dream of three business partners and friends is now an established reality. The first location opened in 2008, and now they have an app to find a location near you. It used to be just a bar with wings, but now they have a more diverse menu featuring The Colorado location is as good as the rest of the locations.

We think you should try their premium Angus blend burgers or go for the impossible burger on the menu if you’re vegan. Our favorite Is the all-American pub, a single or double patty burger with aged cheddar cheese, Applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, and pickle on a brioche bun. To pair with it, try the Citra Summer Pale Ale. It’s a classic pale ale to go with a classic burger. Nothing like a mouthful of delicious beef washed down with citrusy hoppy golden goodness. Some restaurants have ambitious, exotic beer and menus, but you can get the all-American experience you crave from the brass tap.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery

2520 Tuscany St, Corona, CA 92881
(951) 271-3610

The family’s favorite chain restaurant has eleven brewery branches providing their handcrafted beer to their remaining branches all over America. Already an established restaurant chain, they opened their first microbrewery in 1996. They have the experience and quality control to ensure you get amazing beer all year round. They also have won several gold, silver, and bronze medals for their beers in local and international competitions. The Corona location is beautiful, with great outdoor and indoor seating available. You can hear running water from the nearby bridge and water features.

Get their Tri Tip and Baby Back Ribs Combo when you’re there. Slow roasted tri-tip sirloin and ribs with their signature peppered barbeque sauce are to dye for with two house sides. A meal for a king paired well with BJ’S Yuzu the Dragon Tart Fruit Beer. The unique, refreshing, not overly tart, citrus-flavored beer is just what the doctor ordered to cut through the richness of the slow-cooked meat.

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