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The Best Breweries In Plano, TX

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Texas is home to so many wonderful cities, towns, and villages – undertaking a considerable number of visitors every year. However, one city in particular – Plano, stands out as one of Texas’s loveliest and most frequently visited cities. A unique city that offers a fantastic suburban feeling while still benefitting from city-life attributes like shops and cafes, Plano, Texas, is a great city to visit for your trip.

With so much to do and see in Plano, Texas, it is easy to understand the sheer volume of tourists that come through this city every day. However, one of the more fun and exciting activities to partake in during your visit to Plano is to check out some of the tremendous and top-rated breweries that are set up here. Similarly, if you are from the area, why not take a look around at some of the gorgeous local brewers and breweries and support local?

If you are a lover of craft beers, lagers, and ales, visiting a top-rated brewery might be the top of your to-do list. However, you don’t need to be an ale specialist to appreciate the incredible variety of ales that the breweries in Plano have to offer. To discover more about some of these breweries and their top-rated ales, continue reading below for a tell-all on the top-rated breweries in Plano-Texas.

Best Breweries in Plano

Here are the best breweries in Plano, TX:

Union Bear Brewing Co

5580 Highway 121, State 101, Plano, TX 75024
(214) 297-2337

The Union Bear Brewing Co is a renowned and highly recommended brewery based in Plano, Texas. This brewery has deep Texas roots and was set up as the first brewery in Plano; this brewery offers a unique experience that is combined with delicious brews. The Union Bear Brewing Co has indoor and outdoor seating while offering an extensive menu to enjoy alongside your ales.

If you are on the search for a delicious, juicy IPA, then the Union Bear Brewing Co’s UB no-coast IPA is an ideal starting point. This IPA was formerly known as the white IPA but has recently had a facelift, making it even tastier than before. UB no-coast IPA is a hoppy, yeasty drink with a mild bitterness and citrus flavor profile that perfectly pairs perfectly with many delicious dishes.

Holy Grail Brewery

8240 Preston Road, #150, Plano, TX 75024
(972) 377-6633

The Holy Grail Brewery in Plano, Texas, is a top-rated, locally loved brewery that offers a spectacular range of craft brews and ales for you to enjoy. A husband and wifi duo own this brewery and wanted to bring their European roots to Plano and design a stunning brewery that is quaint and cozy while serving up mouth-watering ales and delicious food to match.

A visit to the Holy Grail Brewery would not be complete without trying their customer’s much-loved Russian Imperial, Parabola. This brew is a rich, dark, thick hoppy Russian imperial brew with delightful vanilla, chocolate, coffee, black cherry, and oak undertones that create depth and complexity to every sinfully delicious sip. Every mouthful will leave you wishing for more.

Unlawful Assembly Brewing Company

7800 Windrose Avenue, Plano, TX 75024
(972) 846-4255

Take your brewery experience to the next level with Unlawful Assembly Brewing Company’s brewery, located in the heart of Plano. This brewery offers a gorgeous taproom that sits at the top of their Legacy Hall and provides an excellent way for you to enjoy a tasty cold craft brew or bring your food up and find the perfect drink to match! So relax and unwind at Unlawful Assembly Brewing Company brewery.

A refreshing, hoppy American IPA is always a customer favorite, and when visiting Unlawful Assembly Brewing Company, trying out their American IPA called Blind Justice is never a mistake. This American IPA is a light golden color with a full-bodied hop taste and a light citrus undertone flavor. Mouthwatering, refreshing, and all-around customer-favorite craft ale from this brewery definitely not one to miss.

Breweries Near Plano, TX

There aren’t a ton of breweries in Plano proper so here is another option in the area.

Four Bullets Brewery

640 N Interurban Street, Richardson, TX 75081
(469) 351-0511

If you are searching for a brewery just located a little outside of Plano (think 11 minutes!), the Four Bullets Brewery in Richardson is a must-do. This brewery specializes in creating amazing ales for you to enjoy in their taproom or check out one of their many events that run throughout the week for something a little more creative.

The Four Bullets Brewery creates an array of amazing beers that all of its customers adore. However, the What Are The Odds beer comes out on top as many customers’ favorite. This drink is an English pub ale with a Texan twist and has a floral and sweet undertone to the slightly bitter, hop taste that is famous in this type of ale.