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The Best Breweries In Springfield, OR

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The Northwest isn’t necessarily known for having a hopping beer scene. Unfortunately, that means that in some areas, it can be pretty difficult to find some breweries to check out. While Springfield, Oregon might only have one itself, there are a few in the area that is worth checking out.

These breweries include:

Most of these also double as a restaurant and therefore also come with some tasty food. That also means they tend to be a bit more family-friendly than in some other areas of the United States, so that could be a beneficial tradeoff to the scarcity of them in the area.

Best Breweries In Springfield, OR

Springfield, Oregon isn’t necessarily full of breweries. In fact, there is only one in the city itself. However, there are quite a few next doors over in Eugene. So while it might mean that beer fans need to head along the Willamette River or jump onto the highway to the west to find something, they are worth it.

Plank Town Brewing Co

346 Main St., Springfield, OR 97477
(541) 746-1890

Plank Town Brewing Co is the only brewery in Springfield, OR proper. They focus on high-quality brews and use locally sourced ingredients from local farms, bakeries, coffee shops, and other similar areas. However, they also use some other imported ingredients when necessary to work on their brews, and always have at least 14 distinctive brews on tap. There is a seasonal rotation, as well as the occasional random idea from the brewers themselves which makes for an interesting experience every visit.

One of their flagship brews worth getting is their Streetcar Stout. It’s a dark and rich stout with a lot of flavors and a smooth finish, full of roasted cocoa, dark chocolate, and caramel. Essentially, it’s a dessert in a glass. Just be sure to bring a fork; it is definitely going to encourage getting some of their delicious food to go with it.

Breweries Near Springfield

Here are a few more great breweries just across the freeway in Eugene, OR.

Drop Bear Brewery

2690 Willamette St., Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 505-9285

Drop Bear Brewery is a brewery that also focuses heavily on sustainability, positive change, and supporting local businesses. They have a strong desire to share their passion for good beer and great food with their community, as well as uplift those who come by. Not only that, but they have lots of experimenting to do with both their food and their beers, which makes the whole experience an adventure in and of itself.

They tend to have a rotating tap list which helps keep things fresh and new, while also maintaining a few classics. Currently, they recommend one of their X Factor beers made with wild yeast and mixed fermentation methods on their page, so be sure to ask about those when stopping by.

Elk Horn Brewery

686 E Broadway St., Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 505-8356

Elk Horn Brewery is a family-owned brewery that also offers food and ciders. Despite being up in the Northwest, they also have some Southern charm and influences in what they do. Not only that, but they craft using fresh, locally acquired ingredients which means they have a lovely selection of seasonal menu items to choose from. This also means that things change enough to warrant a number of visits!

While their ciders get the most buzz from the area, so do a number of their IPAs. The Perfect 10 is an Imperial IPA that has gotten a bit of attention in reviews for being light and tasty, so that is one to check out. Especially since it seems to be on tap quite frequently!

ColdFire Brewing

263 Mill St., Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 636-3889

ColdFire Brewing has a ton of high-starred, positive reviews about their standard Northwest brews. A lot of them are traditional crafts, focusing heavily on European brewing techniques. It’s not necessarily a place to go for something weird and out there, but rather a place to go for something comfortable and traditional.

That also doesn’t mean that there’s not something special and unique or with a fun twist of course. They’re just not going to be quite as much of a gut punch about it. For example, their Colder Than Usual Cold IPA is a clean, light-bodied brew made with Pilsner malt and rice so that their blend of Cashmere, Galaxy, and Hallertau Blanc hops can carry the brew. It’s rather bitter, but there are some notes of tart mango and marmalade in there which give it a little uniqueness.