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The Best Breweries In San Jose, CA

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Sunny California attracts a massive number of tourists every year, and San Jose is one of the best and most popular cities to visit. San Jose is the cultural, political, and financial capital of Silicon Valley – the tech center of the world.

However, San Jose has even more to offer than Silicon Valley, and one thing that attracts many people is San Jose’s fantastic brewery scene! There are multiple top-rated breweries in San Jose and choosing which one to visit can be tricky – so we have narrowed down a top list of the best breweries in San Jose.

San Jose mixes its high-tech vibes with its alcohol scene to create some of California’s best breweries and brews. So if you find yourself visiting California or San Jose in the future, why not check out some of our top-rated breweries in this city?

Happa’s Brewing Company

460 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 982-3299

Happa’s Brewing Company has two locations in California, one in San Jose and one in Downtown Los Gatos. South Bay Natives founded this brewery with the inspiration to create gorgeous brews for the local community to be able to enjoy while using local ingredients and drawing on California for inspiration.

Anyone visiting Happa’s Brewing Companies brewery and taproom in San Jose will discover their vast array of local brews. However, visitors of this brewery can stop raving about their American IPA called Hungry Dog. This classic west Coast brew uses citra, mosaic, and cascade to give a light citrus tone to this hoppy IPA.

Camino Brewing Co and Beer Garden

718 S First St, San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 352-5331

Are you looking for a top-rated location where you can have a cold brew while reaping the benefits of that warm California sun? Camino Brewing Co and Beer garden started after the owners wanted to bring some of the passion they had during their walk on the Camino back to California, so they established Camino Brewing Co!

There truly is nothing better than a refreshing, cold brew on a sunny day with a gorgeous view, and Camino Brewing Co brings it all to the table. Customers love their Cafe Con Leche Stout, a unique creamy, coffee, rich stout.

Strike Brewing Co and Warehouse Taproom

2099 S 10th St #30., San Jose, CA 95112,
(669) 342-6480

Strike Brewing Co and Warehouse Taproom are one of San Jose’s most appreciated breweries, and since setting up in 2014, their ales have won numerous awards around the world. The brewery has a love and passion for brewing delicious ales alongside enjoying good sports – and all staff partakes in some kind of sports.

One of Strike Brewing Co’s most popular ales is the Big Wall Imperial Stout, which is the reigning World Beer Cup and GABF champion in the foreign export stout section. This stout is rich in flavor with subtle chocolate, tobacco, and dark chocolate undertone.

S27 Alehouse and Brewery

461 Perrymont Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 599-2739

S27 Alehouse and brewery is no ordinary brewery but a community that came together to enjoy beautifully crafted ales. S27 Alehouse and Brewery is the ideal location if you want to combine fun with your tasty ales, as they run an array of different organized events throughout the week such as games nights or bingo nights.

If you enjoy European-style ales, then S27 Alehouse and Breweries Belgian Experimental Series #1 is one to try! A combination of Belgian hops, grains, and honey with German hops pair together to create this highly-rated Saison beer.

DTSJ Brewing Co

370 S 22nd St A, Sam Jose, CA
(408) 320-2300

DTSJ Brewing Co is in the heart of San Jose, and in doing so, they keep the community in mind. DTSJ Brewing Co aims always to make spectacular brews using local Californian ingredients as much as possible. Additionally, music is a big part of DTSJ Brewing Co, with two audio systems being set up that allows you to hear music as it was intended.

This West coast inspired hoppy Imperial Ale takes the lead as a fan favorite in DTSJ Brewing Co. A double-hopped ale that is rich in flavor, robust, and malty in taste. This imperial ale is highly recommended and an absolute must-try when you visit.

Flood Craft Brewing Co

777 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 217-1126

Flood craft Brewing Co is an alternative brewery located upstairs in a whole foods store. Consisting of a rooftop bar that is completely covered, enjoy unlimited scenery while enjoying a cold brew!

Are you looking for the perfect American Pale Ale that you can sip on while enjoying panoramic views of San Jose? Then, Flood craft Brewing Co has an excellent pale ale for you. Solely Citra is a highly recommended brew of theirs, light, hoppy, and packed with citrus, making this a refreshing pale ale.

Uproar Brewing Company

439 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 673-2266

The uproar brewing company is a highly-rated brewing company in the heart of San Jose. The brewery itself is responsible for making the drinks; however, the taproom and gastropub downstairs are run by LVL. There is also an array of activities you can partake in – while enjoying a brew, such as a pinball!

Uproar brewing company makes a vast array of different ales but coming out on top as a customer favorite is their New England IPA called Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems. This IPA is a light-tasting and clear brew with a fruity undernote.

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