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The Best Breweries In Modesto, CA

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Situated between San Francisco and Yosemite, Modesto is a central hub that allows you to experience its slow small-town life with its farms and wineries. Modesto has a rich agricultural history and produces almonds, walnuts, milk, chickens, and other farm products in huge quantities. The beautiful tree-lined streets and old homes, mixed in with high-end restaurants and bars, will surely steal your breath away.

Whether you are visiting an industrial area or want to stop for a cold and refreshing drink on a highway, Modesto has all sorts of breweries and brewpubs for you. They offer an incredible selection of beers and food, to make sure you have a great time wherever you are.

It’s not possible for someone to come to Modesto and not stop for a drink at one of its sleek and modern bars. Following is a list of the best pubs and breweries that you can find in this city.

Contentment Brewing Company

208 Campus Way, Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 622-0430

Contentment Brewing Company is distinguished for its locally crafted beer. Their beers are made on-site in their brewhouse, and the bartenders put their heart and soul into giving you the best service they possibly can. The customers are encouraged to sit in their taprooms where they can play board games or enjoy their cold draft pints. There is also an outdoor sitting area with a fire pit around which people can gather and enjoy the live music provided by the brewery, along with food that is available through on-site food trucks.

As soon as you step into the place, you’ll be greeted with live music and food trucks that serve delicious snacks. The place is dog-friendly so your pup can enjoy its time with other dogs while you sit down and have a chat with other beer lovers around you. The brewery also offers non-alcoholic drinks so that you can bring your kids and other family members. Do try their newest Off Leash west coast IPA, which is our favorite.

18Seventy Brewing Co.

911 J St, Modesto, CA 95354
(209) 603-0770

The 18Seventy Brewing Company gets its name from the roots of Modesto as it was founded in 1870, and is popular for its rich agricultural history. It is a nano brewery that is inspired by the fresh harvest produced in the town, and they craft their taproom beers to pay homage to these unique tastes and flavors.

The business is run by two women and they always work hard to provide the best customer service. With a friendly environment, lots of locals chatting with each other, and great beer, one is surely going to have a terrific time at 18Seventy. You can enjoy the cool atmosphere by sipping one of their tasty Hazy IPA. You can also take your big, crazy group of friends to play one of the several board games that they have stacked up on their racks for you. Their Chulacabra Black IPA must not be missed.

Five Eye Brewing

1920 Foundry Ct Unit B1, Ceres, CA 95307
(209) 531-9783

The in-house brewery and brewpub is an excellent getaway for you and your friends. You can have a great quality beer and at the same time support a local brewery business. The owners are metal workers who have built all the equipment used by hand, taking the “brewing by hand” claim to the next level. The hard-working and energetic staff is always willing to provide the best service to their customers through their passion and dedication.

The company is family-owned, hence they make sure that all of their customers are accommodated in a kid-friendly and pet-friendly environment. The free Wi-Fi and sports streaming on the televisions in the brewery create a laid-back atmosphere. The brewery is small but provides high-quality beers with a variety of flavorful tastes. They also host music events on weekends.

Do try out their Monkey Nuts and Daily Grinder beers, which are the most popular among its customers.

Persuasion Brewing

500 7th St, Modesto, CA 95354
(209) 338-3660

Persuasion Brewing has been in the craft beer industry for 8 years. They have added a full menu of food to their services, making it a perfect place to spend your weekend parties or special events.

The beer is as delicious as the food. The brewery allows you to choose your own bread and fillings for the sandwich. The small beer garden is perfect for hosting small parties, and your friends and family can enjoy the chilly and relaxed atmosphere. The beers are curated in-house, which allows you to try out their new guest flavors each time you return to Persuasion Brewery.

Their sandwiches are super delicious and pair excellently with their beers. You must check out this place whenever you happen to drive past it. Order their Brisket Sandwich with the classic Momo Blonde Ale, you won’t regret having this experience.

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