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The Best Breweries In Phoenix, AZ | Breweries Near Me

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Sunshine and beer are a match made in heaven, so it’s no surprise that Phoenix, Arizona, is home to some fantastic and top-rated breweries serving delicious local ales for you to try. However, with so many breweries to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. But don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the top-rated breweries in Phoenix for you to choose from.

Front Pourch Brewing

1611 W Whispering Wind Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85085
(623) 277-0526

Front Pourch Brewing aimed to bring good company, good beer, and good times to the outer regions of Phoenix and did so successfully. This highly-rated brewery was founded in the heart of Phoenix and, as such, has grown tremendously. In addition, the founders believe in giving back and supporting the National Alliance on Mental Illness – urging customers to do the same.

So, how about their brews? Thankfully, the Front Pourch Brewing companies ales customers rave about their brews as much as the brewery. Coming out on top as a fan favorite is their imperial IPA called It Aint Space Science, and it is a double-hopped IPA with a strong hoppy flavor and citrus, tropical fruit flavors.

Wren House Brewing Company

2125 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008,
(602) 244-9184

Wren House Brewing Company is a larger brewing company with locations in both Phoenix and Prescott; however, their highly-rated taproom is in Phoenix. Wren House Brewing Company has won numerous awards for its delicious brews, and customers are repeatedly recommending everyone try some of their ales.

One of those award-winning brews that are a highly-rated must-have is the Big Spill Pils with Nelson, a German pilsner made with some of the best hops – Nelson Hops. This brew is poured in a traditional way giving it a long-lasting and foamy head. Ideal for anyone who enjoys a stronger-tasting ale.

Lake Pleasant Brewing Company

1950 W Rose Garden LTN Ste 30, Phoenix, AZ 85027
(602) 799-4223

Lake Pleasant Brewing Company has a long history, thanks to its two owners who met over ten years ago and instantly bonded over their love of beer! The pair spent the next ten years perfecting their brews, and in the spring of 2020, Lake Pleasant Brewing Company was born! This family-run company creates a friendly and relaxed environment while creating excellent brews.

Although Lake Pleasant Brewing Company has a wide array of local brews available, one of their New England IPA comes out on top as one of the highest-rated beers from the company. This IPA relies heavily on late and dry hopping techniques, which gives the brew a bursting, fruity aroma.

Huss Brewing Co – Uptown Phoenix Taproom and Kitchen

100 E Camelback Road #160, Phoenix, AZ 85102
(602) 441-4677

Huss Brewing is a renowned brewery with various locations in Phoenix, Arizona. However, their uptown taproom and kitchen are one of their most favored locations. Huss Brewing was founded by husband-and-wife Jeff and Leah Huss, who have more than 30 years of combined experience brewing.

Huss Brewing Co Koffee Kolsch is a Kolsch brew that is stepped in caramel, hazelnut, and freshly roasted coffee beans – making it a highly rated brew among customers. This is undoubtedly a unique brew that contains an excellent hoppy flavor but plenty of richness too.

Fire And Fury Brewing

13825 N 32nd ST Ste 32, Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 358-7483

Fire and Fury Brewing is a newer brewery set up in Phoenix and has quickly climbed to the top-rated list among locals. The brewery owners combined their love of brews and BBQ to create Fire and Fury Brewing – which has top-notch ales alongside delicious BBQ food.

A top-rated brew from Fire and Fury Brewing Company is their Doube West Coast IPA which has a robust 8.5% APV. A solid hoppy IPA with sweet undertones, this brew is a must-try.

Helton Brewing Company

2144 E Indian Schoo Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85106
(602) 730-2739

Helton Brewing Company is a local Phoenix brewing company that thoroughly believes in supporting the area of Phoenix. The owners have a massive passion for brewing and believe that high-quality brews will stand the test of time in an age of passing trends.

Fancy an American Pale Ale? Helton Brewing Company is the best place. Their American Pale Ale is a take on the original British Pale Ale – but the American version is typically lighter and cleaner, like the Helton Brewing Companies.

Tombstone Brewing Company

3935 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85108
(602) 368-7295

Tombstone Brewing Company is a much loved and favorite Brewery in Phoenix, Arizona. Tombstone Brewing Company was founded in a similar manner to many other small breweries – at home between people with a love and passion for high-quality brewing ales.

Tombstone Brewing Company has a vast array of ales available, with many on tap. However, one of their top-rated ales, called Dank Fruit Double, an imperial IPA rich in zingy orange and hops, is a customer favorite!

Arizona Wilderness DTPHX

201 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
(480) 462-1836

The Arizona Wilderness DTPHX emphasizes how much they want and do support the local community. They create spectacular brews using ingredients sourced from local Arizona farmers. Additionally, Arizona Wilderness DTPHX helps to keep tons of waste out of landfills and reduces the amount of water being used to produce their food.

Are you looking for a drink that’s a little different? Then Arizona Wilderness has a brew for you! Their American Presidential Stout is a Russian Stout rich in chocolate, New Guinea cocoa nibs, and coffee. A little spice warms this Russian Stout thanks to the addition of Arizona-grown peppers – sourced from local farmers.

Breweries Near Phoenix

If Tempe doesn’t have what you are looking for, here are a few breweries near Phoenix that are worth checking out:

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