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The Best Breweries in San Francisco, CA

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The San Fran Bay Area is renowned for its craft brewery scene, and its parent state is home to more than 1100 craft breweries.

Moreover, it is the birthplace of Anchor Brewing, America’s first craft brewery since prohibition. The establishment sparked a revolution, and today, San Francisco continues to set trends with boldly flavored IPAs, innovative sour-beers forms, and more!

Some of the most popular breweries in San Francisco include Black Hammer Brewing, Anchor Brewing, Cellarmaker Brewing Company, and Laughing Monk Brewing.

If you’re interested in visiting the best breweries in San Francisco, consult our list and read up on our favorite ones!

Black Hammer Brewing (SoMa)

544 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
(628) 222-4664

Owned by craft beer enthusiast Jim “Hammer” Furman and chemist Bryan Hermannsson, Black Hammer Brewing is a brewery that’ll give German beer a run for its money. People interested in remote work won’t find a better spot than this. The establishment has power outlets and encourages you to enjoy your work with a nice glass of beer. This “Burning Man” inspired brewery is known for inclusivity and brewing beverages for all flavors of craft enthusiasts!

Black Hammer Brewing is famous for crafting exquisite ales, lagers, and award-winning hard seltzers from a combination of scientific and traditional methods. Fan favorites include the Nectar of life, a 5.3% ABV, and gluten-removed Kolsch variety. The crispy Kolsch-style hybrid ale has subtle notes of bready maltiness and an overall dry yet floral finish.

Cellarmaker Brewing Company

1150 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 863-3940

Cellarmaker Brewing Co. is one of the most popular breweries in San Francisco. Although specializing in hop-driven beers, the brewers are also famous for constantly producing batches of experimental beers. That’s right! If you’re into trying new things, you will love Cellarmaker Brewing’s contemporary tasting room featuring a rotating selection of 12 beers on tap!

Since it’s famous for hop-driven beers, some of the most popular brews you’ll find here are IPAs and Stouts, such as the Bourbon Blammo, a 14% ABV barrel-aged American Imperial Stout with a delicate chocolaty coconut finish that is neither too sweet nor too dry.

Anchor Brewing

1705 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 863-8350

Founded in 1896 during the California gold rush, Anchor Brewing represents 125 years of trailblazing tradition. You can learn about its history on public tours of the facility, or just enjoy drinking your beer from the Public Taps; they even have a beautiful patio sitting space. Anchor Brewing prides itself on its handcrafted beer brewed from an all-malt mesh in a traditional copper brewhouse, especially famous for steam beer.

Although you could get steam beer from any store in the Bay Area, it is one of the most popular drinks at this local brewery. Definitely give Anchor Steam ® beer a try and witness the difference in taste, quality, and texture!

Local Brewing Co.

69 Bluxome Street, San Francisco, California 94107
(415) 932-6702

Local Brewing is run by head brewer and co-founder Regan Long. Long has a background in physics and oceanography, holds a brewing certificate from the Siebel Institute of Technology World Brewing Academy, and has a passion for contributing to the tradition of locally-made, handcrafted beer in San Francisco, where she’s spent more than 22 years.

If you’re a fan of boldly flavored, hazy IPAs, try the Chasin Haze, an 8.2% ABV double IPA with Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc hops. The drink has notes of dank grapefruit and tangerine.

Barebottle Brewing Company

1525 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 926-8617

Barebottle Brewing Company shares its origins with the talent of America’s homebrewers. The brewery’s three co-founders are old friends, homebrewers themselves, and certified beer judges. Their goal is to craft beers inspired by local ingredients in collaboration with San Fran’s best homebrewers, making it a one-of-a-kind crowd-inspired brewery!

Their selection of freshly brewed draughts includes rich porters and stouts, a wide range of hazy IPAs, and even Italian-style pilsners. Some of the most demanded IPAs are American-style brews, such as the deliciously dank Muir Woods with tropical notes of grapefruit and a piney, citrusy finish.

Laughing Monk Brewing Co.

1439A/B Egbert Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 678-5157

Laughing Monk Brewing Co. is based on drawing from Belgian and Californian beer heritage. The brewery explores Californian hoppy pales as well as the subtle malt and yeast varieties found in Belgium! Set in the heart of the Bayview neighborhood, you’ll get to geek out over craft beer with warm and gentle employees, enjoy trivia, and play fun games like Pinball!

Its 1000-square foot tasting room with 16 rotating taps makes it one of the best breweries in San Francisco. One of the most popular and must-try beverages is a complex sour ale called the Rhubarbra Strawsand Sour with strawberry accents and a focus on rhubarb!

Speakeasy Ales & Lager

1195 Evans Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 642-3371

Speakeasy Ales & Lager started with the iconic hoppy amber Prohibition Ale back in 1997. The beer is still made today and carries on the legacy of American bootleggers who persevered during the Prohibition era. It is one of the most popular breweries in San Francisco and features a taproom, with 17 beers on tap.

Speakeasy is famous for experimental, limited-release beers, and our personal favorite, San Francisco’s best-selling Big Daddy IPA, a well-balanced IPA with a piney aroma and crisp, citrusy finish!

Magnolia Brewing Company

1398 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 864-7468

Magnolia is one of the best breweries in San Francisco when it comes to pairing good food and beer. The Haigh Street Magnolia pub offers a collection of beers on tap along with tasty food and is famous for being one of the original hippie hangout spots in the city.

If you want the full deal with food prepared by a Michelin-star chef, head to the Dogpatch location and get yourself BBQ ribs or the signature Magnolia burgers paired with the fan-favorite Kalifornia Kolsch!

New Belgium Brewing Taproom and Restaurant

1000a 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94158
(415) 874-9633

New Belgium Brewing is a San Francisco restaurant and taproom flagship of the same namesake in Colorado. Located in Mission Bay, it provides a complete beer and dining experience to locals with a beautiful patio overlooking Oracle Park.

Try one of its famous San Francisco-inspired small-batch releases, such as the Cali Wit, a wheat beer with a touch of lime, or a pint of the famous Triple’s Alley, a triple IPA. For a more fulfilling experience, pair your beer order with something from the restaurant’s versatile menu that includes burgers, fish n chips, Mexican + Thai tacos, and even chicken wings. We recommend trying the Voodoo fries that are served hot and crispy, with addictive seasoning and pretty generous portions!