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The Original Craft Beer Club Review

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The Original Craft Beer Club Review

There are over 7000 craft breweries in America. That’s a lot of beer to try! Everyone has their local favorites, but it can be difficult to venture out of state lines and taste the wide range of flavors across the country. If you want to see what brewers across the U.S. are producing, joining a beer club is a great idea.

The Original Craft Beer Club delivers a wide range of independent, American craft beer directly to your door every month. Let their expertly curated selections surprise and delight you with each shipment. We recommend The Original Craft Beer Club because it’s an affordable and convenient way to try new beers from some of America’s best breweries.

How does it work?

Fresh, independent, American craft beer delivered right to your door – can it get any better? The Original Craft Beer Club sends you either 12 or 24 bottles of tasty suds directly to your home. You can choose between monthly, every two months, or quarterly beer shipments.

Starting your subscription is quick and straightforward and you will start receiving your beer within a week or two.

Beer selection process

The Original Craft Beer Club works with only independent craft breweries. They select beers based on quality, creativity, and variety. Breweries from almost every state are represented with a huge range of beer styles.

Expect award winning, critically acclaimed beers in every box. You may not find the most hyped-up or trending breweries, but be assured that each beer will be high quality and a great interpretation of the style.

A few highlights in recent boxes include:

  • Prost Brewing – Kölsch: A perfectly balanced, Kolsch-style beer brewed in Colorado. Subtle hoppiness, light malt sweetness, and a crisp, dry finish, this is one of the best examples brewed outside of Germany.
  • Rivertown Brewery – Divergent: Tart and refreshing, this Berliner Weisse is a true summertime crusher. Sour beers are hugely popular right now, so you can expect a few great examples from time to time.
  • SweetWater Brewery – IPA: A classic American IPA from Georgia’s finest brewers. Bringing you lots of bitterness, explosive hoppiness, and a nice dry finish, this is a treat to receive in the shipment.

What’s Included?

Choose between two options, either 12 beers a month or 24 beers a month. With each shipment, you’ll get beers from two different breweries and four different beer styles.

Let’s take a look at a couple of example shipments to get a better idea of what to expect:

12 Beers Per Month – Sample Shipment




3 x

Yazoo Brewing – Daddy-O Pilsner


3 x

Yazoo Brewing – Gerst Amber

Amber Ale

3 x

Hamburg Brewing Company – OMS

Oatmeal Stout

3 x

Hamburg Brewing Company – Hoppenstance

Double IPA

24 Beers Per Month – Sample Shipment




6 x

Wyndridge Farm – Barn Dog

Chocolate Vanilla Imperial Porter

6 x

Wyndridge Farm – Handsome Bull

Double IPA

6 x

Mason Ale Works – Charley Hustle


6 x

Mason Ale Works – Willy Time


Each package comes with the Original Craft Beer Club’s monthly club newsletter. This is nice as it highlights tasting notes, explains the story behind the brewery and the beers, and suggests food to pair with it.

The Original Craft Beer Club throws in some extras freebies if you commit to several months at a time:

  • 3-5 Shipments: Heavy-duty logo bottle opener
  • 6-12 Shipments: Set of 4 custom koozies and the bottle opener
  • 12+ Shipments: $25 off, 4 koozies, and the bottle opener

On top of this, every subscriber gets a free one-year subscription to Beer Connoisseur e-magazine.

How much does it cost?

12 beers a month will cost you $43.00 while 24 beers a month will be $82.00. So, if you know you’ll be going through that much beer per month, there’s a slight discount to choose the bigger package.


Price per month


Average price per beer

12 beers a month




24 beers a month




Relative to other beer subscription clubs, The Original Craft Beer Club is the best bang for your buck. A mixed 12 or 24-pack delivered to your door for around $3.50 a beer? That’s a great deal, in our opinion.

Who is it best for?

This craft beer club is best for beer lovers who are interested in exploring the world of American independent craft beer. The Original Craft Beer Club works with hundreds of breweries across the country to assemble an impressive range of beer styles. Lesser-known breweries are often highlighted, too. We’re confident that the subscription will keep you happily surprised.

It’s also a great bet if you are just starting to drink craft beer, or if you live in an area without much selection. New and interesting beers delivered right to your door is a convenient way to learn about craft beer and experience its range of flavors.

If you’re more keen on staying up to date with trends or drinking hyped-up beers, you may be more interested in a club like Beer Drop or The Rare Beer Club. Take a look at our beer club overview here.

How do you join?

Signing up for The Original Craft Beer Club takes only a few minutes. First, head over to their website. From the main page, you click to join the club or to give a membership as a gift.

All you need to do is to select the membership type – either 12 or 24 beers per month – and the number of shipments.

The Original Craft Beer Club accepts most major U.S. credit cards.


The Original Craft Beer Club offers free shipping to anywhere in the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska.

Beers arrive securely packaged in sturdy beer bottle shipping boxes.

After placing your order, expect your first shipment at your doorstep within a week or two. From there, your subscription package should arrive near the end of each month.

Customer Service

The Original Craft Beer Club offers the full suite of communication channels: email, live chat, and – most importantly – phone. If you have any questions or complaints, don’t hesitate to give them a call and talk with a real human on the other end.

Known to be very flexible and accommodating, The Original Craft Beer Club tries to go out of their way to make their customers satisfied.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the wide and ever-expanding world of craft beer can be a challenge. There are thousands of breweries and hundreds of styles. The Original Craft Beer Club can help beer lovers discover new and exciting flavors in craft beer.

We recommend The Original Craft Beer Club as a great overall subscription service for anyone serious about craft beer. The large, varying selection, affordable price, and great quality service make this club one of the best in the country. Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, The Original Craft Beer Club is a safe and reliable purchase.