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The Best Breweries in Baltimore, MD

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Before we talk about the best breweries in Baltimore, you must keep in mind that this city has played a major role in the history of beers and drinks. In 1829, the bottle cap was invented in Baltimore. Moreover, the people of Baltimore were responsible for canning the very first beer. There were many old breweries here, but unfortunately, many were bought or consolidated in the 20th century, paving the way for newer breweries with fresher drinks.

In the past decade, a lot has changed for Baltimore. It almost seems like there is a new brewery opening up every single day here- whether it is B.C. Brewery, Checkerspot Brewery, or DuClaw Brewery, once you try them, all of them will soon be added to your list of favorite breweries.

In this article, we will guide you through the best breweries in Baltimore. Some of these are also restaurants that pair the best foods with their drinks, making a visit absolutely necessary. Stay tuned to find out more.

B.C. Brewery

10950 Gilroy Rd Suite F City, Hunt Valley, MD, 21031
(443) 318-4867

Who said that only those living in the city get to try fun things? B.C. Brewery is located in the far ends of Hunt Valley and is best known for its home brew. In fact, it has managed to strike down every competition in the past couple of years and, fortunately, managed to open a spot in 2018. You will find big community tables and lots of games at this brewery as it waits to entertain huge crowds every single day.

If it is your first time here, you might want to try something light, such as Hunt Vallery Blonde, and slowly build up your resistance to Paw Paw Hazy IPA. The best part about this brewery is that you can find non-traditional options for beers available here as well, such as gluten-free ales and ciders. If you are not too into beers but still enjoy the occasional company, the nitro cold-brew coffee would make a splendid drink as well.

Checkerspot Brewing

1399 S Sharp St City, Baltimore, MD, 21230
(443) 388-8912

Checkerspot was made by a team that loved bringing local ingredients together with the magic of science. In 2018, this team was successful in opening a permanent brewery in Baltimore, eager to serve beer-lovers every single day. Unlike your regular brewery, Checkerspot Brewing is a two-story brewery that uses several natural accents to attract attention.

The tasting room allows visitors to try the company’s flagship, Juniperus IPA. This famous drink mixes notes of juniper berry along with hops similar to candy to make a rememberable drink for anyone who dares to try it.

DuClaw Brewing

1399 S Sharp St City, Baltimore, MD, 21230
(443) 388-8912

Back when Baltimore was new to breweries, DuClaw Brewing opened up a pub no the Northside of Baltimore. During its 20 years of existence, this brewery has already shifted to two new places and managed to build a magnificent facility for itself right outside the city. DuClaw is known for its innovative drinks, such as Sweet Baby Jesus chocolate peanut butter porter- sounds delicious just by the name, doesn’t it?

The brewery has recently rebranded itself and introduced a number of new flavors, such as the Sour Me series that includes Regular Beer American lager and Dad Bod Double IPA. The latter is the most popular drink to date- it is refreshing with flavors of citrus and tropical fruit. This vibrant drink will soon become a favorite and is guaranteed to have you so obsessed that you will not care about having a dad bod.

Baltimore Spirits Company

1700 W 41st St #430 City, Baltimore, MD, 21211
(443) 687-9099

Even though many people would not find Baltimore Spirits Company cheap, we can honestly say that you will find the tastiest beer here. The experience that this brewery provides is phenomenal. In fact, if you are thinking about visiting on the weekend, it is best to call for a reservation beforehand. You can make your own drink here, write down your percentages, customize it, and then take the entire bottle home.

Here, you must try the apple brandy, as well as the gin that is made with whiskey. The bitters made by the Baltimore Spirits Company are also extremely popular, especially since they combine chamomile and Szechuan.

Diamondback Beer

1215 E Fort Ave #008 City, Baltimore, MD, 21230
(443) 388-9419

Back in 2014, three friends were interested in homebrew creations and decided to create a brewery by the name of Diamondback Beer. Little did they know that their little passion project would turn into one of the best breweries in Baltimore. After two years of struggle, Diamondback created a place for itself in an old Coca-Cola and Phillips seafood joint.

The best part about this brewery is that it has its own pizza oven and live music. This means that you can come to the brewery with your friends just to enjoy a night out, even if you do not drink. For those who do drink, you must absolutely try the Ostend Sundays blonde ale. It has a crisp taste that is perfect for a hot summer day, with notes of refreshing pineapple. Even though it is not a complex drink, it manages to hit all the right spots and has become quickly famous in a short span of time.

Union Craft Brewing

1700 W 41st St # 420 City, Baltimore, MD, 21211
(410) 467-0290

The Brewer’s Art has always been known for its exquisite alcohol. Initially an industrial warehouse, this brewery has huge seating to accommodate the hundreds of people that visit it on a regular basis. Even though this brewery is almost always crowded, it believes in never turning its customers back and will always find a space for you to sit or stand as you enjoy your experience here.

The best part about Union Craft Brewing is the food. You can pair a sour or IPA with the pizzas and feel like you have made the best decision of your life visiting this brewery. Very different from regular pizzas, Union Craft Brewery makes its pizzas with lamb, fried green tomatoes, and butter squash puree. If you are not too hungry, you can also opt for the snack options, all of which will pair well with whatever drink you choose to have here.

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