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Beer Drop Subscription Box Review

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Staying on top of trends in craft beer can be difficult. Are hazy IPAs still cool? What type of donut is in the hottest new barrel-aged stout? We admit some of these trends are fleeting and it can be confusing to stay up to date. Could a beer subscription service help keep you on top of what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s next?

Beer Drop is an innovative craft beer subscription service based out of Colorado. They work with the best breweries in the state to offer the freshest, tastiest, and most innovative craft beer. We recommend Beer Drop if you want to experience some of the country’s best beer and stay on top of all the current craft beer trends.

How does it work?

Beer Drop chooses only the best beer in Colorado to offer its subscribers. After signing up, you will get a box full of beer each month. We trust Beer Drop’s beer taste but there is more to their personal selection process than meets the eye.

Beer selection process

Beer Drop has a really well-curated list of beers. They scour the Colorado market for good quality and unique products. Only the best beers from the state’s impressive line-up of breweries make it into their catalog.

Beer Drop uses an algorithm to match your taste profile with beers you haven’t had before. This nifty tool helps make sure that you get new beers with a very high likelihood you’ll enjoy them.

Setting up your profile is easy. You select the styles you’d like to receive. You can select 5 different categories or the same one more than once.

Here is a breakdown of the style categories with some recent examples of beers in each:


Expect beers like IPA, hazy IPA, and pale ale. Some recent examples are:

  • Outer Range Brewing – DDH Way Down: DDH Hazy Double IPA
  • TRVE Brewing – Tunnel of Trees: IPA
  • Baere Brewing – Less Talk More Hops: Double IPA


For all things sour, Beer Drop’s got you covered with anything from Gose and Berliner Weisse, to fruited sours and wild ales. A few recent beers are:

  • Black Project – Tombstone: Double Dry Hopped Sour Ale With Grapefruit
  • TRVE Brewing – Cursed: Mixed Culture Sour Pale Ale
  • Black Project – Stingray: Sour Wheat Ale with Blood Orange, Sweet Cherry, and Lime


For your fix of stouts and porters, including rare barrel-aged and trendy pastry stouts, Beer Drop offers a wide selection of dark beers, such as:

  • Finkel & Garf – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout
  • 105 West Brewing – Colorado Stout
  • Mockery Brewing – BA Chocolate Macadamia Oatmeal Stout


Get your crispy boys here! Pilsners and Helles as well as clean ales like Kolsch and cream ales such as:

  • TRVE Brewing – Cold: Czech-style Keller Pils
  • Bruz Beers – Bruz Pils: Belgian-Style Pilsner
  • Fiction Beer Company – Off Script: Pilsner


If you are a lover of Belgian-style beer, this profile selection will include some of the best ones brewed in Colorado. Get your fix of Saisons, quads, wits, and strong ales like:

  • Bruz Beers – Saison Nelson
  • Funkwerks Brewing Co – Funkwerks Saison
  • Woods Boss Brewing – Turbid Morals: Mixed Fermented Belgian Golden Strong


For hearty, rich, and sweeter brews, you can choose malt-forward beer styles like an amber ale, brown ale, and scotch ale. Expect beers such as:

  • Elevation Beer Co – Beauty and Justice: English Mild Ale
  • Gravity Brewing – Olde Gravitatum: Old Ale
  • Launch Pad Brewery – Einstein Cross: Oak Aged Hoppy Red


If you like some fruit in your beer, there are plenty of great options across all styles. Recent beers include:

  • WestFax Brewing Co – Blootylicious: Blueberry Wheat Beer
  • Black Project – Blinder: Sour Wheat Ale with Raspberry and Plum
  • Platt Park Brewing – Watermelon Berliner Weisse

Top Picks

If you want to let Beer Drop decide the beers for you, you can select Top Picks. These will be the highest rated beers among all styles. There are some really top-notch bangers in the mix, so this is always a safe bet.

You can tell by the examples above that Beer Drop puts a lot of effort and care into their beer selection process. Some of these beers, like the Outer Range and the Black Project cans, normally sell out quickly at the brewery. You can avoid the lines with Beer Drop.

What’s Included?

There are three subscription options that Beer Drop offers, depending on your budget.

Beer Drop

The standard option, called Beer Drop, gets you the basic service. You’ll get 2 servings of beer from 5 microbreweries, so 10 beers total per shipment. These beers are chosen by Beer Drop, based on your profile and the algorithm selection program we mentioned earlier.

Beer Drop Plus

The second option, called Beer Drop Plus, is a worthwhile upgrade on the standard package. With Plus, you have the option to upgrade 2 of the 5 beers to special releases or taproom only offerings. Beer Drop works with local breweries to get crowlers, and limited, special releases. Beer Drop Plus subscribers can take advantage of this by swapping out 2 beers per package.

On top of that, you have a lot more flexibility in the beer you get. You can swap out any of their picks with choices of your own. That means that if you don’t want one of the beers they picked for you, you can choose any other beer on their website to exchange.

Although you can swap as much as you want, you can get up to $50 worth of beer with each drop. That means that you will be charged the difference for the value exceeding $50.

Beer Drop Ultimate

The top-of-the-line service is called Beer Drop Ultimate. As an Ultimate subscriber, you can upgrade all 5 of your beers to special or taproom only offerings. In addition, like with a Plus membership, you can swap out any of the 5 selections for other beers available on their site. Just like Plus, though, you need to pay the difference if your choices exceed $50.

How much does it cost?

Beer Drop’s pricing is straight-foward with no hidden fees. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll be paying:

ServicePriceShippingTotalCost Per Serving
Beer Drop $39.99 $5 $44.99 $4.50
Beer Drop Plus $49.99 $5 $54.99 $5.50
Beer Drop Ultimate $64.99 $5 $69.99 $7.00

Each drop sends 10 servings of beer per shipment. For some of the special releases, these might come in crowlers – so that’s considered 2 servings.

Don’t be surprised if Beer Drop throws in some extras – they’re known to be very generous with their subscribers.

Who is it best for?

Beer Drop stands alone in the beer subscription service world. No other service offers such unique, rare, and trend-setting beers. Because they work directly with craft breweries in Colorado, they have access to a ton of great beer from one of America’s most beer-centric states.

We recommend Beer Drop for craft beer drinkers who like to keep up with trends. If Hazy IPA, hoppy sours, or candy bar stouts make your mouth water, definitely consider testing out Beer Drop. Instead of standing in line at your local brewery or bottle shop, sign up and have the beers delivered to your door!

Beer Drop is also a great choice for people who live in a so-called “craft beer desert”. If you’re bored or unhappy with your local selection, signing up for Beer Drop will keep a constant stream of cutting-edge brews coming your way.

How do you join?

Signing up to Beer Drop is quick and easy. Head to their site, create your account, and select your beer profile. From there, pick your subscription type and pay with most U.S. credit cards or PayPal. They’ll ship your package a day or two after payment is received.


Beer Drop ships anywhere in the U.S. for $5 per shipment. No headaches or hidden fees.

The beer is shipped in secure boxes with the cans usually sealed in plastic bags. Everything arrives exactly as expected and on time.

Customer Service

Transparent and customer-focused, Beer Drop’s service is excellent. They make shopping for beers easy and offer quick, direct communication if necessary through their website or phone.

You can cancel your service at any time by sending them an email. You can even skip shipments if you feel like taking a break.

Final Thoughts

We think Beer Drop offers a unique service in the world of beer subscription boxes. Because of their connection with top Colorado breweries, the beer selection is always changing. Expect extremely high-quality and unique beers each month.

Many beer lovers across the U.S. can only dream about having access to some of these tasty cans. Give them a try if you want to experience some amazing beer from Colorado. Don’t worry, no Silver Bullets will make it to your doorstep!

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