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Our First Sip Brew Box Review

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Craft beer lovers’ enthusiasm rivals the passion of even the most devoted sports fans. Beer geeks proudly wear brewery t-shirts and collect unique glasses, coasters, and bottle openers. Craft beer is more than just the liquid in the glass – it’s a vibrant community.

First Sip Brew Box is a craft beer subscription service for beer geeks and collectors. Since 2016, they’ve been sending beer lovers unique beer swag, collectibles, and beer-focused food and snacks. They work with craft breweries and artisan producers to ship you the coolest and most unique craft beer related products each month.

First Sip Brew Box Review

How does it work?

First Sip Brew Box works like most other subscription service box platforms. Each month, a box filled with craft beer related products arrives at your doorstep. You can choose the level of commitment – either just one box one time, or an annual subscription of monthly boxes. You never know exactly what you’ll get, but they work hard to find great products to keep their customers satisfied.

Product selection process

Each month, one craft brewery is highlighted in the First Sip Brew Box. They work with craft breweries around the U.S. and include glassware, t-shirts, hats, stickers, and coasters. They are always finding new partners, so you can expect unique pieces in every box, month after month.

On top of craft breweries, First Sip Brew Box finds independent brands from across the U.S. that specialize in craft beer infused products. They look for unique items from snacks made with beer to IPA scented candles.

When you sign up, you can specify your shirt size – from Small to XL – and let them know if you have any special event coming, like a birthday or a wedding. The friendly staff at First Sip Brew Box will make sure that you’re only getting products that fit and that you’ll definitely love.

What’s Included?

First Sip Brew Box ships craft beer related collectibles and snacks. There is no alcohol included. Their mission is to complement craft beer and give beer lovers a fun and exciting option to experience unique swag and beer-related goods.

With each shipment, you never know exactly what you’ll get. The fun and creative aspect of First Sip Brew Box is that each month is a bit of a surprise.

There are three subscription levels to choose from:

The Brewmaster Brew Box

Each month, First Sip Brew Box works with one U.S. brewery to include a number of collectibles, or swag. You can always expect a wearable – like a t-shirt or a hat – as well as glassware, coasters, beer koozies, bottle openers, and stickers.

The Enthusiast Brew Box

Along with the brewery swag from the Brewmaster Brew Box, the Enthusiast Brew box includes lots of fun and tasty extras. First Sip Brew Box works with small, independent artisanal companies around the U.S. to find craft-beer niche goodies.

You can expect lifestyle items made from craft beer, like candles, soaps, and shampoo. Plus you’ll get some really tasty food that is either made with beer or that pairs exceptionally with craft beer. Pretzels, beef jerky, candy, jelly, coffee, hot sauces – the possibilities are endless.

The Connoisseur Brew Box

The Connoisseur Brew Box features everything from the Enthusiast Brew Box, plus even more craft beer infused food and goodies. Expect limited edition products and new and fresh foods from America’s most creative independent producers.

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on the subscription level you choose, either Brewmaster, Enthusiast, or Connoisseur. Plus, if you commit to several months and pay up front, you end up getting a better price per box.

Including shipping, you’ll be paying between $33 to $59 per shipment depending on the service you choose. Here’s a breakdown of the costs depending on subscription type and payment frequency:

Pay MonthlyPay QuarterlyPay Semi-AnnuallyPay YearlyShipping
The Brewmaster Brew Box



$132 $252 $12
Monthly Cost: $25 per month $23 per month $22 per month $21 per month
The Enthusiast Brew Box $50 $140 $270 $521 $5
Monthly Cost: $50 per month $47 per month $45 per month $43 per month
The Connoisseur Brew Box $60 $174 $336 $648 $5
Monthly Cost: $60 per month $58 per month $56 per month $54 per month

Who is it best for?

First Sip Brew Box is best for craft beer lovers who enjoy something different every month and also like to build a brew swag collection. This subscription is also a good way to learn about new breweries. With a new brewery highlighted each month, you’ll find out about great independant craft beer from around the country. While you do not receive any alcohol in the box, it is full of surprises that will enthrall craft beer enthusiasts.

Craft beer geeks will absolutely love receiving all the surprising swag and goodies inside the First Sip Brew Box every month. And as a gift idea, it’s a no-brainer. Friends and family into craft beer will look forward to their monthly box and surely appreciate the contents.

How do you join?

Head over to their website to start a subscription. Their layout makes it easy and transparent to sign up.

First choose your subscription type, either the Brewmaster, Enthusiast, or Connoisseur. They’ll ask you for a few details about yourself, like shirt size and if you have any special events coming up.

You then choose the frequency of shipment. You can choose a one time shipment, or commit for up to 12 months. The more months you commit, the better deal you get in the end.

After that, you enter your payment details and you’re all ready to start receiving your first box!


Boxes are shipped on the 15th of every month. All shipments are done through FedEx and they ship everywhere in the U.S. and even worldwide.

Costs are $12 per shipment for the Brewmaster option, or $5 per shipment for both the Enthusiast and Connoisseur boxes.

Customer Service

The small team behind First Sip Brew Box goes out of their way to offer outstanding customer service. Contact them through their website or email, and you’ll usually get a reply within a day.

If your box happens to arrive damaged, or you’re unhappy with the service, don’t hesitate to send them an email and First Brew Box will quickly find a solution.

Final Thoughts

Craft beer lovers form a unique community of different backgrounds, tastes, and interests. Common among all craft beer geeks, though, is a love for supporting independent businesses. First Sip Brew Box is an excellent service that connects beer lovers to breweries and artisanal craft beer-related products.

From swag – like shirts, hats, and glassware – to beer-infused food and lifestyle items, craft beer enthusiasts will love what First Sip Brew Box offers. We recommend this subscription to craft beer lovers and collectors looking to add to their collections. You’ll discover exciting U.S. craft beer brands and support independent artisans country-wide.

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