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The Best Breweries In Denver, CO

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Denver is a must-visit place for craft beer enthusiasts. With over 150 breweries located in Denver alone, you’ll find a place to quench your thirst just about anywhere in this city. From staple beers to unique flavors, there is something for everyone. The city also showcases 3,000+ beers at the Great American Beer Festival and wins international awards.

Are you ready to try the finest brews the city has to offer? Read on to learn about the most famous breweries in Denver and what they offer.

Wynkoop Brewing Company

1634 18th Street, Denver, CO 80202
(303) 297-2700

The Wynkoop Brewing Company kicked off the craft beer trend in Denver. It was started by four beer enthusiasts, which included Colorado’s former mayor and governor, John Hickenlooper. The brewery has a large place with an expanded patio available for dine-in services and events. The brewer likes to experiment with new innovative flavors like green chiles, blast beet sour, etc.

The most popular beer is the rocky mountain oyster stout. It is made with Colorado base malts, seven specialty grains, and roasted barley. The beer hints at chocolate, nuts, coffee, and grains.

Great Divide Brewing Co.

2201 Arapahoe St Denver, CO 80205
(303) 296-9460

When the craft beer scene in Denver barely existed, Brian Dunn, the owner, and founder of Great Divide Brewing Co., used his extensive beer knowledge and love to fulfill his dream of brewing commercially in 1994 by opening this brewery. Its mission is to produce high-quality, distinctive ales for its customers and provide education about the craft beer scene.

They have many amazing beers and ales to choose from, but it’s best to go with their multiple awards-holder beers, the Yeti. Big, bold flavors that give off the taste of roasted malts with rich caramel and toffee notes; it’s a must-try for everyone.

Odell Brewing Co.

800 East Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 498-9070

If you are looking for hand-crafted, high-quality, and innovative beers, then the Odell Brewing Co. is the place to go. Doug Odell, Wynne, his wife, and his sister Corkie started this venture. Doug’s passion for craft beers and home brewing turned into a commercial brewery where experimentation is key, and quality is guaranteed. There is something for everyone here, from lagers, golden ale, and tropical fruited sour.

Their mercenary double IPA is the most beloved beer locally. It is brewed with a blend of hops containing myrcene and gives off a tropical fruit-like taste and an intense floral aroma.

Blue Moon Brewing Company

3750 Chestnut Place, Denver CO 80216
(303) 728-2337

The Blue Moon Brewing Company started with a love for baseball. The goal was to introduce a new style of craft brewing inspired by the Belgian style with a refreshing twist. They wanted to set themselves apart with new and innovative flavors, unique garnishes, and more. Even though the cloudy appearance of a white-style Belgian beer was unfamiliar, the crowd went nuts for it. Since then, it has been their mission to enhance the beer experience uniquely and refreshingly.

The beer that started it all, the blue moon Belgian white, is their best seller, and rightfully so. Beautifully balanced with hints of orange and spice, this beer pairs well with spicy food.

TRVE Brewing Company

227 N Broadway # 101 Denver, CO 80203

If you are looking for a cool place to hang out and enjoy the craft beer scene with your friends and family, then Trve brewing company is the perfect place for you. The heavy-metal atmosphere enhances the drinking experience. When you pair it up with their unique and innovative killer drinks like Bloodaxe, ageless fire, etc., you don’t feel ordinary. They follow a laid-back Colorado beer style and are local favorites.

Try their farmhouse ale Saison “ancient bole.” It smells fruity, floral, and oaky, and you get a pleasant and simply lemon-sour taste with hints of hay and oak.

Cerebral Brewing

1477 Monroe St, Denver, CO 80206
(303) 927-7365

An award-winning brewery has taken a scientific approach to the craft beer scene to ensure quality and consistency. Cerebral Brewing was started in 2015 by co-founders Sean Buchan and Dan McGuire. Their focus has been on creating innovative beers through scientific methodology and growing awareness in the local community. From lagers to IPAs, and barrel-aging programs, they are passionate about their experiments and promote creativity and imagination.

If you ever visit the Cerebral Brewery, we recommend trying their “work from home” porter. It has a slightly sweet flavor with notes of maple syrup and coffee. It goes down easily and is perfect for breakfast.

Bruz Beers

1675 W. 67th Ave #100, Denver, CO 80221
(303) 650-2337

With a passion for excellence and innovativeness, Bruz Beer is Denver’s artisan brewery that offers traditional and innovative Belgian-style brews. The Bruz Beers was founded by co-founders Charlie and Ryan. Charlie started his brewing journey as a homebrewer, whereas Ryan discovered Belgian beer through backpacking and couldn’t get enough of it. Bruz Beers uses efficient and eco-friendly practices to craft beers and make the most of water, ingredients, and resources.

We recommend their famous dawg daze IPA. It is made of Belgian yeast and spices and offers different tropical flavors, such as grapefruit, grass, pine, etc.

The Grateful Gnome

4369 Stuart Street, Denver, Colorado 80212
(720) 598-6863

If you are looking for great food, great beer, and extraordinary experiences throughout the week, we recommend The Grateful Gnome sandwich shop and brewery. It is a progressive American microbrewery that serves authentic NY/NJ italic-style delicacies. It is a family-friendly restaurant and brewery founded by Dan due to his experience in the beverage and food industry.

If you are an IPA fan, then we suggest getting their Giggity Giggity IPA. It has a creamy mouthfeel with pine and lavender flavors. The aroma is more or less the same. This pairs well with their cheesesteak and pastrami.

Tivoli Brewing Company

900 Auraria Parkway Suite 240, Denver, CO 80204
(720) 458-5885

In 1859, John Good started the Tivoli Brewing Company. The aim was to produce a legendary lineup of fantastic craft beers. Due to record floods, the brewery took a hit and was restarted in 2015. The brewery now offers craft beers along with American pub-inspired meals. The food is also inspired by food trucks and consists of nachos, sandwiches, burgers, and tacos.

Their Helles lager dates back to 1859 and is an authentic Munich-inspired lager that is refreshing and smooth. It tastes incredible with their traffic jam sandwich, which consists of melted cheeses and apricot jam.

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