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Tavour Review

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Beer clubs are great. Receiving monthly deliveries of fantastic craft beer is a modern day pleasure, with a hint of luxury. Many beer subscription services are rigid in their selection, offering limited customization. Tavour, however, gives users plenty of freedom and connects beer lovers with spectacular and rare beer.

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We recommend Tavour as the best beer delivery service for premium American craft beer. Users get unprecedented access to top-notch beer via an easy-to-use app. Tavour makes it interactive and fun to buy new and trendy beer releases. To top that off, they also offer a hassle-free subscription service for regular beer delivery.

How does it work?

Tavour is an app that connects craft beer lovers to rare and hard-to-find beers from across the country. You have two options: filling a crate with whatever beer you want, and a more traditional monthly beer subscription service.

Fill Your Crate

Tavour’s core product gives users the ultimate flexibility with their beer choices. It works by filling a “crate” with as many beers as you want. At the end of the month, the crate is shipped directly to your door. If you can’t wait, you can always opt for advanced shipping and you’ll be drinking fresh hazy IPA or sticky pastry stouts within a week or so.

Tavour works closely with the best breweries in America to keep a continuously updated selection of amazing craft beer. Every day, at least two new beers are added to the app.

Whenever a new beer is added, users receive a notification on their phone. Tavour’s selection consists only of highly-rated and sought after beers. You need to be on the ball to make sure you select beers you want before they sell out – which can happen in minutes for certain hyped up beers.

Subscription Service

Tavour’s subscription service is designed to send you the best beer that matches your taste. To narrow down the beer selection, you first fill out your preferred beer profile from the following five categories:

  • Hoppy and Juicy
  • Dark and Intense
  • Sour and Funky
  • Light and Crisp
  • Cider

You can select any combination of those categories that you want. You can only go for Dark and Intense, tick all five boxes, or choose any other possible combination. The folks at Tavour then look at your profile and send you new beers that you’ll 100% enjoy. You can change your profile setting at any time if you want to mix things up.

You can choose between either 6 or 12 bottles per shipment. You also pick the frequency, either monthly, every two months, or every three months.

Tavour’s Beer selection process

Tavour works with over 600 small independent breweries across the U.S. and makes an effort to offer top rated, rare, and unique beer. They release at least two new beers every day so the variety is always changing.

There’s no question that Tavour offers the most impressive selection of all the beer subscription services. You can regularly expect beers from America’s best breweries such as:

  • Casey Brewing and Blending
  • Fremont Brewing
  • Toppling Goliath Brewery
  • Frost Beer Works
  • Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales

One great thing about Tavour is that they offer detailed tasting descriptions with each new beer they post. They include photos of the can or bottle and a freshly poured beer. For most beers, the packaging date is included as well. Their transparency gives you extra confidence that they stand behind the products.

What’s Included?

The Tavour app gives you the freedom to select from the daily uploaded beers, sending your tailored crate directly to your door at the end of the month. If you want it shipped sooner, no worries – simply select “ship now” to get your beer within a week or so. This is a great option when you want to drink an IPA as fresh as possible, or if you need beer quickly for whatever reason…none needed.

If you opt for a subscription, you’ll get either 6 or 12 beers per shipment. You can choose how often you get shipped beer – either once a month, once every two months, or once every three months. Before Tavour ships your beer, you’re able to see the contents of that month’s selection. At that time, you can choose to skip or cancel, with no penalty.

How much does Tavour cost?

Whether you build your own crate of beer, or go for a subscription, the prices will vary depending on a few variables.

Fill Your Crate

Most beers on Tavour will be more expensive than you would find in a typical bottle shop or directly from the brewery. However, for the service and quality of selection, their mark-ups are usually pretty reasonable. A few recent examples include:

15 Year Anniversary Blend – Maui Brewing Company Imperial Stout $31.99 per 750ml bottle
Gremlin – Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales Fruited Sour $7.99 per 16oz can
DDH Psuedo Sue – Toppling Goliath Brewery IPA $9.99 per 16oz can
Tendril – Proclamation Ale Company IPA $5.50 per 16oz can

No matter how much beer you buy, shipping is always a flat rate of $14.90.


Prices for the subscription depend on what styles of beer you want, number of bottles per shipment, and frequency of shipment.

SizeEvery MonthEvery 2 MonthsEvery 3 MonthsShippingAverage Price Per Beer

6 Bottles

$55-65 $57-67 $59-69 Free $9.20-11.50
12 Bottles $90-115 $94-119 $98-123 Free $7.50-10.25

Shipping is always free for all subscriptions. Bonus: if you want to add more beer to your order, or make an extra custom crate, Tavour doesn’t charge you extra shipping.

Who is Tavour best for?

Tavour is best for craft beer lovers who prefer to choose their own beer and quantity each month. You will definitely be impressed with the variety offered by Tavour.

The subscription option is a great for on-the-go craft beer enthusiasts who don’t want to spend time picking out beers each month. It also makes a great gift to any serious craft beer fan.

You can trust the team at Tavour to choose excellent and highly-rated beer that matches any taste profile.

How do you join Tavour?

Tavour is, first and foremost, an app. You can find the Tavour app on the app stores for both Apple and Android devices. If you can’t use the app, you can order via the website and get informed of the new releases through email notifications, so don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone.

To join, start by downloading the app and creating an account. From there, you can instantly start adding beers to your crate. As mentioned, Tavour adds new beers to the app daily. Keep checking back and fill your crate with whatever you feel like drinking.

To start a subscription, find the subscription icon within the app. Select your flavor profile, frequency, and size (either 6 or 12 beers). From there, you’ll get your first shipment in 1 to 2 weeks.


Tavour is headquartered in Seattle, on the West Coast. Shipping times vary depending on where you live, but are approximately as follows:

  • East Coast: 7-8 business days
  • Mid-West: 4-6 business days
  • West Coast: 3-5 business days

As soon as your beer ships, you get an email with your tracking information so you can follow the package across the country, right to your door.

Tavour has an “Unlimited Shipping” policy. You never pay more than $14.90 regardless of how much you buy.

For the subscription option, shipping is always free. On top of that, if you are a subscriber – you can add any extra beers available through Tavour to your order, at no extra shipping costs.

Customer Service

You can directly contact Tavour by phone Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm (Pacific Time). Their customer service support also responds to emails within a day or two. Tavour has a strong reputation for great service, responsiveness, and professionality.

If ever you do run into a problem with shipping, damaged beer, or anything else, the Tavour team will go the extra mile to help make it right.

Final Thoughts

Tavour makes it easy to buy amazing beer. Download their app and take a look at what’s available. The app is free and there is no obligation to buy anything. As the prices are premium, it may not be for everyone, especially if you have access to great beer locally. The convenience, ease of use, and quality selection, however, are what set Tavour apart from the competition.

We recommend Tavour to any craft beer lover looking to try rare beers from different parts of the U.S and any curious craft beer connoisseur. It’s difficult to find fault with Tavour and we recommend that you give it a try the next time you want to treat yourself to awesome, independent, craft beer.

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