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The Best Breweries in Mesa, AZ

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Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona. It’s a popular location for baseball fans and art enthusiasts. It also offers a lot of outdoor activities for visitors like hiking and visiting fresh food farms. The Major League Baseball Spring Training takes place in Mesa, while The Chicago Cubs train at Sloan Park.

It’s a breezy city with a small thriving punk rock scene, vegan cafes, and a movie theatre. It’s not just a baseball haven; Mesa also has wonderful craft cider breweries throughout the city.

You won’t get lost easily in Mesa; the city is easy to navigate with its clean streets and prominent landmarks. You can easily find any of these breweries.

Chupacabra Taproom

14 N Robson, Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 751-5566

The Chupacabra Taproom is the most popular brewery in Mesa. The themed pub serves a great variety of wine and craft beer in a laid-back venue. The helpful staff is always ready to assist you in choosing the perfect craft beer. It’s a trendy hipster pub with a casual dress code and spacious indoor seating. It’s perfect for small groups of people and has moderate noise on the inside. The low noise environment combined with the Free-WiFi makes it a good location for working. The venue is dog-friendly, wheelchair accessible, and has gender-neutral bathrooms!

They don’t have a private parking lot or catering. They have snacks and a rotation of food trucks. If you prefer sitting in the open, the pub also offers outdoor seating where you can smoke. Some of their most popular beers include the Rye IPA, Aventinus, and Electric Sunshine.

Lochiel Brewing

7143 E Southern Ave Ste 131, Mesa, AZ 85209
(480) 666-0915

Lochiel Brewing is a pub-style American-Scottish brewery that uses Scottish brewing methods to make clear and delicious craft beer. The wide variety of beers available has a richly robust flavor that keeps customers coming back to this brewery. It’s a quiet venue, great for sampling beers. They don’t offer any snacks or food; however, there are restaurants nearby if you’re craving some food.

The pub has a simple design and is a good place for kids. Although it isn’t pet-friendly, it’s wheelchair accessible, offers a private parking lot, and has gender-neutral bathrooms.

They also have vegetarian options on the menu. Their red wine and Scotch Ale are the most popular drinks.

Oro Brewing Co.

210 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201
(408) 398-8247

Oro Brewing Co. is a local microbrewery that produces high-quality lagers and ales in small batches. The venue has a welcoming vibe that’s perfect for visiting with a small group of friends. The interior has a modern, and trendy design with large taps installed, meaning that brewing takes place on-site. The brewery has moderate noise, is pet-friendly, and offers gender-neutral bathrooms and wheelchair accessibility. It also has covered outdoor seating.

Although they don’t have any happy hour or catering services, they allow you to bring your own container and grab a snack from the many restaurants nearby. The music plays on low volume and the bartender is attentive. Some of their most popular drinks include the Spiced Winter Ale, Royal Windsor, and the Amber Ale.

Desert Eagle Brewing Company [Permanently Closed]

150 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201
(408) 656-2662

The Desert Eagle Brewing Company is a restaurant and brewery located on Main Street. It’s a microbrewery known for its special craft beers. It has a classy modern interior with neon-lit signs and a variety of food options on the menu. The brewery has moderate noise, gender-neutral bathrooms, and TVs to catch the latest game on. They don’t have private parking and they offer outdoor seating.

Some of their most popular dishes include the Black Cherry Blonde, Calzone, and Taco Salad. The best beers to try are the Buzz Bomb IPA, Das Dunkel, and The Gentleman’s Porter.

Breweries Near Mesa

If Tempe doesn’t have what you are looking for, here are a few breweries near Mesa that are worth checking out:

Arizona Wilderness Brewing

721 N Arizona Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85233
(480) 497-2739

Arizona Wilderness Brewing is a restaurant and brewery located in Gilbert, close to Mesa. The restaurant takes reservations and has a classy interior and a good ambiance. It’s spacious and perfect for lunch/dinner with a group of friends. They offer different types of foods in addition to a wide variety of craft beer. Some of their most popular food items on the menu include Apple and Brie Burger, Arizona Trail Burger, and PB&J Burger.

It’s a loud location with indoor and outdoor seating, a private parking lot, environmentally friendly packaging, and free WiFi. They also have TVs so you can catch the latest game while sipping on your ale. They offer a waiter service and happy hour specials too.

Four Silos Brewery Coffee and Beer House

147 S Higley Rd Ste 101, Gilbert, AZ 82596
(480) 261-7588

Four Silos Brewery Coffee and Beer House is a brewery that offers both coffee and craft beer. The most popular snacks on the menu include Tater Tots and the Gilbert Cheese sandwich. The venue is spacious for groups of people and has indoor and outdoor seating. It has moderate noise and free WiFi, however, it’s not a good location to work at. They offer live music too and happy hour specials, plus a TV so you can catch the latest game.

Santan Gardens Brewery and Distillery Tours

495 E Warner Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225
(408) 534-7041

The Santan Gardens Brewery and Distillery offers visitors a tour of the brewery. You can sign up for a tour of ten different locations with a group of friends through their brewery and distillery. At each stop, visitors will sample products at different stages of production. The tour guide will explain the whole process. Toward the end of the tour, they offer extra sampling and a line of canned beers with the merchandise.

Although they don’t have an in-house catering service, they do serve food during different events along the journey. The tour is wheelchair accessible and the brewery offers takeout.

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