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The Best Breweries In Chandler, AZ | Breweries Near Me

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With more than 70+ craft breweries, it’s clear that Arizonans love their beer! In this post, we’ve listed some of the best breweries in Chandler, AZ that can definitely satiate your craving in the region’s thirst-inducing climate.

Apart from a revitalized historic downtown, this All-American city is also considered an oasis for unique craft beers and brews. From honey blonde ales to spellbinding IPAs, these breweries in Chandler are successfully putting the Southwest craft beer scene on the American map.

Here are our picks for the 6 best independent craft breweries in Chandler, AZ, and surrounding areas you must visit.

Hop Central Brewery and Taproom

5055 W Ray Rd # 2, Chandler, AZ 85226
(480) 284-6320

The HOP Central Brewery and Taproom may have a limited collection of their own in-house brews; however, every house brew is worth a try, be it their cream ale “Smooth Creminal” or highly regarded house IPA. The best thing about HOP Central is that they also sell tons of other locally-made craft beers in their taprooms, such as Huss Brewing’s Hefeweizen or Wren House’s Doppelbock. So, if you are searching for house flavors or craft brews from Tempe, Phoenix, and other places in the Valley, the Hop Central Brewery and Taproom is the best place for you to get it!

Currently, the brewery has two in-house beers on tap: The Big Tasty (a brown ale) and a House IPA. Most of its remaining 36 taps include craft brews from other favorite local breweries in Arizona, including The Phoenix Ale Brewery, SanTan, Goldwater Brewing, Pedal Haus, McFate, and Huss.

SanTan Brewing Company

8 S San Marcos Pl, Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 917-8700

One of Arizona’s best craft breweries is located in the heart of downtown Chandler. SanTan Brewing Company has established a notable name for itself around the Valley and surrounding areas. The brewery specializes in ales that are Southwestern in style have slightly more carbonation and have multiple locations to choose from to enjoy their wide selection of lagers and pale ales. The SanTan’s downtown Chandler outlet is both a brewery as well as a pub including diverse taps and bar fare like nachos, wings, fries, and soft pretzels — or even heartier spreads like triple-decker sandwiches, pizzas, and tacos galore.

SanTan Brewing Company’s year-round beers include its highly regarded pale ale, Devil’s Ale, MoonJuice IPA, HopShock IPA, Epicenter Amber, Mr. Pineapple, Gordo Stout, SunSpot Gold, and Epicenter Amber. The brewery come pub also has a seasonal lineup of brews (do try Sex Panther – a double chocolate porter) and limited-time brews that are aged for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Other beers such as Negro Nitron Black IPA, Cherry Vanilla Stout, and Hibiscus Pale Ale are available only on tap at the brewpub.

If you are a drink-while-you-eat person, the SanTan Brewing Company is definitely for you.

The Perch Brewery

232 S Wall St, Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 773-7688

Located in downtown Chandler, The Perch Brewery is an unusual place for people looking for a great glass of beer. Home to more than 50 rescue tropical birds, this is one of those spots where you’ll feel good about sipping a cold one since the cash goes to a craft brewery that claims to be a second-chance “forever home” for these forsaken birds. The thought of birds and beers may be strange, but the rescued birds filling the large patio’s edges do add to the fun! Plus, the in-house craft beer is top-notch.

The spacious patio filled with bougainvillea and umbrellas surrounds a cozy indoor bar, which also provides a full food menu for dinner, lunch, and brunch. The brewery come pub has 40 craft beers on tap which are brewed onsite. The ever-changing collection of beers includes crowd-favorites like the Howler Back Girl (hefeweizen), Mas Macho Pilsner, and the Why So Mad Bro (rye beer). Rotating beer selections from other local craft breweries are also available on taps, such as suds from Huss and Sleepy.

Helluva Brewing Company

3950 W Ray Rd # 5, Chandler, AZ 85226
(480) 664-6488

Located at McClintock and Ray in west Chandler, Helluva Brewing Company is the city’s newest microbrewery featuring 20 beers on tap, out of which 8 are brewed in-house: an IPA, Kölsch, light lager, an American wheat, pale ale, amber red, and 2 seasonal brews (like Mele Kalikimaka – cinnamon coconut porter). In addition to excellent beers, the brewpub also boasts an incredible kitchen menu with many shareable meals and with more than twenty TV screens, making it an excellent spot to catch sports games while sipping on a chilled beer.

You may have come across several raves about the brewpubs’ wings, forcing you to momentarily forget about their brew collection but trust us: you’ll be missing out on the best beer in town without trying their Black Sheep stout – slightly sweet and bold with subtle hints of chocolate.

Craft 64

68 W. Buffalo Street, Chandler, AZ 85255
(480) 247-3002

Craft 64 is a brewery and a wood-fired pizza pub featuring about 30 locally-made craft beers on tap year-round including 8 of their own brews and an excellent collection of wine. The brewpub sources all of its ingredients, and produces meats, and dairy from local vendors in addition to making their own fresh pizza dough and mozzarella cheese every day.

Frankly, what’s not to love about Craft 64? – freshly made pizza and brews are on tap at this Chandler brewery and wood-fired pizzeria. The brewpub also has a happy hour every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. At Craft 64, you will find everything from touts, and IPAs, to lagers, and everything in between.

Pedal Haus Brewery

95 W Boston St, Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 306-7140

Pedal Haus Brewery’s original location is situated in the middle of Mill Avenue in Tempe. However, in the spring of 2020, the brewery opened its door in downtown Chandler. Although this brewery is smaller in size compared to the Tempe one, loyal fans can still enjoy inviting outdoor and indoor seating along with a full food menu.

Although highly regarded for its food, the Pedal Haus Brewery is more than a place for amazing burgers. It’s also home to great local beers and brews. This brewery in Chandler serves an extensive collection on tap to patrons including the Mexican Amber Lager, White Rabbit Hazy IPA, Sourgarten Blueberry, and even a classic American amber ale. Other brews on tap include the crowd-favorite Biere Blanche (a Belgian wheat beer) and White Rabbit hazy IPA.

Patent 139 Brewing Co.

1949 W Ray Rd 11 13, Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 597-7138

Patent 139 Brewing Co is the new brewery on the block in Chandler. Patent 139 refers to the patent filed by Rudolf Gustav Hass for his “black gold” varietal of Avocado. This brewery was started by Tim Hass, who is the great-grandson of Rudolf. They have a small 1-bbl pilot system from SS Brewtech and (3) unitank fermenters.

Since they are brand new, they don’t have a lot of their own beers on tap yet. That being said, we recommend trying Scotty Don’t, an imperial IPA with an 8% ABV and 81 IBUs.

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