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The Best Breweries In Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is undoubtedly an excellent state to visit if you enjoy craft beer. There are more than 200 breweries in the state, with several beer styles and food options. Of course, Wisconsin is home to many more fantastic breweries, but our list is a great place to start!

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Here are a few of Wisconsin’s top-rated breweries that you can visit as you traverse the state.

Wisconsin Brewing Company

1079 American Way Verona, Wisconsin 53593 
(608) 848-1079

Anyone who enjoys a beer knows that it is ingrained in Wisconsin culture. Beer is not only a significant element of Wisconsin’s tradition but also of the state’s history (and everyday diet). With their outstanding variety of craft beers and dedicated staff, The Wisconsin Brewing Company hopes to expand on that heritage and legacy one 12-ounce serving at a time.

Since its establishment in 2013, Wisconsin Brewing Company has become a popular spot for brewery tours and beer enthusiasts. Three brothers from Wisconsin—Mark Nolen, Carl, and Brewmaster Kirby Nelson—run the locally owned and operated brewery.

A tour of the Wisconsin Brewing Company’s facilities is one of the most fantastic things to do there, even though their draft beers are without a doubt the brewery’s main attraction. Visitors and other beer enthusiasts can learn firsthand how the Wisconsin Brewing Company operates and how much love and care goes into it through the tour.

Milwaukee Brewing Company

1128 N 9th St. Milwaukee, WI 53233 
(414) 226-2337

The Milwaukee Brewing Company’s founders had a vision of producing premium beers that were not only distinctive but also dedicated to sustainability, corporate ethics, and brewing craft, which was their true passion. When they produced their first-ever beer in October 1997, it was evident that their ambition had come true.

To lure even the pickiest beer connoisseurs, the Milwaukee Brewing Company now offers seasonal and year-round offerings. They stay devoted to their passionate and non-conformist approach to beer manufacturing and creation while seeking only the best local ingredients.

Minhas Craft Brewery

1208 14th Avenue Monroe, Wisconsin 53566
(800) 233-7205

Ravinder Minhas and Manjit Minhas run and own Minhas Craft Brewery, arguably the best brewery in the state. With premium beers like Boxer Lager, Huber Premium, and Clear Creek Ice, craft beers like 1845 Pils, Minhas today produces more than a dozen different types of beer.

Minhas Craft Brewery creates a variety of flavorful malt drinks for people looking for something unusual and various sorts of soda drinks for your children to enjoy, in addition to their excellent beer brews.

Rustic Road Brewing Company

5706 Sixth Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140
(262) 320-7623

The Rustic Road Brewing Company, which first served beer in 2012, is aware of beer lovers’ passion for flavors and aromas. These characteristics also contribute to the state’s diversified and delectable food and beverage offerings and its vibrant and passionate beer culture.

The main goal of Rustic Road’s beer is to honor these cherished artisan features. Brewers have the latitude to experiment and create one-of-a-kind beers because brews are produced in small quantities. The Rustic Road Brewing Company’s cozy tap room, that faithfully captures the spirit of imagination and spontaneity it carefully protects, is where beer tastings are held.

One Barrel Brewing Company

2001 Atwood Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin
(608) 630-9286

It was during the 377th gathering of the Gentleman’s Brewing and Distilling Society that the One Barrel Brewing Company was founded, and its past is steeped in the legends of old brewing.

This brewery makes every step of the brewing process visible so that visitors may better understand and appreciate the effort put into a pint of their favorite beer. The One Barrel Brewing Company offers a well-curated assortment of gluten-free beers, canned cider, wines, and canned beer, in addition to their flagships and standard beers prominently displayed in their taproom.

Sand Creek Brewing Company

320 Pierce Street, Black River Falls, Wisconsin 54615
(715) 284-7553

The Sand Creek Brewing Company, possibly one of Wisconsin’s biggest microbreweries, has won 3 gold medals and is dedicated to producing ales and lagers in the rich Wisconsin traditions.

Each batch, bottle, and brew are made with great care at Sand Creek. A beer’s quality can be determined by its color alone, elevated by the scent of the draft, and demonstrated by its flavor. Fridays are designated for completely free brewery tours. Visitors are led around the old brewery building before arriving at the tap room to sample their various premium options. We recommend starting with their Badger Porter or the Bugler Brown Ale.

Best Breweries in Wisconsin with Food

Here is a list of some of the best breweries in Wisconsin with food. Many of these locations allow dogs and children, and some even host entertaining events that engage you in the neighborhood.

Lakefront Brewery

1872 N Commerce Street, Milwaukee, WI 
(414) 372-8800

The Wisconsin microbrewery, the creation of brothers Russ and Jim Klisch, now produces 46,848 barrels of beer annually and exports its products throughout the world. A local news station named the Lakefront Brewery Milwaukee’s top brewery for five years.

Try their Maibock and IPA with their Buffalo Chicken Salad, Spicy Italian Sausage with sautéed peppers, or Cheese Curds. Along with a wide variety of incredibly excellent food, there is also a classy, elevated menu of bar snack-style meals. You won’t get a more authentic Wisconsin to feel than this one during their Friday Fish Fry.

East Troy Brewery

2905 Main St, East Troy, WI 53120
(262) 642-2670

Every meal on East Troy Brewery’s distinctive, seasonally-changing menu is complemented with one of their house-brewed beers and is prepared using only the finest ingredients.

They have you covered, whatever you’re sippin’. Try one of their creative cocktails, house-brewed beers, or alluring wines—selected from across the world.

They provide a relaxed, welcoming environment where people can escape the daily grind. Join them in the fireplace lounge, enjoy live music, or take advantage of the warm weather on their patio.

We recommend trying their Crocus Lager with cheese curds for an out-of-this-world experience.

Alt Brew

1808 Wright St, Madison, WI 53704
(608) 352-3373

Are you on a gluten-free diet and miss drinking beer? Visit Alt Brew if you ever visit Madison, Wisconsin. All their beers are brewed with gluten-free grains!

There aren’t many breweries in our country that are genuinely committed to making beer without gluten. For the benefit of those of us in the Midwest, Madison, WI’s Alt Brew produces IPAs, ales, and porters that are up to the challenge.

They usually have 8 different beers on tap in addition to bottles of seasonal drinks. Their Copperhead Ale is their most well-known brew. At the Great American Beer Festival, it was given a Silver Medal Award. Everything from IPAs to ales to their teff-made Sunset Belgian Tripel can be found here.

However, Alt Brew serves more than just beer. Additionally, they offer a full gluten-free menu with items like pizza, nachos, and more.

We recommend pairing their gluten-free pizza with Copper Ale, which is brewed with roasted millet and tastes malty, chocolatey, supremely delicious, and is sure to make your taste buds tingle!

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