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The Best Breweries in Oklahoma City, OK

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Oklahoma City is a bustling hub on the southern plains. A major city infused with well-known southern hospitality, Oklahoma City is one to visit for the best of both worlds. As an emerging city, it is only natural that the craft beer scene in OKC is also booming. There is no better drink to socialize over than locally brewed craft beer, and as the city grows, multiple microbreweries are opening to add to already exciting nightlife.

Whether you’re a native beer aficionado or a visitor passing by, enhance your Oklahoma City experience by visiting these breweries. However, if you are looking for breweries outside of OKC, check out our list of Oklahoma breweries or better yet, the best breweries in America.

Imagine this, you find yourself with some time to kill in Oklahoma City. What better option than to crack open a cold one and enjoy the sights? This list will take you to all the right places you will need to find your perfect beer in Oklahoma City.

Angry Scotsman Brewing

704 W Reno Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 673-7713

Angry Scotsman is perhaps a relatively new player on the Oklahoma City craft beer scene as the brewery was only established in 2017. However, the unique approach to beer made sure that Angry Scotsman made its place in the scene very quickly and left an indelible mark.

Located in downtown OKC with a taproom and a Biergarten, Angry Scotsman is an essential experience for a beer lover. The charm of the 1930s warehouse the brewery is located in further adds to the experience.

Angry Scotsman offers 24 taps of in-house beer. Their range includes year-round lagers, IPAs, European ales, and seasonal special releases. Their German-style lager called Gateway to Helles is quite popular and highly recommended. Coffin Dodger is their seasonal beer that comes out in the winter. It’s an English-style old ale that is sure to warm the cockles of your heart.

Anthem Brewing Co.

908 SW 4th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73109
(405) 604-0446

Anthem Brewing Company is a no-frills brewery that focuses first and foremost on beer. They employ traditional and modern brewing styles to ensure their beers are diverse and unique. For Anthem, beer is a means to bring people together, and they intend to do just that with their range of beers.

They also offer tours of their brewery to demonstrate how their drinks are a labor of love. They also provide 4 oz drinks so even the lightweight drinkers can get in on the fun.

Try their German Pilsner called OK pills if you are looking for the classic beer taste. If you are feeling a bit more experimental, we recommend trying their coffee stout or one of their cherry sours.

Skydance Brewing Co.

NE 7th St Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 768-2154

Skydance brewing distinguishes itself from the other breweries in the city by being its only Native American-owned brewery. Oklahoma City is steeped in the history of Native Americans and their hardships. Companies such as Skydance promote indigenous culture and empower them.

The products at Skydance are brewed keeping Native American values and culture in mind. A basic tenet of Native American culture is the importance of community. Skydance Brewing perpetuates that value through beer, using it as a tool to bring people together.

Another unique aspect of Skydance is how the brewery uses the packaging of its products to tell Native American stories. A fresh and welcoming addition to the craft beer scene in Oklahoma City, Skydance is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship in marginalized communities and the diverse nature of craft beer.

Skydance provides year-round favorites and seasonal beers. They also produce limited edition one-off beers as a novelty. Their rotational series is a must-try where they introduce flavors of one type of beer. If you are a fan of milkshake IPA, any of the Juiced Wolves series hits the spot with its fruity notes. Their Mosquito Hawk amber ale is also meticulously brewed and has just the right amount of kick to it.

Prairie Artisan Ales

3 NE 8th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 602-0894

Prairie’s story as a microbrewery that turned into something much bigger is a legend in the Oklahoma City craft beer scene. After its launch in 2012, Prairie snowballed into one of the city’s most successful breweries, if not the country. A lot of this success can be credited to Prairie’s unique and modern approach to brewing.

While purists of the beer scene might think it extravagant, Prairie’s concoctions are a delight and a reminder that beer does not have to be boring. Prairie specializes in funky ales and barrel stouts, but the best part is its packaging. Every drink comes wrapped in unique expressive art that elevates the beer-drinking experience to a whole new level. These quirks have led it to be named in RateBeer’s Top 100 Breweries in the World.

Prairie’s flagships are a must-try as they are a far cry from the usual fare. The Bomb! is an imperial stout aged on vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and chilies. It is a whole experience in a bottle and worth trying. Their sour ale with rainbow sherbet flavors is highly acclaimed and an adventure for your palate. Be sure to keep the cans for the art after finishing your drink.

Best Oklahoma City Breweries with Food

Sometimes a craft beer is just needed to wash down a great meal. You’re in luck because we have also compiled a list of the best Oklahoma City Breweries with Food.

Twisted Spike Brewing Company

1 NW 10th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73103
(405) 297-9961

Located in a large warehouse, Twisted Spike boasts Oklahoma City’s largest taproom. The name Twisted Spike came from the brewery’s adjacent railroad tracks, and the brewery’s décor reflects the area, giving the brewery a rustic feel. With a range of carefully brewed beers and an in-house restaurant that provides brunch and dinner, Twisted Spike is an ideal destination for those who are looking to discover Oklahoma City’s history with craft beer.

Try their Nashville Johnny biscuit sandwich along with their Belgian Blonde Ale called Dirty Blonde. A relatively heavy meal combined with a more delicate beer is a party for all of your senses.

Bricktown Brewery

1 N Oklahoma Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 232-2739

Located in the historical neighborhood of Bricktown, this brewery is a local brewpub chain and a true Oklahoma City success story. With a menu mostly consisting of American comfort food and locally brewed beers, Bricktown is a place to be for foodies and beer lovers. The brewery’s quality led it to even greater things and it now has locations all over the South.

Try their hearty chicken pot pie and wash off that warm meal with an ice-cold 46 Stars Hazy IPA brewed to perfection.

Belle Isle Restaurant and Brewery

900 Northwest Expy # 44R Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 840-1911

Belle Isle is a cozy restaurant dedicated to providing the best experience for its patrons. They have been producing beer since 1994. Originally a restaurant, the founders later decided to pursue their brewing passion and transform it into a brewpub.

At Belle Isle, their pizzas are a crowd favorite. We recommend their grilled salmon salad with Dijon mustard paired with the Irish Stout. The undertones of coffee and chocolate will have you skipping dessert.

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