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The Best Breweries in Cleveland, OH

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Cleveland is a must-visit city. It has everything you want: a thriving culture, plenty of great eat-outs, and places to drink. What more could one want? Recently, Cleveland has experienced a rise in the demand for beer, thanks to the fantastic breweries available.

We have rounded up Great Lakes Brewing, Platform Beer Co., Noble Beast Brewing Company, Bookhouse Brewing and Collision Bend Brewing Company as our top contenders. If you’re looking to grab grub and beer, we have Butcher and the Brewer and Masthead Brewing Co. as our picks.

Cleveland has the potential to confuse you with the volume of entertainment and recreation opportunities it has to offer. No need to stress though. You’d be surprised that the city is easy to navigate. We have compiled a list of the best breweries you can find in Cleveland.

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Great Lakes Brewing

2516 Market Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
(216) 771-4404

As a lover of beer, you will not find such a range of beer anywhere in Cleveland. Great Lakes Brewing has you spoilt for choices.

The beers take their inspiration from the drinks in Europe. People can get a unique international flavor right in the heart of Cleveland. People can enjoy specific beers that are an ode to the history of Cleveland.

They offer numerous categories of beer as well. These include the beers they currently have on tap, the year-round beers, along with the beers they serve seasonally. The variety is a testament to their dedication to craft beer and providing customers with a spectrum of flavors to entertain their palates.

As the OG brewers in Cleveland, they also host public and private tours, where beer fans can learn more about how their drinks are brewed, cellared and packaged.

We recommend you try their Burning River IPA and seasonal beers like the Great Lakes Christmas Ale.

Platform Beer Co

4125 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 202-1386

Platform was founded in 2014, grounded in the idea that good collaboration would be at the heart of everything that they did. They wanted to engage with different people involved in various aspects of beer making because this particular beverage is most enjoyable when it is shared with people.

Platform Beer Co started off from very little. They have swiftly expanded their operations, with a production facility located in Cleveland. They brew the finest quality craft beers that people can purchase from their tasting rooms. The taste of their beers is constantly changing with the trends. The customers are bound to run into a beer with a flavor they’ll find difficult to forget.

Customers generally have the option to try from their 32 diverse range of beer flavors, but we believe that their Haze Jude is a top-notch hazy IPA.

Noble Beast Brewing Company

1470 Lakeside Ave E, Cleveland Downtown
(216) 417-8588

Noble Beast Brewing Company in Cleveland brings to you a unique craft brewery, which is a blend of European and American styles of beer. Their flavors are remarkable, delicious, and memorable.

Whether you are looking for a laid-back lunch or a lovely dinner, you can stop by Nobel Beast brewery. Whatever your cravings are, you will leave with a happy stomach.

Their taprooms can comfortably make space for any number of people, and their rotating beers are a hit amongst customers for their tremendously delicious flavor.

We suggest that if you’re anywhere near this brewery, you must stop by to try their Union Pils Bohemian beer.

Bookhouse Brewing

1526 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 862-4048

Bookhouse Brewing takes the cozy atmosphere to a different level. There is just enough history and richness in this small brewery for you to make you detach from the present.

Bookhouse Brewing is a dream for anyone who loves their beer and has a soft corner for books. The founder of Bookhouse Brewing believes in a setting that is void of the distraction of TVs, and that is what makes this brewery completely cozy and welcoming.

Their selection of craft beer is delicious and diverse. Customers will always find some flavor of their preference.

We recommend you try their Magdalena Pilsner and Juicy NEIPA.

Collision Bend Brewing Company

1250 Old River Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 273-7879

This brewery is our personal favorite, and rightfully so for a very compelling reason. It has a breathtaking classic waterfront view that will truly enchant its patrons and serve as a gorgeous backdrop while one nurses a chilled beer in their hands.

There is plenty of space for everyone here. With a wood-burning pizza oven, not one but three bars, and an outdoor patio, anyone would be obsessed with this brewery.

That’s not all. Patrons also have the option to book a brewer’s room, where they can host their parties or any other special events.

Their selection of brews on tap is incredible, with over twelve flavors. We would highly recommend their Devil’s Claw Barrel-aged Tripel and Belgian-style Strong Ale.

Best Breweries in Cleveland with Food

If you want some food to go with your beer for a perfect hang out with your pals, then these are your go-to breweries in Cleveland with finger-licking good food.

Masthead Brewing Co

1261 Superior Ave, Cleveland, Downtown
(216) 206-6176

If there’s one thing people in Cleveland absolutely enjoy, it’s sports. This brewery makes sure that you can show up for your favorite sports team and have a good beer. Masthead is dedicated to providing its customers with a laid-back ambience.

The constant rotating beer options, tv screens playing sports, and a delicious Neapolitan-style pizza all serve for a great boys’ night out.

They also specifically offer exciting American and Belgium beer. Masthead Brewing Co surely knows how to make a man smile. They are also famous for their collection of New England IPAs. Apart from these flavors, they are also committed to their craft as they launch new flavors frequently, which sell out really fast.

We strongly urge you to try their pizza along with any of their beer. It’s a match made in heaven.

Butcher and the Brewer

2043 E 4th St, Cleveland (Downtown)
(216) 331-0805

This modern Brewer in Cleveland is a great place to stop by before a night out or dinner. Situated in the middle of a vibrant city, the atmosphere of Butcher and Brewer is undoubtedly tempting.

Butcher and Brewer is an excellent place for you and your family. Your family can easily share their enticing menu, which is formed with local ingredients that draw different ethnic flavors.

Their owners mean business, and they are dedicated to ensuring that their customers always return for the flavors and the vibe.

Butcher and Brewer take brewing rather seriously. They give craft beer a well-balanced fusion of both classic and modern ingredients. The in-house brewmasters are experimental with their brewing, which makes their flavors unusually exciting each time.

In our humble opinion, their Stop Hop Kaboom IPA is a great drink, and one should definitely try it.

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