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The Best Breweries in Oakland, CA

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Even though there are loads of breweries in Oakland, figuring out which area you’re looking to explore can be overwhelming. Every place in the Bay Area has some specialties, and drinks are an essential part of Oakland’s culinary scene. Some breweries are known for their craft beers, while others are known for their experience. After all, when it comes to enjoying your beers, you need to take into account the kind of environment you are looking to destress in!

Here are some of the best breweries in Oakland that has been well-loved by most people who have visited them:

Drake’s Brewing

1933 Davis Street, Ste 177, San Leandro
(510) 568-2739

Previously, Drake’s Dealership was a car dealership operating in Oakland. The brick walls, vines with gorgeous purple flowers, and mixed seating options make this a wonderful courtyard brewery. This brewery was brewery some of the best beers back in 1989, and it has managed to grow significantly throughout the years.

The best IPAs, especially the Denogginizer and Best Coast labels, are to die for. You can pair the beers with some pizza- a combination known to instantly make locals fall in love. Is there anything better than some crisp Ales paired with some fresh pizza made with local ingredients?

Ale Industries

3096 E 10th Street, Oakland
(510) 479-3185

For over a decade, this brewery has been known to make the best beers for the people of Oakland. Their main aim has remained the same over all these years- to help people see that the same beer can mean different things to each.

There is a lot of crisp stuff here that is traditional, so if you like your beer clean, you are bound to love this place. However, versatile brews are also an option if you want to try something new. The raw ale here comes with gin-influenced flavors with a touch of herbal, making it innovative and unexpected for first-time drinkers.

Temescal Brewing

4115 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA, United States, California
(510) 899-5628

Temescal Brewing is easy to fall in love with. Their beer styles are effortlessly classic, especially the altbier and coffee porter that comes with recipes full of personality and taste. The Forever Sun is a popular drink- a blonde ale with a touch of tangerine and apricot that most customers adapt to easily. The taste is known to build up slowly, making it impossible not to go back for more.

Even though this is strictly only a brewery, a food truck is parked next to Temescal Brewing. The brewery also offers fresh popcorn to customers to ensure that they do not drink on an empty stomach.

Ghost Town Brewing

1960 Adeline Street, Oakland
(510) 926-6728

West Oakland is not known to be a popular scene, which is probably where the name Ghost Town Brewery comes from. This brewery offers fifteen different taps so that customers have a large variety of options to choose from.

The Cat Hoarder milk stout is a popular drink, especially for chocolate lovers. Another great option is the Locrain- we guarantee this will be the greatest pale ale you try in the San Francisco Area. If you are looking to have a good time, this brewery will definitely not disappoint. It is in a quiet area, making it a great place to destress after work.

Novel Brewing Company

6510 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA 94608
(510) 922-9974

When most look at Novel Brewing Company, they do not expect much from it- after all, how can a charming brewery like this one offer good beer? However, one try, and we ensure that you will be hooked. The beer at Novel Brewing Company is varied and delicious. The hoppy IPAs, trustworthy ales, and floral sours are great beers to choose between.

Original Pattern Brewing Company

292 4th Street Oakland
(510) 844-4833

Do you like breweries that are different from ordinary ones? If you are into surprises, the trippy traps here will leave you entertained.

Cookie lovers should try the barley wine as it tastes like you are drinking a magnificent cookie. Another option is the coffee porter, which is perfect if you want to drink during the day. You can also reserve some cans online if you do not want to end up disappointed. After all, the beer here finishes quickly because of how popular it is amongst locals.

The Good Hop

2421 Telegraph Ave, 94612 Oakland
(510) 338-6598

There are around 20 taps of mostly local beers to choose from at The Good Hop. It is known to have a good selection as well as a wonderful rotation to ensure that customers get to try new drinks. Surprisingly, the bottle selection here is also quite popular. Interestingly, this brewery is run by a former employee of Drakes brewery, putting The Good Hop in close competition.

A few televisions are on top of the booths to keep people entertained as they enjoy their beer. Moreover, you will find several coolers at the back that are filled with more than 100 thoughtfully picked beers. Some popular choices include Fontenein, Firestone Walker, and 7 Bottle Logic imperial stouts.

Line 51 Brewing

303 Castro Street, Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 985-4191

If you are only visiting Line 51 Brewing for the first time, you are bound to enjoy your trip. The place is clean, airy, and well-decorated. There is lots of space here so that you do not feel claustrophobic and can spread out if you are coming to a big party.

Red Death is a popular and interesting drink, along with Dub Nation, that is known to be refreshing. You can pair the drinks you choose with some fantastic hot dogs. There is even an option for vegan hot dogs if that’s what you’re into. This place serves the best Chicago Style hot dogs, so even if you are not in a drinking mood, you should drop by for the food.

Original Pattern Brewing Company

292 4th Street, Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 844-4833

Original Pattern Brewing Company is an employee-owned brewery that has won several awards in Oakland. If you are an IPA lover, this is definitely the place for you. There are many tastings to choose from, such as Pure Imagination, Dibble Dabble, Esky Crusher, Undeniable Speculation, El do to Nelson, and Over Yonder. All these have different IPA styles and a wonderful creamy texture to ensure that no one drink is similar to another, and each of them provides you with a different flavor that is easy to fall in love with.

The best part is that you can enjoy some delicious and fresh dumplings with your drinks. The pork dumplings here taste awesome and pair well with most IPAs. Another food option includes spicy noodles with just the right amount of heat. If you want something more filling, the Ribeye Bao sandwich will leave you marveling at how soft the buns are.

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