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The Best Breweries In Joliet, IL

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Joliet, a city in Illinois, is famous for its transportation and shipping centers. The Rock Island Railroad and Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal contribute to its status as a massive industrial and agriculture hub.

Most of the economic status of Joliet is dependent on its casino gambling along the river, alongside tourists that are attracted to its recreation areas, like Joliet Area Historical Museum or Hollywood Casino Joliet.

With warm, sunny weather, and a friendly atmosphere in the city, Joliet is a great place to live or travel with your family and friends. You will experience firsthand how the city merges its urban glamour into its populated and diverse suburbs. Joliet is famous for its natural parks, but it also offers a variety of indoor recreation places, shopping centers, arts, historical theatres, and plenty of galleries to visit.

Needless to say, beer lovers are definitely in for a treat as you’ll find different craft beer places, tap rooms, and other breweries when you’re having a tour of the city.

In this post, you’ll learn about great breweries like Elder Brewing Co., My Grain Brewing Company, Mad Hatchet Brewing, Will County Brewing Company, Lugan’s Brewing, Nik & Ivy Brewing Company, Industry Tap House, and Lock & Mule by Tangled Roots Brewing Company.

The diverse landscape and tourist attractions in Joliet, IL, make it a lovely place to spend your vacations as the family-friendly environment of its residents is bound to make you fall in love with the place. Check out the following breweries that are a must to try when you are in or near the city.

Elder Brewing Co.

218 E Class St Joliet, IL 60432
(815) 651-4200

Known for its great events and friendly environment, Elder Brewing Co. is a great place to spend your evenings with your family or friends. The building has a small, cozy feeling but provides enough space for a large crowd to gather and celebrate events and festivities together. The friendly and attentive staff is quick to accommodate you and introduce their wide range of beers.

Since the brewery doesn’t have a kitchen, it allows its customers to bring in their food from outside and then settle in for a nice cold pint of beer. However, they offer free popcorn to everyone. The open patio space is a great place to take your beers and sit out with your friends., There is also an option of local 2 Fools Cider for those who are not in the mood for booze.

When you are near the area, Elder Brewing Co. should definitely be on your brewery’s list to try out. Don’t forget to order their delicious Polys Revenge and West Park IPA.

Mad Hatchet Brewing

913 Brook Forest Ave Shorewood, IL 60404
(815) 733-5380

Mad Hatched Brewing has a traditional environment with a weekly menu of taproom beers.

They do not offer their own food but allow the customers to bring in whatever they would like to eat with the craft beers. They provide a sitting area with a long table around which their customers can gather and just chat with eat otter while enjoying their drinks.

The Mad Hatchet Brewing has recently added a horror-themed taproom to its services. They have a variety of haunted-themed beers and pumpkin drinks, including their famous Undead Gourd.

Their wheat beer Summer Camp of Carnage with berries is among the most popular beers on their on-tap list. Also don’t forget to try out their Beet-Cha Softly, which is a golden ale.

Will County Brewing Company

1142 W Jefferson St Shorewood, IL 60404
(815) 582-4157

Will County Brewing Company provides crafted beers to their customers with a friendly atmosphere and staff that is eager to help serve you as soon as you enter the brewery. It is a local business that is easy on the pockets and offers a wide range of tasty crafted beers, which caters to anyone who wants to taste several different flavors before settling on a beer they would like to have.

Will County is situated in a strip that has two restaurants. You can order food from there, and sit and enjoy it with a cold drink in the brewery. They also allow their customers to bring in their own food. The atmosphere is family-friendly and kid-friendly.

The Bamm-Bamm Loves Pebbles is an absolute favorite among its customers.

Nik and Ivy Brewing

1026 S State St Lockport, IL 60441
(815) 524-4857

Nik and Ivy is a great local micro-brewing company that is managed by a husband and wife duo. They have a selection of beers that they brew in-house and occasionally offer outside beer on draft.

The place has different sitting arrangements. Whether you want to sit indoors or outdoors, there is always a comfortable spot for you to settle down. It is a great place to sit down with your family and friends and have a hearty chat with the bartenders or the locals.

Their Quint’s Bounty is one of our favorites. If you manage to stop by Nik and Ivy, do not forget to add this sour IPA as well as the Parasaurhopolous to your order.

Industry Tap House

3115-3117 W Jefferson St Joliet, IL 60435
(815) 630-2018

Between bar games, great cocktails, a cozy and casual environment, and lots of great beer, who wouldn’t have a good time? Industry tap house has seriously upped its game in terms of its decorations and excellent service. The bar is clean and they offer top-quality craft beers. Their Bloody Mary is awesome and a must-try for anyone who visits this tap house.

Lugan’s Brewing

480 S Hammes Ave Joliet, IL 60436
(815) 269-4449

Lugan’s Brewing is a local brewery that provides handcrafted beers that are freshly brewed in the house. The company offers beers, spirits, and special recipes like Devil’s Tears- Moonshine, Mr. Lugan’s- Vodka, and Krupnik- Honey Liqueur. Their lager beer is perfect for special occasions and can be paired with mild cheeseburgers and pizzas.

Best Breweries in Joliet, IL with Food

Here are the best breweries in Joliet, IL with food options:

My Grain Brewing Company

50 E Jefferson St # 106 Joliet, IL 60432
(815) 345-3339

This one is our favorite. My Grain Brewing Company is a Brewpub that offers great beer along with great food. They also have a Sunday brunch option. The brewery offers burgers, fries, pretzels, and other items on its dinner menu. There isn’t a separate kid-friendly menu available, but the kitchen staff is very accommodating and understanding with the kids and their food preferences.

The craft beers are boldly flavorful and their delicious burgers and fries are bound to bring you back for more.

Their Russian Imperial pairs really well with the savory richness of the Mygrain Burger or Short Rib Poutine. Also, a spicy Vincent coupled with some fries would make you swoon with the burst of flavors in your mouth.

Arrowhead Ales Brewing Company

2101 Calistoga Dr New Lenox, IL 60451
(815) 717-6068

Arrowhead provides a great selection of beers and cocktails along with a full food menu.

The spacious outdoor space is great for hanging out with friends or spending a casual evening with your family. The craft beer as well as the dessert options will tantalize your taste buds. The Irish Red Ale tastes amazing when paired with their BBQ salads.

Lock & Mule by Tangled Roots Brewing Company

1025 S State Lockport, IL 60441
(815) 526-0825

Lock & Mule is an ode to the history of Lockport and the I&M canal. They provide a comfortable environment so that the customers can enjoy their drinks while casually watching their favorite sports channel on the TVs installed in the brewery. There is an open space that allows you to have a relaxed space to enjoy your drinks and snacks.

Their shrimp skewers, nachos, and pizza are very popular among customers. The menu is, however, a bit pricey for a casual dine-in experience.

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