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The Best Breweries in Clarksville, TN

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With over seven breweries, a tap house, a wine bar & a distillery, Clarksville’s craft beer scene is exploding. So, if you are headed to Queen’s city and are looking for the best breweries in Clarksville, TN, this blog is for you!

Don’t leave town without visiting these craft beer spots; Tennessee Valley Brewing Co, The Star-Spangled Brewing Company, Blackhorse Pub and Brewery, Gladiator Brewing Company, Old Glory Distilling Co., and Strawberry Alley Ale Works.

Here is everything you need to know about the places that offer the best craft beer in Clarksville.

Tennessee Valley Brewing Co

2088 Lower Dr H, Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 320-9192

Tennessee Valley Brewing Co. is located in an unassuming shopping center of Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. The brewery’s reclaimed wooden furniture and intimate space features pride itself on its sense of the Tennessee cultural heritage and pays homage to the service members. In addition to providing patrons with a chance to speak to the owner and army veteran, Eric Brannstrom, the Tennessee Valley Brewing Co. distinguishes itself from other breweries by organizing inventive events throughout the year, including a craft beer pairing experience and a monthly comedy show.

Tennessee Valley Brewing Co. offers a wide range of traditional beers, including American light lager, nut brown, stout, and IPA. However, we recommend you try Eric’s famous small batch infusions, the Berliner Weisse, Bacon Bourbon Porter and Music City Mango Sour.

The Star-Spangled Brewing Company

1030 Progress Dr STE E, Clarksville, TN 37040
(615) 389-1237

Situated in Downtown, Star-Spangled Brewing Company is one of the best breweries in Clarksville, TN. Centered on the retro camping theme, this veteran-owned brewery will give you an experience of a lifetime. Star-Spangled Brewing Company has the most family-friendly atmosphere in the city, featuring a patriotic attitude and décor, live music, food trucks, an indoor game room, and plenty of outdoor space.

Although only a year old, Star-Spangled Brewing Company has a wide variety of craft beers. Made from organic honey, the Queen Beer is the brewery’s specialty. On the other hand, if you want something a bit stronger, try their all-popular drink, Best of Show.

Gladiator Brewing Company

214 Tiny Town Rd, Clarksville, TN 37042
(931) 436-1626

Gladiator Brewing Company isn’t just any veteran-owned brewery; but it is a craft beer distributor with a purpose. When it comes to craft beer quality, this brewery is known for its passion for perfection and consistency. Shying away from the typical standards of fancy taprooms, Gladiator Brewing Company makes its place in the list of best craft beer in Clarksville with its gold old American craft brewing. Although there is no proper tasting room, the brewery is always open to people who want to have a beer and a chance to have a conversation with one of the veterans.

Even though all of Gladiator Brewing Company’s beers are perfectly brewed, we recommend their Dutch Koyt-styled “Thraeces.” This is a beautiful straw-colored beer and has a fruit scent and taste, making it one of the most refreshing beers on the menu.

Old Glory Distilling Co.

451 Alfred Thun Rd, Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 919-2522

Established in October 2016, Old Glory Distilling Co. is an artisanal, small-batch distillery. Owned by Matt Cunningham, the brewery focuses on brewing the most authentic beers in Clarksville. In addition to the classic Tennessee Whiskey, Old Glory Distilling Co. also produces white rum and moonshine. The makers ensure to use only freshly harvested grains from the nearby farms. The brewery has a reminiscent-themed old warehouse where they give tours to the patrons. Moreover, their cocktail bar has amazing signature concoctions and spirit tastings.

So, if you get a chance to visit Old Glory Distilling Co., do try their “Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon.” Manufactured in small batches, each barrel is blended meticulously to ensure a refined taste and aroma till the last sip.

Blackhorse Pub and Brewery

132 Franklin St, Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 552-3726

On the search for a place with an old English pub atmosphere with dim lighting and exposed bricks, Clarksville’s legendary Blackhorse Pub and Brewery is the place to be. Established in 1992 in a historic 19th-century building, Blackhorse Pub and Brewery paved the way for the Queen city’s craft beer renaissance. This two-floor brewery has an adult-only taproom on the second floor and a family-friendly restaurant on the first floor, making it the perfect place to fulfill both your beer and food cravings.

Veteran-owned and operated Blackhorse Pub, and Brewery has been in business for more than two decades. What began as an only old-world beer supplier today has everything, including aged ciders, mead, cherry stouts, and botanical beers. However, the most impressive and winner of the Tennessee Championship of Beers is their high gravity barrel-aged Scottish ale. Pair this world-class drink with the brewery’s favorite “Heart Attack Pizza,” and thank us later for suggesting you this heavenly combo.

Strawberry Alley Ale Works

103 Strawberry Alley, Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 919-4777

Launched in April 2018, being one of the best breweries in Clarksville, TN, with food, Strawberry Alley Ale Works is a place with the perfect combination of expertly made craft beer and chef-inspired food. This brewery gives cozy pub-like vibes, making it the ideal destination to hang out with your friends.

Strawberry Alley Ale Works’ restaurant serves “scratch-made” weekend brunch, lunch and dinner, paired with a beer from 10 taps and $1 mimosas. The must-try beer list includes their crisp wheat beer fermented, Belgian Wit, having a sweet orange peel and spiced coriander flavor. If you are visiting this brewery in the evening, do try their fish and chips as they are declared the best in the city.

The Thirsty Goat

4044 US-41 ALT South, Clarksville, TN 37043
(931) 343-4628

Whether you are looking for a craft beer garden or an artesian coffee shop, the Thirsty Goat has got it all. Owned by the Forrest brothers, this brewery is a composed, comfy hangout place where you and your gang can chill and relax.

With the tagline “It’s whatever floats your goat,” Strawberry Alley Ale Works’ menu has got everything, including fresh-made desserts, delicious cream sodas, homemade pastries and handcrafted pizzas.

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