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The Best Breweries in Chesapeake, VA

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If you appreciate poetry and literature, you can visit the canal from which Edgar Allan Poe allegedly drew inspiration for his poem The Raven right in Chesapeake.

Chesapeake is a great stop for anyone who admires mother nature. Chesapeake also provides excellent indoor activities, such as fine dining experience, ice skating, etc.

People in Chesapeake know how to unwind with a good pint of craft beer, and if that is what you’re seeking, look no further; our list of the best breweries in Chesapeake is just what you need.

The Garage Brewery

1011 Eden Way N Suite M, Chesapeake, VA, 23320
(757) 389-5353

The Garage Brewery is located in the center of the Greenbrier vicinity in Chesapeake. It is a microbrewery that has seven barrels. The Garage Brewery is committed to offering people delicious beer and a welcoming environment.

The main person behind this brewery is the local entrepreneur and investor, Ulyana Gomez. Gomez comes with a great passion for craft beer and was dedicated to launching her brewery with her prior experience in the market. That is how The Garage Brewery became a reality.

The atmosphere of The Garage Brewery is chill and laid back. It has a creative element, with the construction theme you’ll see in the bar. All in all, your time spent here would be fun. There are indoor and outdoor seating arrangements for people to enjoy their craft beer.

Their tap menu, for now, has 13 different craft beer options, with more coming soon. Some beer options include American IPA, Sour IPA, and New England Hazy IPA.

We highly recommend you try their Boss Lady Vol 3 and thank us later.

Big Ugly Brewing

845 S Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23322,
(757) 609-2739

You can find Chesapeake’s first Brewery, Big Ugly Brewing, in a charming and lovely location.

Many local brewers have started brewing from the comfort of their homes as a hobby. The same is the case with Big Ugly Brewing. The owners had an interest in exceptional flavors that they brewed themselves.

Their passion is now their business, where they offer everyone their delicious locally brewed beer. What is unique about Big Ugly Brewing is its focus on a one-of-a-kind pint of beer. Today, beer enthusiasts can enjoy ten bold and unusual beers on tap any night.

It has a comfortable atmosphere for customers. There is both indoor and outdoor seating arrangement.

They have craft beer available in four categories: light, hoppy, sour, and dark. Some beer flavors include American IPA, Stout-Russian Imperial, and Blonde Ale.

We recommend you try out their Rockers IPA.

Studly Brewing Company

1296 S Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Studly Brewing Company is another brewery that started as a homebrewing passion. This modern brewery is soon going to open its doors this summer in Chesapeake.

Black Edmunds, the owner, was always interested in turning his passion into an actual business. Edmund did accomplish his goals when he started researching how to start his own brewery. He took guidance from Tom Hennessey on starting his own brewery with seven barrels.

His childhood inspires the name of the brewery. It was a name Edmund, and his friends had for each other. This brewery pays tribute to those childhood friendships.

If you’re visiting Chesapeake anytime soon, you can try their beer out!

Best Breweries in Chesapeake With Food

Beer with good food is a combination made in heaven. We have found just the breweries for you that will serve excellent food alongside their craft beer.

Wasserhund Brewing Company

510 Belaire Ave, Chesapeake, VA 23320
(757) 698-4216

Wasserhund Brewing Company is located in a cool and open area in Chesapeake. The company was founded by a couple, Aaron and Christine, who fell in love with the flavors of German beer when they visited Germany. They wanted to bring that flavor to their home.

This brewery is a place for beer, innovative food, and quality time with family and friends. Therefore, the vibe of the brewery is very warm and welcoming. The brewery opened in Chesapeake only last year, but it has since become a hot spot for beer.

In Wasserhund, there are slim chances that you’d feel like the odd one out because the owners have made a place that anyone can call their own. It’s all about enjoying the simple things in life.

They have an excellent choice of beer, both draft, and canned beer, with rather interesting choices for names. Some of their beers include German Shepheweizen Hefeweizen, and Summer Fetch Double IPA, among other options.

They not only specialize in flavorful craft beer, but they are also famous for their scrumptious pizzas along with other food items.

We recommend you try their Burly Bulldog Pizza and Pick of the Litter American Lager.

Smokey Bones

1405 Greenbrier Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320,
(757) 361-6843

Smokey Bones is located in the quiet but residential community of Greenbriers in Chesapeake. The bar and grill have a parking lot right in front of it, so customers don’t have to stress about parking their car.

It offers both dine-in and takeout services for customers. The ambiance of the restaurant is very relaxed. There are both indoor group and bar seatings available.

Overall, the place is lovely for families and guys looking for a chill hangout spot with good food and drinks.

As the name suggests, the restaurant mainly serves BBQ, among a few other food items.

They also have a great variety of beer and other drinks. These include draft beers like Blue Moon Belgian White and Lagunitas IPA and some canned beers like Coors Light, Budweiser, and Corona Extra. Safe to say, there are plenty of items to pick from.

We recommend you try their Pulled Pork Sammy with their Stella Artois.

Tap It Local

648 Grassfield Pkwy #12, Chesapeake, VA 23323,
(757) 698-4025

Tap It Local is a restaurant and bar that is located in the Dominion Commons Mall in Grassfield. It is easy to find the location, and the shopping center does provide plenty of parking spaces. Customers have the option to sit either outdoors or inside the restaurant.

The owners of the restaurant/bar were committed to creating a place that utilizes local sources which everyone can enjoy.

They have a fondness for craft beer that is brewed locally in Virginia, along with food made from local ingredients. Even their seafood is sourced locally. At Tap It Local, you really do get the taste of authentic Virginian quality food.

At Tap It Local, the owners believe that good food and craft beer is even better when shared with your friends. They are always being innovative with their beer flavors, all the while still offering some classic craft beer like IPAs and Stouts.

In our opinion, if you’re in Virginia and stop by Tap It Local, you must try their seafood mac and cheese with their IPA.

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