These Are The Hop Varieties You Should Grow At Home

With hundreds of hop varieties, knowing which ones to grow at home can be challenging. Hops are part of the Humulus lupulus plant species, with varieties grown in North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and many other regions.  The cones, or flowers of hops, contain lupulin, which is used to flavor beer and contains several … Read more

How To Brew Brett Beer

Brett beer is packed with complex and rustic character. Follow our guide on how to brew Brett beer that showcases the funky and fruity wild yeast.

What Is A Landrace Yeast?

What Is Landrace Yeast

There is a rich history of brewing throughout Scandinavia, Northern Europe, and the Baltic countries. From Norway, to Lithuania, to Russia, traditional farmhouse beers have been drunk by locals for centuries. Yeasts local to each area have shaped regional flavors and brewing traditions. These domesticated, local yeasts are known as landrace yeasts. What Is A … Read more

All Grain Brewing From A To Z

All Grain Brewing, homebrewing beer with malt

All grain brewing is a rewarding experience. Transforming raw materials into delicious beer is a skill, test of patience, and an admirable hobby. If you’ve brewed beer using malt extract, taking the next step to all grain brewing is only natural. If you’re just starting homebrewing, why not go all in with all grain? All … Read more

What is the Best Conical Fermenter for Homebrewing?

conical fermenters stainless fermenters homebrew homebrewing

Conical fermenters save you energy and effort when homebrewing. No more time wasted siphoning your beer off the trub. No more risk of shattering a glass carboy. Homebrew sized conicals will make your brewing easier and help you make better beer! Great equipment will help get your homebrew to professional quality. One of the most … Read more

BrewJacket.Com Acquisition Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bison Brew Blog acquires the domain name Bison Brew Blog, a website that covers all topics relating to craft beer and home brewing, has acquired the domain name, which previously belonged to Brew Jacket. The acquisition of the domain name fits into Bison Brew Blog’s strategy to help the … Read more

These Are The Best Small Batch Homebrewing Starter Kits

Best Small Batch Homebrewing Starter Kits

Homebrewing is an amazing hobby that blends creativity and science to produce one of the world’s greatest beverages: beer. Admittedly, getting started can be difficult. Not only can the process seem complex, but it’s expensive, time-consuming, and takes up a lot of space. That’s where small batch brewing comes in. What Is The Best Small … Read more

The Best Cleaners and Sanitizers For Homebrewing

best cleaners and sanitizers - pbw, starsan, oxiclean and io star

Cleanliness is the best way to avoid infections in your homebrews. Without some serious cleaning and sanitizing equipment, all the wrong organisms will grow in your wort and ruin your batches. We recommend Star San and PBW for sanitizing and cleaning. PBW’s formulation makes cleaning almost effortless, although it does need rinsing. Star San’s foaming … Read more

How To Partial Mash

partial mashing bags of malt

Are you ready to move past extract brewing, but don’t have the equipment or time to jump into all-grain brewing? Partial mashing is an excellent way to split the difference. Your recipes will be more flexible with the variety of malts you can use. Partial mashing also introduces you to fundamental brewing techniques for all-grain … Read more

Best PH Meters For Homebrewing

Best pH Meters for Homebrewing

Knowing the pH of your mash is vital to ensure consistent and good quality homebrew. With so many pH meters on the market, choosing the correct device can be overwhelming. Follow our guide to find the best meter for you. We’ve rounded up the most popular homebrewing pH meters to figure out who’s on top! … Read more

What Does Beer Taste Like?

What does beer taste like?

One of my favorite things to do in recent months has been hosting beer tastings with a few friends. It’s cheaper than the bar, the selection is as good as you want it to be, and it’s a lot easier to talk to everyone (about the beer you’re drinking.) Of course, being the intrepid blogger … Read more

How To Use A Hydrometer

how to use a hydrometer to measure abv alcohol content

One question we get from a lot of new homebrewers is, “How do I know how strong my beer will be?” Luckily, the answer is easy: use a hydrometer! In brewing, hydrometers measure the density of beer and wort. Alcohol content can be calculated based on these densities. Using a hydrometer is easy if you follow a … Read more

Force Carbonating Your Homebrew Kegs

how to keg homebrew with force carbonation

Most homebrewers invest in a keg system eventually. Kegs are easy to clean, quick to fill, and fun to have around the house! Bottling beer can be tedious and takes what seems like forever to carbonate. Kegging is quick – and you can drink your beer even quicker by force carbonating. From the stress-free “set … Read more

How To Brew Christmas Beer

Thinking about brewing a beer for the holiday season? Christmas beers bring joy and cheer to all the adults sitting around the crackling fire. All those familiar holiday flavors wrapped in a delicious beer…what more could you want under the tree? Christmas beer, holiday beer, or winter seasonal, is a beer brewed to be consumed … Read more

Best Electric Brew Kettle for Homebrewing

Electric brew kettles are an excellent choice for smaller spaces and indoor brewing. There are no exhaust fumes aside from water vapor and that sweet smell of boiling hops! Electric brew kettles can be used in a 2-or-3-vessel all grain system or with a single-vessel Brew in a Bag (BIAB) set-up. Instead of relying on … Read more

How to Start a Solera to Homebrew Sour and Mixed Fermentation Beer

Homebrewing mixed fermentation beer was once reserved only for die-hard funky and sour brewers. In recent years, the homebrewing community has taken a giant leap forward in making sour beer more accessible to brew at home. Resources like Milk the Funk and American Sour Beers have given thousands of homebrewers the inspiration to begin their … Read more

How to Brew a Double IPA

Double IPA is a modern American classic beer style. Hopped to the extreme, high alcohol, and astronomically flavorful, DIPAs are fun – and challenging – to brew at home. Brewing a double IPA requires great quality ingredients, attention to detail, and tight control of every variable. To brew the best double IPA: Use lots of … Read more

Try These 5 Ingredients to Boost Your IPA Homebrewing

5 Ways to Improve Your IPA

The secrets behind brewing amazing hoppy beers like New England IPA are becoming more widely known. Sure, the pros still keep a few of their techniques close to their chest. But homebrewers around the globe can brew just as tasty hoppy beer as nearly any professional brewery. The key to great IPA is the use … Read more

Where to Buy Barrels for Aging Beer

Where to buy barrels for aging beer

Whether you’re a homebrewer, homebrew club, or small craft brewery, you may be in the market for a barrel or two. Barrel aging provides complexity and depth of flavor to beers like imperial stouts, sours, and wild ales. We’ll highlight 10 of the best places to buy barrels for aging beer. These vendors have been … Read more

Top Brewing Schools

top schools to learn how to brew

In recent years, the USA has seen a huge increase in the number of breweries. The demand for craft beer has created a need for brewing programs that equip you to take on the challenge of brewing a high quality product. Here we have a brief overview of 9 different schools / programs that are … Read more

How to Barrel Age Beer

Second to hazys, barrel-aged beers are all the rage. Be it trend or taste driven, at some point most homebrewers will get the urge to age beer in a barrel. Here’s what you need to know in order to make great barrel-aged beer. Barrel aging beer is an artform. After you’ve obtained a barrel, you’ll … Read more

How to Brew A Session IPA

How To Brew A Session IPA

Looking for a hop-drenched, in your face IPA but without the high ABV? Session IPA has got you covered. We’ll go through how to brew up a perfect Session IPA every time. What is a Session IPA? Session IPA packs all the hoppy goodness of IPA into a lower alcohol beer. It’s often called India … Read more

How to Brew A Sour IPA

How to Brew A Sour IPA

Sour IPA is a relatively new hybrid style that’s taken the craft beer world by storm. We’ll find out what makes this style so special and tell you all you need to know to homebrew a deliciously tropical Sour IPA. What is a Sour IPA? Sour IPA is a mixed-fermentation beer that’s a hybrid between … Read more

What is Yeast Nutrient?

What is Yeast Nutrient

Yeast health is one of the most foundational factors when brewing exceptional beer. Today we’re looking at yeast nutrient, what it is, isn’t, and when/how to use it.. What is Yeast Nutrient? Yeast nutrient is typically a specific combination of ammonium phosphate, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It’s like a multivitamin for yeast. It makes … Read more

How To Make Hard Seltzer Better Than White Claw

How To Make Hard Seltzer Better Than White Claw

Hard seltzer is here to stay. More and more, consumers are reaching for the refreshing, clean, and crisp alcoholic water as a low-cal alternative to beer or wine. We’re die-hard beer geeks… but even the most hardcore fans can appreciate the extra thirst-quenching ability of a nice, cold hard seltzer. But instead of White Claw … Read more

How To Brew Fruit Beer

How To Brew Fruit Beer

The use of fruit in fermentation is as old as the first alcoholic beverage. Why? I don’t know but it’s a fine idea for making almost any drink delicious! Beer is no exception. Today we’re looking at fruit beers. What is a Fruit Beer? Fruit beer is in essence beer with fruit. That was easy… … Read more

How To Brew Cream Ale

How To Brew Cream Ale

Sometimes you need a thirst-quenching and refreshing brew. Actually…make that most times. If you’re looking for a beer that you can keep on tap year-round and one that is especially satisfying on warm days, Cream Ale is your friend. What is a Cream Ale? Cream Ale is an American style light ale. It can actually … Read more

Best places to buy hops online

Best places to buy hops online

In modern brewing, hops are king! Therefore, knowing where to get the highest quality hops is of the utmost importance. Take a look at the top online stores for ordering hops. Get the freshest, most quality and cheapest hops! Yakima Chief Hops Yakima Chief Hops describes itself as “a 100% grower-owned network of family hops … Read more

These Are The Exciting Hops You Should Be Using In 2021

Hops You Should Be Using In 2021

For a large portion of brewers and craft beer enthusiasts, hops are the be-all-end-all of beer. Providing bitterness, flavor, and aroma, the Humulus lupulus is an extremely important plant for brewers. There are hundreds of hops on the market, with the list growing larger every year. Certain classics – whether that’s citrusy American Cascade and … Read more

How to Brew Smoked Beer: Rauchbiers, Smoked Stouts, and More

How to Brew Smoked Beer: Rauchbiers, Smoked Stouts, and More

Smoked beer can be polarizing. While some people love it, others can’t stand it. Is it an acquired taste? Or are there not enough great quality smoked beers available on the market? We’re here to shed some light on this often misunderstood area of brewing. With many breweries reviving this historic style, smoked beer is … Read more

Best Home Brewing Books

Best Home Brewing Books

In the wonderful world of brewing, there are a lot of amazing written resources in print to date. In this post, we’re highlighting ten of our favorites. How to Brew This is the first book on brewing I ever read. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change that fact. It has proved … Read more

What is no chill brewing?

What is no chill brewing?

Credited as an Aussie brewing practice, no-chill brewing has caused quite a stir in the homebrewing world these past few years. Today we’re looking at everything you need to know about no-chill brewing and whether or not it’s something you might want to give a try. How to Brew Using the No-Chill Method Brewing beer … Read more

Induction Brewing Guide

Induction Brewing Guide

Looking for an efficient, clean, and compact homebrewing system? Induction brewing is a great method for indoor brewing, especially in apartments and small-spaces. We’ll go through the pros, cons, and what you need to get started with induction brewing. How to brew with induction Induction brewing can be all-grain, partial mash, or extract. You can … Read more

Best Induction Burners For Homebrewing

Best Induction Burners For Homebrewing

Induction brewing is an efficient, compact, and clean method for homebrewing beers. It’s especially interesting for apartment brewers or those with limited space. The induction process doesn’t put off any exhaust or even much residual heat. There are a few options for induction burners. Here’s our list of the best you can buy with some … Read more

The Best Ways to Cold crash beer

The Best Ways To Cold Crash Beer

Sometimes the simplest methods are the best. Both because they are effective and easy to do. Cold crashing meets the “simple” criteria and is a great way to help you brew bright beer. How to Cold Crash Beer Cold crashing beer is a simple process used to clarify beer. Once your beer has reached its … Read more

Best Homebrewing Podcasts

Best Homebrewing Podcasts - Pinterest Image

There’s a podcast for everything these days. Homebrewing is certainly no exception. Wondering which one to try first or looking for a great discovery? We’ve narrowed it down to the top 11. Experimental Homebrewing Hosted by Drew Beecham and Denny Conn, Experimental Homebrewing will keep you entertained and informed. The hosts each have over 20 … Read more

The Complete Guide On How to Grow Hops

How To Grow Hops - Pinterest Image

There are a lot of reasons to grow your own hops. Unique flavors, fresh hop beers, organic hops, and plain-old-fashioned badassery to name a few. This guide contains everything you need to know to grow hops successfully. How to Grow Hops Hop growing starts with a rhizome being planted in early spring. After watering, feeding, … Read more


All about RIMS and HERMS

Many homebrewers endeavor to brew with the utmost precision. If that describes you, it’s time to embrace your inner engineer and take a further look at two similar brewing systems that will enhance your mashing. Both RIMS and HERMS are brewing equipment systems. They allow a brewer to hit a target mash temp exactly, maintain … Read more

How to Brew Altbier

How to Brew Altbier

Refreshing. Complex. Crowd pleasing. Altbier is one of the most underrated styles that threads the needle between crisp lager and malty amber ale. What’s even better is that the style is relatively easy to brew. Since Altbier is fermented with ale yeast, homebrewers of all levels can brew amazing tasting interpretations in just a few … Read more

How to Brew Grisette

How to Brew Grisette

Grisette has seen a massive resurgence in the last few years. The enigmatic style, once almost erased from existence, is often misunderstood. We’ll clear up some misconceptions about Grisette and let you know how to homebrew your own delicious version. What is a Grisette? Grisette is a light bodied, highly effervescent, very pale Belgian table … Read more

What is Saison Stall?

What is Saison Stall?

Many brewers used to avoid using some of the best Saison strains available because they were notorious for “stalling” midway through a fermentation. Now we have science to lead us to best practices on how to avoid the dreaded Saison stall. Turns out the answer is simple. What is Saison Stall? Saison stall is characterized … Read more

How to Identify, Avoid, and Fix 27 Off-Flavors in Beer

How to Identify and Fix Off-Flavors in Beer

There are a lot of off-flavors that can rear their ugly heads in your precious homebrew. In this article, we’re delving into what off-flavors are, how you can identify them, and how to avoid or fix them. Being able to identify off flavors is a valuable skill. It will help you better understand brewing processes … Read more

Dry Yeast or Liquid Yeast: Which is Best?

Dry Yeast or Liquid Yeast: Which is Best?

Dry yeast or liquid yeast – what should you use for your next batch of homebrew? Liquid yeast has long been thought to be a superior product. But dry yeast technology has advanced to offer some amazing and versatile yeast options. We’ll explore the differences between liquid and dry yeast and highlight some of our … Read more

How to Remove Bottle Labels

How to Remove Bottle Labels

Naked and elegant, a bottle stripped of its label is a thing of beauty to any homebrewer. We’re going to cover the best methods, step-by-step, for removing labels from your craft beer bottles. How to Remove Bottle Labels There are a few tricks to getting labels off beer bottles. Soaking is the easiest but is … Read more

Homebrewing Mistakes: 10 Common Brewing Blunders

Homebrewing Mistakes: 10 Common Brewing Blunders

Even the most perfectionist, veteran homebrewers make mistakes. If you’ve ever been to a homebrew club meeting, or perused the posts of a homebrewing message board, you’ll see all types of blunders. From insignificant to nearly disastrous, mistakes when homebrewing are inevitable. We’re here to share some of our past mistakes so you don’t have … Read more

Beer Tap Primer: How to Choose the Right Beer Faucet

Beer Tap Primer: How To Choose The Right Beer Faucet

There’s no feeling quite like pulling a fresh pint of beer directly from a tap. Bartenders would be the first to tell you that a high quality tap makes pouring a perfect beer that much easier. For homebrewers, there is a massive range of options and features, across all price points. We’ll help break down … Read more

How To Clean Your Brew Kettle

How To Clean Your Brew Kettle

Near the end of the brew day, one of the last big pieces of equipment to clean is the brew kettle. Stuck on hops, slimy proteins, and sticky wort can create a messy situation. We’ll tell you what you need to know to make your life easy after a successful brew so you can sit … Read more

How to Design Homebrew Recipes

What does beer taste like

There is something innate in all us that wants to design and create. You’ve probably brewed a batch or two of beer following someone else’s recipes. This is a great way to get started in homebrewing but there will come a time when you’ll want to venture into the realm of recipe design. We’re here … Read more

How to Bottle Your Homebrewed Beer

How to Bottle Beer

You’ve brewed and fermented your batch; now it’s time to package it. Bottling is the most economical option and is almost a rite of passage for every brewer. We’ll cover all the essentials and answer some of those pesky questions. How to Bottle Beer When bottling beer, there are a few things you must keep … Read more

What is a Diacetyl Rest?

What is a Diacetyl Rest?

Diacetyl is a common off-flavor in beer. If you’ve ever tasted a buttery or butterscotch-like flavor in a beer, this is diacetyl. Luckily for brewers, it can easily be controlled and eliminated using a diacetyl rest. What is a diacetyl rest? A diacetyl rest is a fermentation step used by brewers to eliminate the common … Read more

How To Dry Hop Beer

How To Dry Hop Beer

Dry hopping is essential for bright hop flavor and aroma in beer styles like IPA and American Pale Ale. Even in Pilsner and Saisons, dry hopping can add a delicious layer of fresh hop aromatics. Dry hopping is a simple process that provides a massive boost of flavor. Follow our guide on how to get … Read more

How to Brew Crystal Clear Homebrewed Beer

How to Brew Clear Beer

Achieving brilliantly clear beer can be a challenging task. Today we’re taking a close look at everything you need to know to brew a batch of truly clear beer! How to Brew Clear Beer Crystal clear beer is an attainable goal for every brewer. But it may not be possible and is inappropriate for certain … Read more

How to Brew Delicious Beers with Herbs and Spices

Maybe you just drank a pumpkin spice latte or spied an exotic spice at the grocery store. Maybe you’re bored. Whatever brought you here, we’re discussing herbs and spices and how to use them in your next brew. The key to using herbs and spices in beer is knowing how much to use and when … Read more

Best Ways To Aerate Wort

Best Ways To Aerate Wort

Yeast needs oxygen to convert sugars in wort into alcohol and CO2 – turning sugary, malty water into delicious and complex beer. During the wort boiling process, most oxygen is dissipated out of solution. In order to put the much-needed oxygen back into the wort, homebrewers use a technique called wort aeration. It’s strongly suggested … Read more

How to Brew An Excellent Czech Pilsner

How to Brew Czech Pilsner

Czech Pilsner has become the catchall name for a much broader and more diverse group of beers from Czechia. Let’s dig into what this style really is and how to brew it! To brew a fantastic Czech Pilsner, start with water that has a low overall mineral content. Use an excellent under-modified pilsner malt, preferably … Read more

How to brew A Great Dunkelweizen

How to brew Dunkelweizen

An often neglected and overlooked style, Dunkelweizen delivers a perfect balance of malt and hops and will leave you thinking, “this is beer!” It may be hard to find on tap but Dunkelweizen is very easy to brew…and drink! Here’s how to brew a great Dunkelweizen. For the base grist, use Munich malt and wheat … Read more

How to Brew Interesting Beers with Tea

How To Brew With Tea

Discover a world of flavors to add to your beer brewing repotaire. Discover the world of brewing with tea. When adding tea during the brewing process, timing and type are everything. Similar to hops, when you add tea and what kind you add will produce very different outcomes. Fruity, smoky, earthy, herbal, floral, and more, … Read more

How To Brew A Belgian Tripel

How To Brew A Belgian Tripel

When brewing Belgian-style beer, it’s always fun and challenging to respect tradition while adding your own personal touch. Belgian Tripel – that strong, pale, and luxurious ale – is an elegant style to brew to showcase your homebrewing prowess. Brewing Tripel is all about the yeast. Choosing a suitable strain and pitching the right amount … Read more

Yeast Washing Explained

Yeast Washing Explained

If you like brewing a wide variety of beer styles, you’ll need to use a wide variety of yeasts. At $3 to $10 per pack, yeast can be expensive! What if you could reuse your yeast while maintaining very healthy fermentations, saving money and making amazing beer? Washing yeast is the process of rinsing a … Read more

What is a Stuck Fermentation?

What is a Stuck Fermentation?

Has your latest fermentation come to a screeching halt? Or did it never really get started? Put down the champagne yeast… we’re about to cover the causes and solutions for stuck and failed fermentations. What is a Stuck Fermentation? A stuck fermentation is when a fermentation starts and stalls or never gets started in the … Read more

What Are Noble Hops? The Brewer’s Finest Crop

What Are Noble Hops?

The world’s finest beers are brewed using noble hops. From pristine German lagers to assertive Belgian ales, these European hops bring elegant nuance. Noble hops are a cornerstone of traditional brewing and have cemented their place at the pinnacle of fine brewing hops. What Are Noble Hops? Noble hops are a group of traditional European … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Stout and Porter?

What's the Difference Between Stout and Porter?

Is it a Porter or a Stout? Or is it a Stout Porter? If you’re confused about what distinguishes Stout from Porter, you’re not alone. Let’s take a look and (maybe) clear up some misconceptions. What’s the Difference Between Stout and Porter? Historically, “Stout” was an adjective and a classification of the style Porter. The … Read more

The Complete Guide To Non-Enzymatic Mashing

Non-Enzymatic Cold Mashing

Looking for a low alcohol and flavorful brew? Would you like to boost the flavor of your beer without adding too many additional fermentables? A method known as Non-Enzymatic Mashing could be the solution. What is Non-Enzymatic Mashing? Non-enzymatic mashing (NEM) is a process used to extract flavor and color from malted grain without converting … Read more

How To Brew Kolsch: Smooth, Crisp, Refreshing Homebrew

How To Brew Kolsch

Homebrewing lagers can be time intensive and costly. Kolsch, that clean, snappy, German ale, is a great alternative to brew a thirst quenching and crisp, easy drinking beer. Kolsch is a great style to homebrew because it’s fermented at ale temperatures. This clean and crisp style can be brewed to be as refreshing as a … Read more

How To Brew World Class Brut IPA

How To Brew Brut IPA

Pale, dry, fizzy, and hoppy, Brut IPA is a niche style of beer. If you’re searching for how to brew a beer with a champagne-like finish coupled with a burst of hop aroma and flavor… read on. When brewing a Brut IPA, these are the key components to remember: Use enzymes to achieve a dry … Read more

Taras Boulba Clone: How to Brew a Belgian Table Beer

how to brew taras boulba from brasserie de la senne

Belgian table beers are low in alcohol, refreshing, and highly drinkable. One of the world’s best, Taras Boulba, is brewed by Brasserie de La Senne. We tried our hand at brewing up a Taras-Inspired beer and are loving the results. What Is Taras Boulba? Taras Boulba is a decidedly hoppy Belgian table beer. The hops … Read more

What Is Kveik?

what is a kveik ring

Norway is famous for its striking fjords, beautiful scenery, and more recently – at least in the beer world – farmhouse ale yeast. Brewers all over the world have become fascinated with the unique characteristics of a Norwegian yeast called kveik. What is kveik? Kveik is a domesticated brewing yeast originating from traditional Norwegian farmhouse … Read more

How To Brew A Scrumptious Dessert Stout

how to brew a dessert stout

Thick, sumptuous, and sweet, dessert stouts have a reputation for bombarding your taste buds (in a good way) and soothing your sweet tooth. Brewing a dessert stout is all about creativity and balance. It requires a robust malt bill filled with caramel and roasted malts with some imaginative adjuncts to create a unique brew reminiscent … Read more

What Is Dextrin Malt?

how to use dextrin malt

A mainstay in homebrew recipes for decades, dextrin malt is said to boost mouthfeel, body, and head retention in beer. Considered a simple fix for many homebrewing problems, dextrin malt is a mysterious product with a complicated story. What is dextrin malt? Dextrin malt is a type of malted barley used in brewing to increase … Read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Homebrew

10 ways to improve your homebrew

There’s no reason why you can’t brew beer as good as the pros. Often a few simple changes to your process or mindset will take your homebrew to the next level. Most problems for homebrewers are not unique. Countless brewers before you have struggled with the exact same issues and have made a few adjustments … Read more

Decoction Mashing for Homebrewers

Decoction Mashing for homebrewers

Looking for a rich malt flavor, beautiful head retention, and sparkling clarity in your homebrew? Decoction mashing – that often misunderstood traditional technique – might be worth trying. Decoction mashing is a traditional mashing technique for brewing beer. Removing some of the mash, boiling it, and mixing it back in the mash tun raises the … Read more

Easy Water Chemistry Calculation for Homebrewing the Best Beer

water chemistry for homebrewing

Adjusting your water for homebrewing can take your beer from good to great. A little attention to detail and a bit of applied chemistry can really make the difference. Water adjustment for homebrewing is easier than it seems. You don’t need a degree in chemistry to make practical changes to your brewing water. By starting … Read more

The 5 Best Hop Spiders for Homebrewing

best hop spider for homebrewing

Are you tired of hops clogging your homebrewing system? Or are you looking for a way to get clearer beer? Then you might want to invest in a hop spider. A hop spider is an easy-to-use hop filter that contains hops to a mesh basket during the boil. They save you time when cleaning by … Read more

How to Clean Your Homebrew Grain Mill

How To Clean Your Grain Mill - Pinterest Image

Have you ever cleaned your grain mill? Many homebrewers often neglect their grain mill, leaving it months, if not years, without cleaning. Like all of your other brewing equipment, however, your grain mill should be cleaned and maintained to prolong its life. Cleaning your grain mill should be done after every use. Clearing away grain … Read more

How to Crush Your Own Malts

How To Crush Your Own Malt

Crushing grain is the first step of the brew day for homebrewers. Properly crushed malt is one of the most important parts to making great tasting all grain beer. Instead of buying your malt pre-crushed, why not start crushing your own? Crushing your own malt makes better quality, more consistent beer and saves you money. … Read more

How to Roast Your Own Malt

How To Roast Your Own Malt

From pale yellow, to jet-black, beer comes in a massive range of colors. The darker the beer, the more toasty and roasted it will taste. Brewers use roasted grains to achieve specific flavors and colors depending on the beer style. Although homebrew shops offer a wide array of specialty grains, homebrewers might want to try … Read more

How to Brew with Fresh (Wet) Hops

how to brew with fresh wet hops

The harvest – finally reaping summer’s bounty. Nothing is more satisfying than picking a crop which has been carefully grown for months and experiencing its freshness. For brewers, this fleeting moment happens at the end of summer when hops are cultivated. Fresh hops, also known as wet hops, are freshly picked, undried hop flowers used … Read more

Under Pressure: What is Pressure Fermentation?

how to pressure ferment in 2020

As beer ferments, yeast converts sugar to ethanol (alcohol) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Most brewers allow the CO2 to escape from the fermenting vessel. If you trap the gas inside the fermenter, this is called fermenting under pressure. Pressure fermentation refers to beer that is fermented under a pressure that is higher than atmospheric pressure … Read more

LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale Yeast Review

LalBrew Platinum Series Voss Kveik Ale Yeast Review

Traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast, called kveik, has recently exploded in popularity world-wide. Brewers are embracing this unique type of yeast for its range of uses and high fermentation temperatures. This growing interest has spurred the rise of many new commercially available kveik strains. LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale Yeast is a brand new dry yeast from … Read more

FermZilla Review: High Pressure, Low Budget

fermzilla review pressure fermenter

Never before have homebrewers had so much selection when choosing a fermenter. From low budget buckets, to expensive stainless steel unitanks, the market is flooded with a wide variety of products. When the FermZilla advertised pressure fermentation and a conical design with a very affordable price, we knew we had to see if it was … Read more

Tame the Yeast: How to Capture Wild Yeast for Homebrewing

Tame the Yeast: How to Capture Wild Yeast for Homebrewing

Most homebrewers rely on commercial yeast strains to ferment their beer. As a healthy fermentation is one of the most important aspects of brewing, it’s always a safe and predictable decision to use store bought yeast. But what if you could find great tasting wild yeast right in your own backyard? Capturing wild yeast is … Read more

How to Brew Gose

how to brew german gose

Sour and salty, gose is a unique style of beer. The unconventional flavor profile comes together for an ultra refreshing and satiating experience. Homebrewing gose is a fun and creative process. Kettle souring, then flavoring with hops, coriander, and salt leaves tons of room for your own twists. Add fruits, spices, or herbs to develop … Read more

BeerSmith 3 Review

BeerSmith 3 Review

Brewing software is necessary to design, brew, and keep track of your homebrew recipes. There are many options available, from online recipe builders to mobile apps and computer based software. Finding the right program for you can be tricky. We’ve taken a deep dive into the newest release of the original homebrewing software, BeerSmith. BeerSmith … Read more

How to Brew Milkshake IPA

Getting your hands on a fresh can of milkshake IPA can be a struggle. As such a popular and hyped-up beer style, breweries sell out their latest releases almost instantly. Why not brew your own at home? Milkshake IPA is a velvety, creamy, and rich take on New England IPA. Homebrewing milkshake IPA can be … Read more

How to Brew New England IPA (NEIPA)

How To Brew New England IPA Hazy Beer In 2020

New England IPA – hazy, juicy, and hop-drenched – has taken over the beer world. Craft beer lovers wait in hour long lines in hope of scoring the latest can of hazy goodness. Luckily for homebrewers, you can brew delicious interpretations from the comfort of your own home. Homebrewed NEIPA can be as good as … Read more

Best Homebrew Pumps

Best Homebrew Pumps for brew systems

Homebrew pumps make your brew day easier and more efficient in many ways. Transferring hot wort or water when sparging, recirculating, or chilling is also quicker and much safer when using a pump. Adding a pump to your system is a worthy upgrade that every homebrewer should consider. The best homebrew pump is the Blichmann … Read more

Best Wort Chillers

wort chiller connected to a hose inside of a boil kettle

For homebrewers, chilling wort down to pitching temperature is one of the final steps of a long brew day. The faster the wort cools, the sooner you’ll be able to relax after a long day’s work with a nice, cold homebrew. Wort chillers are an essential piece of equipment to ensure an efficient brew day. … Read more

How to Kettle Sour: Homebrew Sour Beer Without the Wait

beer being soured in a brew kettle

Refreshing and complex, sour beer is a wide ranging category loved by craft beer enthusiasts and brewers. But brewing traditional sour beer takes months – even years – and risks contaminating your brewing equipment. Kettle souring makes quick sours without this risk of infecting future batches. Homebrewing sour beers is fast and straightforward when using … Read more

Best Stir Plates for Homebrewing

best stir plate for yeast starters

All healthy fermentations start with healthy yeast. To give your beer the best chance of fully fermenting with no off-flavors, you need to pay attention to yeast health and pitch rate. Stir plates are the most efficient and effective tool you can use to make sure you’re brewing with the best yeast. Stir plates are … Read more