Best Electric Brew Kettle for Homebrewing

Electric brew kettles are an excellent choice for smaller spaces and indoor brewing. There are no exhaust fumes aside from water vapor and that sweet smell of boiling hops! Electric brew kettles can be used in a 2-or-3-vessel all grain system or with a single-vessel Brew in a Bag (BIAB) set-up. Instead of relying on … Read more

How to Start a Solera to Homebrew Sour and Mixed Fermentation Beer

Homebrewing mixed fermentation beer was once reserved only for die-hard funky and sour brewers. In recent years, the homebrewing community has taken a giant leap forward in making sour beer more accessible to brew at home. Resources like Milk the Funk and American Sour Beers have given thousands of homebrewers the inspiration to begin their … Read more

How to Brew a Double IPA

Double IPA is a modern American classic beer style. Hopped to the extreme, high alcohol, and astronomically flavorful, DIPAs are fun – and challenging – to brew at home. Brewing a double IPA requires great quality ingredients, attention to detail, and tight control of every variable. To brew the best double IPA: Use lots of … Read more

Try These 5 Ingredients to Boost Your IPA Homebrewing

5 Ways to Improve Your IPA

The secrets behind brewing amazing hoppy beers like New England IPA are becoming more widely known. Sure, the pros still keep a few of their techniques close to their chest. But homebrewers around the globe can brew just as tasty hoppy beer as nearly any professional brewery. The key to great IPA is the use … Read more

Where to Buy Barrels for Aging Beer

Where to buy barrels for aging beer

Whether you’re a homebrewer, homebrew club, or small craft brewery, you may be in the market for a barrel or two. Barrel aging provides complexity and depth of flavor to beers like imperial stouts, sours, and wild ales. We’ll highlight 10 of the best places to buy barrels for aging beer. These vendors have been … Read more

Top Brewing Schools

top schools to learn how to brew

In recent years, the USA has seen a huge increase in the number of breweries. The demand for craft beer has created a need for brewing programs that equip you to take on the challenge of brewing a high quality product. Here we have a brief overview of 9 different schools / programs that are … Read more

How to Barrel Age Beer

Second to hazys, barrel-aged beers are all the rage. Be it trend or taste driven, at some point most homebrewers will get the urge to age beer in a barrel. Here’s what you need to know in order to make great barrel-aged beer. Barrel aging beer is an artform. After you’ve obtained a barrel, you’ll … Read more

How to Brew A Session IPA

How To Brew A Session IPA

Looking for a hop-drenched, in your face IPA but without the high ABV? Session IPA has got you covered. We’ll go through how to brew up a perfect Session IPA every time. What is a Session IPA? Session IPA packs all the hoppy goodness of IPA into a lower alcohol beer. It’s often called India … Read more

How to Brew A Sour IPA

How to Brew A Sour IPA

Sour IPA is a relatively new hybrid style that’s taken the craft beer world by storm. We’ll find out what makes this style so special and tell you all you need to know to homebrew a deliciously tropical Sour IPA. What is a Sour IPA? Sour IPA is a mixed-fermentation beer that’s a hybrid between … Read more

What is Yeast Nutrient?

What is Yeast Nutrient

Yeast health is one of the most foundational factors when brewing exceptional beer. Today we’re looking at yeast nutrient, what it is, isn’t, and when/how to use it.. What is Yeast Nutrient? Yeast nutrient is typically a specific combination of ammonium phosphate, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It’s like a multivitamin for yeast. It makes … Read more