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Best Homebrewing Podcasts

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There’s a podcast for everything these days. Homebrewing is certainly no exception. Wondering which one to try first or looking for a great discovery? We’ve narrowed it down to the top 11.

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Experimental Homebrewing

Hosted by Drew Beecham and Denny Conn, Experimental Homebrewing will keep you entertained and informed. The hosts each have over 20 years of personal homebrewing experience. So…they know what they’re talking about.

This is my current favorite homebrewing podcast. It’s a bit campy but if you lean into for about 5 episodes you’ll start to bond with the ethos. Denny and Drew provide truly great tips and info in a fun and digestible way. It’s also a great reminder of how much we benefit and can learn from each other.

From news in the craft beer world to the latest dry hopping techniques, this podcast has you covered. It’s been going for over 5 years and between the main show and the offshoot show called “The Brew Files” there are over 200 episodes to choose from.

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Beer Smith

Beer Smith is a tried and true brewing podcast. Brad Smith hosts and brings you interviews with some of the best minds in the craft and homebrewing world. This is the first homebrewing podcast I started listening to and it proved to be very informative and helped me understand a lot of the basics. It is by no means just for beginners though.

One of my favorite things about this podcast is the high level and knowledgeable guests Brad gets on the show. There are currently over 228 episodes to choose from. You’re certain to find one on a specific topic of interest.

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The Sour Hour

The Sour Hour is (as its name suggests) a brewing podcast about sour beer. The main host is Jay Goodwin. He’s the founder of The Rare Barrel and definitely proves his expertise and shares a ton of insider knowledge about brewing sour beer. In each episode, they sit down with a guest or guests from a brewery, taste their beers, and discuss brewing tips and techniques.

The latest episode aired March 3rd 2020. I’m not sure what plans they have for future episodes but the content available is definitely worth listening to.

This is a solid and immensely entertaining show. It’s also sour specific. If you want to increase your sour brewing knowledge and expertise…give it a listen.

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The Brulosophy Podcast brings you the inside scoop on specific topics in homebrewing. It usually features a hilarious beer tasting session with a couple of the Marshall Shcott’s (the host) friends.

They also go over a lot of the “exBeeriments” that Brulosophy is known for. These experiments are interesting and may inspire a change or adjustment to your own personal brewing practices. It’s always insightful to see how the results from an exBeeriment influences the Brulosophy crews brewing practices.

Like a lot of the exBeeriments, this podcast is a love it or hate it kind of thing. And that’s ok. Along with a lot of great brewing knowledge the sound quality is top notch and the outro music is pretty sick too.

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The Beer Healer Interviews

It’s time to step outside the box of America. It’s time to head downunder with host Chris Lukianeko as he interviews brewers and folks inside the craft beer industry from around the world. The majority of content is from Australian pros and you’ll also find incredible interviews with brewers in Vietnam and China! Oh and occasionally he’ll talk to someone in the states but…we get enough of that anway.

Alongside great interviews he has a series running called, “The Pro, the Protege, and the Hack” that is a chill dive into some homebrewing specifics. The guys will keep you laughing and you’ll also learn about how to brew great IPAs and other beer styles as well!

The production rate of this one is impressive and almost hard to keep up with. Chris produces an episode just about every week. Grab a cold one and sit down for an entertaining way to broaden your brewing knowledge and worldview!

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Milk the Funk THE PODCAST

This podcast is incredible. Seriously! The only drawback is they don’t produce enough content to satisfy your thirst for the science-based knowledge they continually drop on the show. They have interviews with experts on topics from Norwiegian Farmhouse brewing to diastatic yeast.

If you love sour beer, kveik, beer history, or saisons, this is the podcast for you. Just like the Milk the Funk Wiki you can rest assured that these guys are bringing you vetted and updated information. And it’s all on best brewing practices that are backed by real science and not just anecdotal experience.

If you’re looking for some really in-depth knowledge on some specific topics concerning brewing, this is the one for you!

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Master Brewers Podcast

This podcast isn’t totally geared towards homebrewers as many of the topics contain information only professional brewers need to know. That said, there is a ton of relevant info for homebrewers if you simply browse the episode offerings. There are almost 200 episodes.

My personal favorite episode is where the host, John Bryce, sits down with Fritz Maytag and gets the inside story on Anchor Brewing. It’s priceless.

One of my favorite things about this podcast is that it is so based in science and best practice and cuts through a lot of the homebrewing-mythology bullshit. The interviews are with actual professionals within the beer industry and it shows in the quality of information they relay.

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The Session

The Session is easily one of the most popular podcasts on homebrewing. And for good reason. You’ll get a nice mix of homebrew and craft beer info, news, tips, and techniques. Each episode brings you an interview with an expert within the brewing sphere.

The podcast is produced by the Brewing Network. The sound quality and overall organization of the show are top notch. Oh and they are up to about 575 episodes so…yeah you’ll stay entertained for a while.

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Craft Beer Radio Podcast

This one started in 2005 and is famously recorded in a basement. Jeff Bearer and Greg Weiss are the hosts. They’ve got over 500 podcasts! They’re production rate seems to have died down as of July 2020.

This classic gives you two guys talking about all things beer. From history to news, to how to brew better beer, they’ve got something for everyone.

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Good Beer Hunting

This is an interesting blend of blog gone podcast. The focus of the show is a storytelling format that relays how brewers got started and brewed their fist beers. This one is sure to be inspiring.

While listening to a recent episode I was stuck by the thought, “these guys take beer very seriously”.

In their own words, “We balance the culture of craft beer with the businesses it supports, and examine the tenacity of it’s ideals”. That’s a bold claim but Good Beer Hunting is serious about beer and beer culture and their professionalism shines through in the quality of information and stories in their podcasts.

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Basic Brewing Radio

As the name says, this one covers the basics of brewing. But with over 730 episodes you’ll go way beyond just the basics. James Spencer’s goal is the “take the mystery and fear out of brewing the best beer in the world”. It’s a tall order but the show stands up to the task.

The show has been going since 2005 and if you visit their website you can access their episode archives. If played back-to-back, all the episodes should keep you entertained for approximately 23 days of constant homebrewing mayhem. That’s if you listen 24 hours a day for 23 days! It’s a hell of a podcast but I don’t recommend that kind of mind abuse.

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