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The Best Breweries in Utah

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The beer scene in Utah offers the most unique blends, creative concoctions, and delicious hops. The best breweries in Utah are definitely the place to be for beer lovers. Check out this extensive list of great bars and breweries in Utah.

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Want some fantastic beer? You have to head over to these best breweries in Utah for that! They have amazing hops, IPAs, and blends that you definitely need to try.

Uinta Brewing

Uinta Brewing Co, 1722 Fremont Dr, Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 467-0909

Uinta Brewing Company is a business that pays homage to the area’s legends and environment. This brewery has won the hearts of Utah beer fans for over 20 years. Every brand’s beer has a moniker taken from the wild, rocky landscape of the Uinta National Forest in Utah. The Cutthroat Pale Ale, named after Utah’s official fish, is among their most well-known brews. The humorous moniker for a spectacular skiing fall is the Yard Sale winter beer. As the first entirely wind-powered company in the state, Uinta is also a model for sustainable business operations.

Bohemian Brewery

Bohemian Brewery & Grill, 94 7200 S, Midvale, UT.
(801) 566-5474

European-inspired lagers are produced by Bohemian Brewery. The brewers create what they refer to as the “Old School Brew” with tried-and-true methods and premium ingredients. All draft and bottled beers from the brewery are widely accessible at neighborhood taverns, pubs, and state liquor outlets. All are produced using traditional formulas, paying close attention to the skill and patience required to create the ideal lager. It offers a series of beers that includes a light, sweet hefeweizen, a dark, full-flavored bock, a caramel altbier, and more. Go to their restaurant to sample a variety of traditional European dishes that go well with a cold beverage.

Epic Brewing Company

825 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 906-0123

Since the repeal of Prohibition, the Epic Brewing Company has produced delicious beer in Utah. Since its start, the brewery hasn’t ever backed away from trying something different.

The varied roster from Epic definitely hits the spot. They offer an excellent and broad selection of types, including session beers, IPAs, light lagers, and barrel-aged stouts. Epic is the most well-known brewery in the United States because its extreme array of imperial stouts has achieved widespread recognition.

Moab Brewery

Moab Brewery, 686 S Main St, Moab, UT.
(435) 259-6333

Moab is truly an adventurer’s paradise with unlimited opportunities for hiking, climbing, biking, and other outdoor activities. In the middle of this adventurous atmosphere, the founders of Moab Brewery established a craft microbrewery ideal for the traveler in search of a straightforward, wonderful beer.

The Porcupine Pilsner, Dead Horse Amber Ale, and Johnny’s American IPA are some of the favorites among drinkers. After a long day of visiting the area, vacationers sometimes stop by the brewery’s on-site bar for a drink. It is a casual setting where you can enjoy the distinctive surroundings and some of the greatest beers in Utah.


Squatters Brewery, 1763 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 466-8855

Squatters have established itself as a staple of Salt Lake City’s downtown dining scene for the last 25 years. The business is committed to its “Triple Bottom Line: Planet, People, and Profit.” Squatter is a well-liked member of the community who actively participates in neighborhood NGOs, sustainable transportation and energy initiatives, and campaigns to advance Utah’s business climate.

The microbrewery’s fundamental business is producing superb beer with integrity and enthusiasm that has won honors for decades. Some of their most well-known beers are the Hop Rising Double IPA, Chasing Tail golden ale, and Full Suspension pale ale.

Templin Family Brewing

936 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(385) 270-5972

The basis of Templin Family Brewing’s philosophy regarding beer is tradition and quality. They are dedicated to spending the effort and time necessary to create great goods, with a concentration on German lager. Their selection of delectable classic lagers is completed by lengthy cold conditioning. Alternatively, if you’re in need of something hoppier, they offer a number of superb, contemporary IPAs.

Beer nerds will like the selection of often disregarded varieties like Dortmunder and Kellerbier. München Helles from Templin Family stands out because it is malty, crisp, and has just the right amount of undetectable hop fragrance to maintain its balance. A very tasty and energizing twist on a traditional Bavarian dish.

Toasted Barrel Brewery

412 W 600 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84103
(801) 410-4028

The sour beer enthusiast must go to Toasted Barrel. They stand out in the beer scene in Utah with their own takes on traditional European sour beers, such as Berliner Weisse and Oud Bruin. Additionally, they provide a diverse selection of crowd-pleasing hazy IPAs, barrel-aged stouts, and oak-aged lagers.

Raspberry Weisse Man, one of their staple beers, is a wheat kettle-soured ale matured on a large quantity of tart and luscious raspberries. This delicious Berliner Weisse, which is expertly done and terrific addition to their innovative selection of beers, is crisp, sour, and cooling.

Best Breweries in Utah with Food

Here are a few more options to get some decent food with your craft beer in Utah.

Red Rock Brewing

254 S 200 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 521-7446

Red Rock Brewing Company, founded in Salt Lake City in 1994, has established a solid reputation in the national and regional craft beer market. The brewery makes draft beers—which, according to Utah law, cannot contain more than 4 percent alcohol by volume—and bottled beers. However, each brew is well-created and has a distinct, robust taste.

Customers may purchase the bottled beverages at Utah State liquor shops, enjoy the draft versions in a variety of neighborhood bars and pubs, or dine at one of Red Rock’s four restaurants while enjoying a well-prepared beverage.

Desert Edge Brewery

Desert Edge Brewery, Trolley Square 273, Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 521-8917

Visit the micropub at the next location on our list, which is housed in a gorgeous old trolley garage, to savor their expertly produced microbrews. Their cuisine has won awards, and they only ever sell beer on tap, never in bottles. For more than 30 years, Desert Edge Brewery has been a staple of Salt Lake City’s dining scene as a laid-back spot to eat delicious, house-brewed beers and inventive, fresh cuisine that is created from scratch.

The Latter Day Stout and Happy Valley Hefeweizen are two popular drafts at Desert Edge, another brewpub that uses puns and elements of the community’s culture to create a catchy brand.

Wasatch Brew Pub

2110 Highland Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 783-1127

Many of the beers from Park City’s Wasatch Brew Pub have inspired brewing and cuisine across the state. The “Polygamy” is their most well-known beer. A famous porter so called in honor of Mormons who practiced polygamy in the 19th century. If beer is not your thing, the bar is also well-known for its burgers, pizza, and sandwiches.

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