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The Best Breweries In Tennessee

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Whether you’re an avid beer drinker or just a folk looking for cheap ways to drink huge amounts of beer (thanks to brewery tours), our list of the very best breweries in Tennessee can certainly come in handy. From classics aged in wooden barrels to seasonal delicacies, Tennessee’s beer game is so strong that it can please even the pickiest of drinkers.

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If you’re looking to let off steam after a long, tiring day with a bottle of fizzy beer, or simply want to enjoy a few drinks with friends, don’t look far. These breweries in Tennessee are the perfect place to relax and socialize.

Yee Haw Brewing Co

126 Buffalo St, Johnson City, TN 37604-5722

Located in the heart of downtown Johnson City, the Yee-Haw Brewing Co is built in a 130-year-old train station. Although this brewery is also located in several other Tennessee cities, its original location exudes charm and character unlike any other. Founded in early 2015, the Yee-Haw Brewing Co’s ultramodern lab produces and cans most of its core beer brands and seasonals. The brewery strives to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary brewing techniques.

In addition, the brewery shares the space with White Duck Taco Shop, so apart from great beer, you can also enjoy good food at one single location. If you are looking for a fun and memorable time, Yee-Haw Brewing Co is the place to be. They’re a bit rowdy, and a bit refined, and we believe it is completely okay to be both. Some of the most popular beers by this company include Pale Ale, Kolsch, Dunkel, India Pale Ale, American Craft Lager, and Cerveza.

Red Silo Brewing Company

118 W 1st St, Cookeville, TN 38501-2490

Situated in the historic west side of Cookeville, Red Silo Brewing Company is the area’s first microbrewery. The brewery specializes in small batches of unique drinkable beers. Presently, the company has 26 beers on tap while more are to come. Check out their website to see which beers are available currently.

Some of the most popular beers offered by the brewery include Home Run Red, Red Oak Roasters Coffee Cream Ale, P-Nit-Butta Porter, Peachy Keen – Summer Sour, Weizen-Up Hefeweizen, You Mango Me Crazy, Honey Bear Blonde, and more. So, if you live in Cookeville or are planning a trip there, don’t forget to give the duo of Red Silo’s small-batch beer and loaded pizza a try.

Yazoo Brewing Company

900 River Bluff Drive Madison, Nashville, TN 37203-4111

Officially established in 2003, the story of this brewery began long before in the 90s when the founder – Mr. Linus Hall – bought a home-brewing kit. From there, he started to gain recognition locally for his beers and opened up a brewery in Madison, Nashville. Since then, Yazoo has been a popular choice among both locals as well as people lucky enough to be in the company’s distribution footprint.

The brewery has a stunning outdoor patio and a spacious indoor tap room. Best known for its funky and fruity sours, the menu at Yazoo menu changes daily. However, classic reliables like Pale Ale, Sly Rye Porter, Hop Perfect IPA, and Dos Perros are always available on tap, along with several seasonal specialties (such as autumn-inspired pumpkin ale). So, if you are in Madison, do try The Yazoo Sue which is Tennessee’s first-ever legal high-gravity brew. You will 100% be coming back for more!

Buck Bald Brewing

160 Ocoee St, Copperhill, TN 37317-4071
(706) 431-7141

If you’ve not heard of this brewery, we apologize but you have not been listening properly. Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Buck Bald Brewing is devoted to brewing beers of the highest quality. Since opening in 2018 in its original location in Copperhill, Tennessee, Buck Bald has quickly become the go-to brewery for both locals and visitors from all over the world. Lucky for you, now beer enthusiasts can enjoy the Buck Bald Brewing phenomenon in Murphy, NC too. The brewery is passionate about combining the best quality ingredients with careful attention to every detail in order to provide great-tasting, hand-crafted brews to all customers.

With 12 taps of delightful brews in Murphy and 14 taps of equally delicious brews in Copperhill, we can bet you will find a beer or two you will love! From their flagship Hollerin’ Man Pale Ale and Ragin’ Red Ale to several other styles, you will enjoy every sip. Whether you enjoy sours, IPAs, German, or English styles or you are searching for something different, Buck Bald Brewing has got you covered.

Mash & Hops

168 First Street, Cleveland, TN 37311
(423) 667-9245

Located in downtown Cleveland, Mash & Hops discovers extraordinary craft beer from all over the country and transports them to their Cleveland, Tennessee location every month. Mash & Hops selections are produced in small batches, whereas independent brewers use only time-honored brewing practices and classic brewing ingredients.

The brewery believes in building a sense of community and a connection with world-class micro-brew beers while ensuring all the complexities of conventional brewing traditions. Presently, Mash & Hops offers a wide range of 24 tap selections to customers. If you want to enjoy a great beverage – beer, gourmet soda, or cider, do check out this brewery in Tennessee.

Johnson City Brewing Company

300 E Main St #104, Johnson City, TN 37601-5705

Johnson City Brewing Company is not only one of the best breweries in Tennessee, but it is also the longest-running micro-brewery in the city. The brewery’s story began when Kat and Eric Latham built the Peyton Street Beer Club. They would invite family, friends, and even strangers over to taste craft and homebrew beer from all over the globe. After migrating to Northeast Tennessee, Kat and Eric started looking for the ideal location to set up a brewery and in 2014, the Johnson City Brewing Company opened its doors to the world.

Classic brews, experimental batches, seasonal brews, and cask ales – at Johnson City Brewing Company all are brewed one barrel at a time. Additionally, classic reliables like J-Town English Brown, Peaches, and Hopollo 13 IPA are always available on tap, along with several seasonal specialties (such as Breaker Blonde, Key Lime Cheesecake Sour, R.A.B., and more).

Best Breweries in Tennessee with Food

Here are a few more of the best breweries in Tennessee with incredible food options to pair your beer with.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

111 Broadway (2nd Avenue) Nashville, TN 37201

This Tennessee brewery offers a warm and friendly craft beer experience to customers through its various chain outlets in different parts of the country. The company provides a range of exclusive craft beer freshly brewed on location (quick fact: every Rock Bottom brewery site concentrates on producing beers that are exclusive to the market) to pair with their world-famous and appetizing American dishes like Fish and Chips, Brewery Nachos Bacon, Bacon Cheddar Burger, Chicken Mac n’ Cheese, and more.

You won’t find fresher beer than one which is served directly from your table’s tank, and Rock Bottom’s porters, stouts, and lagers pair nicely with their food menu of enhanced bar fare. Visit this brewery on your next visit and you will see why this company is so admired by tourists and locals alike.

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