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The Best Breweries In South Dakota

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It’s easy to overlook the state’s craft brewing culture when surrounded by treats like steak and corn. However, South Dakota is also enjoying a craft beer revolution!

A few decades ago, there were few breweries to visit in any particular area—possibly a couple in the vicinity of major metropolises and a couple more buried deep in rural areas. The craft beer revolution has made it so that there are plenty of places to visit.

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Some of our favorite places to grab a cold one are listed below:

Crow Peak Brewing Company

125 US-14, Spearfish, SD 57783
(605) 717-0006

Since 2007, Spearfish has been home to Crow Peak Brewing Company, a prominent manufacturer of craft beer. Their entry to the Black Hills’ craft beer market offers a selection of extremely distinctive brews ideal for the family’s beer connoisseur. Some of their more well-known beers are canned and sold in shops and bars across the Black Hills, and even some near Powder House Lodge, but visiting their taproom has to be the best part for visitors.

For your trip to the Black Hills, Crow Peak Brewing Company offers a different kind of craft beer and adds a characteristic flavor to the South Dakota beer scene.

Locals love this well-known craft beer destination for its diverse beers as well as its expansive and inviting taproom. There is indoor and outdoor space available in the spacious taproom, which has vaulted ceilings. Dogs are allowed to visit their humans’ favorite bar and hang out if they are on their patio, which is a perk for nearby pet owners. Thanks to their large taproom, they frequently have local musical artists perform on weekends to provide some live music atmosphere.

Lost Cabin Beer Co.

1401 W Omaha St #3, Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 718-5678

One of Rapid City’s newest breweries, Lost Cabin Beer Company, launched on May 18, 2016. It has established a flourishing fan base and caught the Black Hills and Rapid City communities by storm in just a few years.

The Black Hills’ flavors and culture are included in the small-batch ales and lagers that Lost Cabin Beer Co. produces. Given that they obtain most of their ingredients from regional suppliers, including their hops, they are a modest, local business. The Smokewagon Coffee Stout, one of their most well-known beers, uses coffee beans from the nearby Pure Bean Roaster coffee shop, which also roasts its own coffee beans. The beer and the atmosphere in the tasting area at Lost Cabin are authentic representations of the Black Hills culture.

The tasting room of The Lost Cabin Beer Co. has a cabin-like design. You would believe you were entering a hut in the Black Hills with the brewery’s timber paneled walls and lights dangling from every ceiling. The atmosphere is especially enhanced by their presence across the street from Founders Park. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the view of M Hill and the breathtaking beauty Founders Park offers by sitting on the patio at picnic tables.

Firehouse Brewing Company

610 Main St, Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 348-1915

The Firehouse, which opened on December 5, 1991, just 93 days after construction on the old firehouse started, is the oldest brewery still in operation in South Dakota.

The Firehouse Brewing Company takes great pride in producing high-quality beer. They produce over 40 distinctive beers yearly and typically have nine on tap at once. To make one batch of beer, they need between 350 and 620 pounds of grain and 4 and 19 pounds of hops. Spruce tips, honey, orange zest, mint, chocolate, and ginger are some of their preferred flavors for beer. Any extra grain they have is fed to the livestock at nearby farms in the Black Hills.

On your trip to the Black Hills, you can sample some regional beer in addition to Firehouse Wine Cellar, which is conveniently situated next door and is owned and operated by Firehouse Brewing Co. Seven red wines and 12 white wines, among many others, have been made by Firehouse’s latest new business. The Firehouse Winery offers a variety of wines for every palate, from dry reds to fruity wines.

Best Breweries in South Dakota with Food

Here is a list of some of the best breweries in South Dakota with food. Now you can enjoy a pint of beer paired with some delicious food!

Miner Brewing Company

23845 US-385, Hill City, SD 57745
(605) 574-2886

The Miner Brewing Company, which is based in the Black Hills, makes specialty brews that are traditional and distinctly “South Dakotan.”

Drink a beer from this brewery to quench your thirst. The unpretentious country charm of Miner Brewing Company is complemented by welcoming service. There are standard bar food options, including pizza and sandwiches. Drink your beer while playing cards, unwinding, or listening to live music. All beers are made in separate barrel fermenters to maintain quality, and South Dakotan ingredients are used to give the beers their unique flavor.

A range of free indoor and outdoor games are available at the Miner Brewing Company Tap Room to keep guests of all ages entertained. The Tap Room has both inside and outside seating options, a limited cuisine from the Prairie Berry Winery’s kitchen, and a selection of packaged munchies.

Sick-N-Twisted Brewery

23851 US-385, Hill City, SD 57745
(605) 574-9300

Since its inaugural brew in 2012, Sick-n-Twisted has constantly been experimenting with flavors and brewing techniques. It is a domestic company with brewers always advancing their technical knowledge. The makers at Sick-n-Twister put forth an ongoing effort to maintain their status as a small, local business and a traditional beer with distinctive characteristics. The small brewery often has 14 distinct beers on tap, ranging from sharp and hoppy to light and sweet.

Along with its own variety of beers, Sick-n-Twisted also has a fantastic food menu that goes great with an amber beer or cream ale. There is something for everyone, from sandwiches, soups, and ice cream for the children in your family, from stone-baked pizza to their enormous pretzels. Sick-n-Twisted is a family-friendly establishment with activities and TVs to keep the kids occupied while you taste-test and select your favorite brew.

The Knuckle Brewing Company

918 Harley Davidson Way, Sturgis, SD 57785
(605) 561-9846

The Knuckle Brewing Company is Sturgis’ first craft brewery, and residents and visitors on Black Hills vacations have praised it. The brewery debuted in 2014 with a wide selection of beers and a menu created to go well with beer. You’ll find something to go with each beer, from brick-fired pizzas to spaghetti and wings. They earned an award for their Knucklehead Red at the Black Hills Beerfest during their first year of producing local artisan beer.

Local culture and history permeate The Knuckle Brewing Company’s ambiance. In addition to quenching your thirst, your journey for a beer will provide you with a historical lesson by exploring the brewery and the adjacent bar. Considering that the huge saloon and bar is one of Sturgis’ main entertainment destinations, stop during your Black Hills trip to check out some local talent.

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