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The Best Breweries In Overland Park, KS

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With amazing opportunities and breweries for beer lovers, you can count on Overland Park, KS, to give you a good experience.

Have fun enjoying your beers with your friends and navigate your way to the best places.

Without much further ado, we will dive right into some amazing breweries you can check out in Overland Park, Kansas.

Tom’s Town Distilling

1701 Main St Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 541-2400

Tom’s Town Distilling is one option in the brewers that you would not want to miss. Their impeccable services and divine beers make this a perfect spot for your night out.

When opting for beers and wine, you have an extensive range of options that you can choose from. Collevento 921 Sauvignon Blanc IGT is a favorite of many people and has been known to be a mighty treat for the tastebuds. This is an Italian wine that is made with Sauvignon grapes. Brewery Emperial Biscuit Pale Ale and Brewery Emperial Pilsner are some other popping favorites that have been adored by the people there.

Enjoy a relaxing night with your friends or loved ones. You can enjoy sipping up some craft cocktails while basking in a really good ambiance. A priceless experience like none other.

Lost Evenings Brewing

8625 Hauser Ct Westchester Sq Shopping Center Lenexa, KS 66215
(913) 766-0333

An absolute delight, this place brews an amazing atmosphere along with a great variety of beers. These beers are based on the traditional flavorings that have been passed on for a long time. Others are on a seasonal basis and are there for a short span of time. You can even check out the experimental beers and get yourself equipped with the best. With eight taps, this brewing company opts for a flagship style and keeps half of the full. In contrast, the other half can vary according to the seasons. With a fresh batch every week, you can count on Lost Evening Brewings to give you a good time.

Limitless Brewing

9765 Widmer Rd Lenexa, KS 66215
(913) 526-3258

The Limitless Team came into being after exploiting the brewing companies around the country for almost a year. They blogged about their experiences and then, later on, came up with Limitless Team.

As per the name, they try to achieve all the things that you want would want. Any kind of possibilities that you want to have with the beer, this team would try and conquer it for you.

With the tagline “beer-centered. Community-focused”, this brewery focuses on being a community rather than a business. The brewery is furnished with community tables that motivate strangers to sit together and talk to each other while enjoying a cold craft beer.

Have a good time with your friends, connect with strangers, and enjoy your beer with them.

Tall Trellis Brew Co

25600 W Valley Pkwy Olathe, KS 66061
(913) 249-5077

Tall Trellis Brew Co is the place to opt for if you want to have fun in a unique environment. You can get a hold of your family or friends and enjoy the crafted beverages with them. An experience that you can enjoy with proximity and good surroundings.

Enjoy your craft beers here or locally roasted coffees – whatever you choose, Tall Trellis Brew Co will get it for you.

Pathlight Brewing

11200 W 75th St Shawnee, KS 66214
(913) 400-2615

When it comes to Pathway Brewing, you can be sure of two things – one is that you can sip passion in the form of craft beer and also satiate the desire to make a contribution to the local community. So, it is a good assurance to have in both aspects.

You can get your hands on the wild ales that are lambic inspired or opt for the hazy IPA. Pathlight Brewing makes it a point to continuously strive for betterment and search for new ways to bestow the customers with the highest quality that they can deliver. We make sure that we light the path for all the enthusiasts of craft beers – whether they prefer the modern or traditional ones.

Make new friends and acquaintances and have a generally good time there. With a wide variety, you can find yourself choosing different selections per your choices.

Try the West Coast IPA, Anniversary Glass With Full Pour, Barrel Aged Wild Grissett, and many more!

Take them to go or taste test them if you want – you won’t be disappointed. Pathlight Brewing works on this philosophy of keeping the quality high and being family-oriented and community-focused.

Experience exception beers here with the people of your choice and make it your new hangout spot!

Brew Lab

7925 Marty St Overland Park, KS 66204
(913) 400-2343

When we talk about the Brew Lab, it is adored as the pub that is in Overland Park’s neighborhood. It is an original brewery that has its own taproom and kitchen. So, get ready to take advantage of them all and have a fine time there. They serve American and Tex Mex Fare along with hand-crafted beers! You can also avail of a $6 happy hour and enjoy the specials on Tuesday and Friday from 3:30 to 6:00! Plus, you can avail yourself of this all day on a Sunday! With a huge taproom and a grain room that radiates a tremendous style – you can get a chance to host your events there. It caters to 150 guests so you can be generous with your guest list too!

Enjoy a great craft beer there – because you so deserve it! Some favorites are Humulus Stratus IPA – New England/ Hazy, Frazzled Strawberry Milkshake Hefe, Hoptic Nerve IPA – American, Vanillin IPA – Milkshake, BE, and Ragged Brew Mild. Utilize your time in a good way at Brew Lab.

Rockcreek Brewing Company

5880 Beverly Ave Mission, KS 66202
(913) 218-0017

Rockcreek Brewing Company has a variety of craft beers. They have a variety of 12 rotating craft beers that are exposed to a huge array of styles. There is something for everyone to enjoy so you can relax and go there without any worries. You can also get the cans to-go that are sold from the taprooms. You can choose a single can and get it, get four packs, or build up four packs of it as per your preference. You can choose from a wide variety that has Beverly Ave, Hodie Witbier, Vegas Daze – IPA – New England/ Hazy.

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