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The Best Breweries in Newport News, VA

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Newport News in Virginia is famous for its major role in the Peninsula Campaign in the Civil War. For this reason, most of the breweries and beer houses in Newport News offer an ode and special discounts to their military customers and veterans.

In this list, we’re going to discuss the amazing breweries you can find in or near Newport News, like Tradition Brewing Company, Hilton Tavern Brewing Co., Coastal Fermentory, 1700 Brewing, Beervana Taphouse, Craft 60 Taphouse and Grill, Brew and & Bottle, MoMac Brewing Company, and Capstan Bar Brewing Company.

Looking for a good brewery to spend your evenings in Newport News and can’t find it? Do not worry, since we have covered all the good breweries and beer gardens you can find in the city.

Tradition Brewing Company

700 Thimble Shoals Blvd, Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 592-9393

Tradition is among the most popular and well-loved breweries in Newport news. They started their craft brewery in 2014, and ever since, their taproom is always filled with those seeking amazing beers from all over the town. People love the helpful nature of the bartenders and staff, who lets you taste different flavors of their beers before settling on your favorite one.

The environment is spacious, and there is an outdoor sitting area as well that allows you to enjoy a good book with your beer or have a heartfelt conversation with your friends. As the energetic environment is boosted with live music and delicious on-site food trucks, one is bound to have a terrific time at Tradition Brewing Company.

While we’re still discussing this brewery, let us recommend their Red Ale and Oatmeal Stout, which are among our favorites.

Coastal Fermentory

206 23rd St STE B, Newport News, VA 23607

Coastal Fermentory has a pretty interior décor with a modern and sleek look given to the entire brewery. It’s a nice place to chill around and have a great solo time with your dog, or take your group of friends and enjoy the great selection of beers in the brewery.

The brewery allows you to taste a few flavors so that you can settle on the ones you want to order. They also have half-pours available so that you do not regret splurging on a flavor you didn’t like. Though, their sours and hazy IPAs are a must-try. The brewery also makes sure there are food trucks available so that the customers do not have to go elsewhere for their food requirements.

The environment is relaxing, and the parking area is very near the building. The interior is very pristine and clean, and the fresh environment will make you want to come back as soon as you leave the place.

1700 Brewing

11838 Canon Blvd #400, Newport News, VA 23606

1700 Brewing is a local veteran-owned brewery that offers amazing beer and the friendliest staff in town. The bartenders and owner are passionate about their establishment, which is evident from their delicious flavored beers and the food trucks that are always present near their brewery.

They have an awesome selection of beers and other drinks so that there is something for every customer who visits the brewery. The environment is pretty cozy and relaxing so you can even bring your dogs to spend a nice afternoon or evening with them.

Their IPA and Stouts are among their customer’s favorites.

Capstan Bar Brewing Company

2036 Exploration Way, Hampton, VA 23666,
(757) 788-7276

From oatmeal stouts to imperial porter, the Capstan Bar Brewing Co. offers a local craft brewery and taproom, that provides a unique experience to every customer who steps inside their brewery.

The brewery is famous for its friendly environment and helpful staff. The brewery also offers non-alcoholic drinks so that you can take your kids with you as well. The relaxed and nicely decorated interior makes it a perfect weekend getaway for you and your family.

Their oatmeal Raisin Brown Ale must not be missed when you visit this brewery.

MoMac Brewing Company

3228 Academy Ave, Portsmouth VA 23703,
(757) 383-9572

MoMac aims to bring its customers together in a friendly and energetic environment with its comfortable sitting area, a huge bar, a private area for parties, weekend live shows by amazing musicians and great food. Not to mention, their brews will leave you satisfied and craving for more.

The environment is really cozy and kid and dog-friendly. You can comfortably sip your cold beer and have a great time while enjoying the live music and delicious snacks from one of their food trucks.

We highly recommend trying their hazy IPAs.

Best breweries in Newport News, VA with Food

Cold beers taste even better when paired with a hot delicious plate of food. Read on to find out about the breweries in Newport News that offer great food along with great beers.

Craft 60 Taphouse and Grill

14346 Warwick Blvd Ste 348, Newport News, VA 23602
(757) 872-3500

The Craft 60 restaurant is a nice place to stop and eat with your family or friends, as the tap house offers great beer and great food to go with it. Their customer service is excellent, and the staff is very knowledgeable about the foods and drink menu. The craft beer is unique, and we highly recommend Ace Pineapple with its cheese curds and coconut shrimp.

They offer happy hour pints along with a huge selection of other drinks, including red wines, martinis, and cocktails. Besides, they also have a separate dessert and kid-friendly menu.

Beervana Taphouse

2 Hiden Blvd Suite #64, Newport News, VA 23606

Beervana Taphouse is a local beer garden that has more than 40 rotating taps to offer, and they also curate their beers in-house. Besides that, they also have many options for ciders and wines. The staff is super careful to ensure that the customers are comfortable with their food choices. They go to extra lengths to explain their beers and food menu to the customers.

The environment of the restaurant is laid-back and very relaxing. The beers are paid according to the amount you consume so that it is not stressful for you to choose your drink from the several options and easily taste the beers on tap.

The place has fantastic food options. Try a combination of their spicy Jalapeno Burgers with their traditional IPA.

Hilton Tavern Brewing Co.

10184 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, VA 23601,
(757) 873-2337

Hilton Tavern Brewing Co. doesn’t brew its own beers but they have a wide selection of other imported beers to choose from.

Besides that, Hilton Tavern is a family restaurant that is known for its delicious and well-seasoned food and snacks. Their burgers are the most popular item on their menu. The restaurant is quite packed most of the time so the service might be slow, but you can use that time to sit and relax with your food and beer partners.

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