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The Best Breweries In New Orleans, LA

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The 5 breweries leading New Orleans toward the top are Parleaux Beer Lab, Courtyard Brewery, Abita Brewing Company, and Urban South Brewery. On the other hand, the 3 best breweries in New Orleans, LA providing you with the best of both worlds, food and craft beer, are Second Line Brewing Company, NOLA Brewing Company, and The Avenue Pub.

New Orleans is one of the most unique culture-rich cities in America. Known for hosting mega sports events and an active, round-the-clock nightlife, New Orleans is much more than a famous cocktail destination. The city has a rich tradition of alcohol innovation as it is home to Hurricane drinks and Sazerac, making it the ideal stress-free tourist destination.

Want to know which craft beers to drink in the city of Nightlife? Keep on reading to learn about the destinations for the best craft beer in New Orleans.

From award-winning craft beer bars to tiny-but-mighty micro-breweries and local breweries, this city is a heaven for beer lovers. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the must-visit five best breweries in New Orleans, LA!

Parleaux Beer Lab

634 Lesseps St New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 702-8433

Being a microbrewery and a neighborhood taproom, Parleaux Beer Lab serves the best high-quality and locally-produced craft beers in New Orleans. Unlike other typical breweries, Parleaux Beer Lab is one of the rare places that provide you with a chance to try a beer made on-site, most probably by the person serving you. This Bywater staple features an amazingly spacious outdoor area with hanging lights, patio furniture, board games, and even swings, making it the ideal spot to hang out with your friends while drinking the best beer in the city.

Even though Parleaux Beer Lab has over 15 beers on rotation, they are the best place to drink the crispiest “Lagers” in New Orleans. Brewed and conditioned at low temperatures, the sweet and crisp taste of the hand-crafted beer will freshen you up after a tiring day.

Courtyard Brewery

1160 Camp St New Orleans, LA 70130

Established in 2014, Courtyard Brewery in New Orleans first-ever nano brewery. The neighbor-oriented brewery currently offers 27 craft beers that you can enjoy alongside some of the most delicious food options. Although the overall ambiance is casual and laid back, the guest tap offers you a chance to mix your choice of beer with any of Brewer Scott Wood’s creations.

Aside from serving the iconic medium gold, slight haze, playful carbonated, semi-dry “Sonic Youth in 1983,” the best craft beer in New Orleans. Courtyard Brewery, in partnership with Rahm Haus Ice Cream, has the best on-site frozen treats, which are perfect for the warm weather.

Brieux Carre Brewing Company

2115 Decatur St New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 304-4242

Are you tired of the same old beers? Situated on Frenchman Street in Marigny, the Brieux Carre Brewing Company is renowned for its creative craft beers. The brewery is owned by a group of young girls and boys who love to experiment to create the most interesting concoctions of beer.

So, if you plan to go to Brieux Carre Brewing Company, do not forget to try their “Ale Yeah, Brother!” as it has an ABV rating of 4. Being their specialty, this beer is boozy, funky, and dry, with soft notes of caramel, pineapple, persimmon, and spice that leave you craving more.

Abita Brewing Company

22084 LA-36 Covington, LA 70433
(985) 893-3143

Founded in 1986, Abita Brewing Company started its business by brewing only 1500 barrels. However, today it makes a record of brewing 9100 barrels of root beer and 151000 barrels of craft beer. Abita Brewing Company uses state-of-the-art technology to brew over 38 premium quality beers using the most organic ingredients.

If you are looking for that “One Drink,” we recommend opting for their “Purple Haze.” Brewed with real raspberries, the dark misty drink has a fruity aroma and a tartly sweet taste. Pair it with a chocolate dessert or chiffon cake, and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

Urban South Brewery

1645 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 267-4852

Jacob Landry established the Urban South Brewery. The brewery prides itself on re-introducing the brewery scene in New Orleans. They not only carefully craft beers using the finest ingredients but also try to add their bold innovation and cultural legacy to each drink. The Urban South Brewery features a spacious interior with corn holes, arcade games, and many tables. They also have rotating food trucks and are known for their customer-friendly staff.

With an ABV rating of 6.3, Holy Roller is the best year-round juice at the Urban South Brewery. The fine carbonated hazy, juicy IPA has a nice prickly tang flavor that surprises your taste buds with a citrus kick.

Best Breweries In New Orleans, LA, with Food

NOLA Brewing Company

3001 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 896-9996

Founded by Kirk Coco in 2008, NOLA Brewing Company is the oldest craft brewery in New Orleans. It is located only 1.5 blocks away from Miel and has an extensive tap list with diverse flavors, ensuring a little something for everyone. While the taproom has an energetic and musical environment, the upstairs balcony gives a beautiful view of Tchoupitoulas. NOLA Brewing Company prides itself on making over 15 craft beers by hand, of which 4 are series beers, 4 are seasonal, and 9 are year-round.

Nothing pairs better with a craft beer than a pizza! At the NOLA Brewing Company, people come for the craft beer, but they end up staying for the hand-bread, New York-style in-city NOLA Pizza Co. Whether you opt for the Square, White or Red pizza, all the pizzas are made with the finest quality to ensure the perfect Italian taste.

Second Line Brewing Company

433 N Bernadotte St New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 248-8979

Located in the mid-city neighborhood of New Orleans, Second Line Brewing Company gets its name from the city’s famous tradition, the Second Line Parade, a rampant expression of fun and celebration in the community. The renowned brewing company uses premium home-grown ingredients to craft the most scrumptious drinks. Aside from the beautiful beer-testing garden, they also have a large outdoor patio which is family, friends, and dog friendly.

Brewed with organic orange zest and Moro blood orange, the citrus-flavored “Saison Named Desire” is the brewing company’s most popular craft beer. The year-round availability and 5.7 ABV rating mark it as one of the best craft beers in New Orleans. The food options include everything from Vietnamese tacos to fried chicken sandwiches to French fries, burgers, and much more!

The Avenue Pub

1732 St Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 568-9243

If you have heard about Avenue Pub before, it is because it has been rated the best brewery in New Orleans, LA, several times. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Avenue Pub offers a well-curated tap list with over 40 craft beers in the tap room with more than 31 rotating bottles, including whiskey, rye, and bourbon.

Need something to balance out the alcohol? Try Avenue Pub’s famous “Dump Truck” comprising Bechamel and house-made lemongrass pulled pork alongside hand-cut fries. Other popular dishes include Croque Madame a la Louisiane and the Pub Burger.

Have fun brewery hopping!

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