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The Best Breweries in Naperville, IL

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From the remote industrial warehouse of Noon Whistle brewing to the fresh and lively vibes of Brother Chimp Brewery, Naperville has all sorts of upbeat and atmospheric brewery options for when you want to have a great time with friends, or spend a calm evening with your family.

Naperville has the privilege of being among the 10 best places to live in the Midwest. Here you will find a lot of recreational spots, restaurants, and coffee shops. Illinois is famous for its competitive market with 300 craft breweries that continue to offer a greater selection of beers and fresh brews to their customers. Whether you are on the highway or the industrial area, there is always an awesome brewery around you for a quick, cool pitstop or a chilled-out meal time.

We have curated this post specifically for you, listing some amazing breweries you can find in America’s coolest suburb, Naperville.

Solemn Oath Brewery

1661 Quincy Ave Ste. 179, Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 995-3062

Solemn Oath Brewery is famous for its friendly services and a great outdoor setting for customers. The brewery is open to its customers every day of the week, and the staff welcomes its customers with warm smiles and a terrific ambiance. The outdoor heated domes will create a mood with heavy metal playing in the background. It is bound to uplift your spirits whenever you stop by to get yourself one of their tasty beers.

While you’re in the area, don’t forget to try their Wreckagemaster and Snaggletooth Bandana, which has hints of a citrusy taste and pairs really well with food.

Noon Whistle Brewing

1748 W. Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540
(331) 431-4882

Noon Whistle is a great place to chill with your friends or family. The brewery offers a comfortable and large space, which provides plenty of room for other activities. It is situated in an industrial park and is more of a brewery warehouse than a bar.

The brewery keeps on experimenting with different flavors of beers according to the taste of its customers. They offer year-round beers, seasonal, retired, barrel-aged beers, and occasional beers like Sound and Vision, and Key Lime.

Do check out their BA ROB BOSS DID IT, which is an old-fashioned Scotch Ale.

Brother Chimp Brewing

1059 West Orchard Road, North Aurora, IL, 60542
(630) 800-1724

Brother Chimp Brewing is an awesome place to spend your Friday evenings or catch up with your friends. The clean and fresh vibes of the brewery combined with its tasty craft beers, provide an ambiance that is bound to give you a good time. The staff is really friendly and the service is quick, two features that ensure you have a great time here

Their Winter in Bruges and Tropical Chimp is awesome. Do try it when you visit Brother Chimp. They also offer some snacks to go with the beers, like tacos and pretzels.

BubbleHouse Brewing Company

2121 Ogden Ave., Unit A – Lisle, IL, 60532
(630) 541-3968

BubbleHouse provides a very modern but cozy, clean environment that is perfect for unwinding and spending an evening with your coworkers or friends. They have ample seating space and customers can also enjoy their fresh beers on an open patio. They have a variety of beers to offer. While the adults are enjoying their buzz, the kids can also enjoy hanging out or playing games in the open space.

The cold Kolsch beer and the Haystack Hang-up are among our highly recommended favorites.

Whiskey Hill Brewing

1115 Zygmunt Circle, Westmont, IL, 60559
(630) 324-6613

The extremely friendly and attentive staff, along with the upbeat atmosphere, is bound to lift your mood when you visit Whiskey Hill Brewing. Their beers are flavorful and bold, and they even offer food truck snacks on some days.

Their great flavors of IPA are among our favorites, including the New England IPA, and Boys To The Yards.

Best Breweries in Naperville With Food

A lot of breweries have stepped up their game by providing mouthwatering snacks or dishes to go with their beers. Some of them are listed below.

Two Brothers The Tap House

30W315 Calumet Ave, Warrenville, IL
(630) 393-2337

In the mood for a fine beer along with a mouthwatering artisan dish? Two Brothers are the place to go to. They are always ready with freshly brewed beers and sodas along with seafood and poultry dishes.

Two Brothers offers a brewery with a restaurant. It’s a nicely decorated space along with a wide variety of food and beers, curated for families, and friends, as well as a children-friendly menu. Easy on the eyes and easy on the palate.

Don’t forget to try this combination of Pineapple Paloma with fried pickles and pretzels, and thank us later.

Art History Brewing and Taproom

649 W State St Geneva, IL
(630) 345-6274

This place provides traditional beer style within an environment of a microbrewery and a modern taproom. It provides an intimate setting to spend some time with a special person, or just grab a coffee or cold beer and hang out with your friends in the garden.

The taproom has a quiet and relaxed ambiance, equipped with Wi-Fi, lots of outlets, and Nespresso coffee. The brewery offers lots of delicious appetizers and snacks. While you’re visiting Art History Brewing, try out their Elderberry beer with cheese curds.

93 Octane Brewery

1825 Lincoln Highway, St. Charles, IL, 60174
(630) 549-0332

93 Octane Brewery is a perfect place to stop by when you park near the gas station or the convenience store situated beside it. The brewery has fresh summery vibes and outdoor space with gas heaters so that you can chill and have a great time hanging out with your friends, or a couple of dogs. The food is reasonably priced and the beers are fresh and delicious.

You can enjoy a cold BurOut smoked beer with a spicy burger or a salad, while you are getting your car’s oil changed, or filling the gas in the trunk. The dine-in menu also has a variety of shakes, along with a kid’s menu that offers fruit juices and hot dogs.

From smoked beers to ice-cold IPA, we have everything covered for you. With this list and a map of Naperville, you’re free to go and explore all of these amazing breweries when you are in town. Whether you are going for a friend’s reunion or spending quality time with family, the suburb will always have a wide range of different brewing locations for you. There is always something for everyone to enjoy.

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