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The Best Breweries In Murfreesboro

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Murfreesboro is the sixth-largest city in Tennessee, smack-dab in the middle in the middle of the state. It is the state’s fastest-growing city, thanks in part to the Middle Tennessee State University and its ever-growing list of museums, art centers, parks, and shopping malls that attract more and more people to settle here. The Boro (as it is known locally because let’s be honest, Murfreesboro is a mouthful) has a rich history, great southern cuisine, and a local brewing surge. In the last few years alone, a number of backyard brewers have started selling their blends to the community, who are loving it.

Breweries in Murfreesboro that serve some of our favorite brews are Panther Creek Brews, Mantra Artisan Ales, Cedar Glade Brews, and Hop Springs Beer Park. The ones that also serve delicious food with their craft beers are Mayday Brewery and Party Fowl. However, if you are looking for other breweries, check out our list of the Best Tennessee Breweries or better yet, the Best Breweries in America.

Local brewers are showing up to bring the best of their local blends to the community. Check out these new names that have hit the scene, and let us know if we have forgotten to mention your favorite.

Panther Creek Brews

714 West Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 203-5089

Established in a refurbished factory, Panther Creek is what you get when three childhood friends who love making beer come together. It started with classic IPAs and pales ales and has now grown to include some of the city’s best porters, sours, pilsners, lagers, and saisons. The taproom isn’t that big, but it is lively and has a friendly environment. What it lacks in indoor space, it makes up with plenty of outdoor patio seating that also has a stage for events like comedy nights and live music.

This microbrewery has around 10 – 12 beers on tap with year-round house brews, seasonal beers, and guest beers. Patron favorites include Creek Smoke (a strong, dry pale ale), Dedication (a West Coast style IPA with citrus notes ), Unity ( a blackberry sour), 24k Golden Ale (a dessert beer flavored like carrot cake and cinnamon), and Trainwreck (an IPA with mango and strawberry notes).

Mantra Artisan Ales

6790 John Bragg Highway, Murfreesboro, TN 37127
(615) 450-1907

This taproom, which opened in 2015, is a cross between a pub and a coffee house. It has a bar and stool setup but also couches and comfy chairs spread around. The warm, welcoming interior is the perfect place to bring family and even pets. While food is not cooked on-site, guests are encouraged to bring their own or order takeout. Mantra takes care of the entertainment with music, games, and themed events like Sunday Yoga.

They have over 25 beers on tap. Two are for cold brew coffee and craft soda for the little ones or anyone in the mood for something non-alcoholic. The house beers are brewed in neighboring Franklin, roughly 40 minutes away, where they specialize in mixed fermentation. Their passion for funky and wild ales makes their specialty sours one for the books.

They are famous for their Amour Rouge Sour (a Flanders red ale), Avec Moi ( a Belgian-style sour pale ale), and Cassis ( a sour red ale that is aged for a year in oak barrels with black currents and tart cherries).

Cedar Glade Brews

906 Ridgely Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 900-3707

In 2021, four local beer lovers came together on a mission to put Murfreesboro on the map. The name is in honor of the peculiar habitat found in Middle Tennessee called the Cedar Glade. The exposed limestone and almost desert-like environment is home to flora completely unheard-of in Tennessee like prickly pear cacti and limestone fame flowers. This is all hidden by the cedar trees that surround it.

In a similar fashion, this nano brewery is a hidden gem in this college city with its state-of-the-art facility and exceptional craft beers. These “Purevoyrs of Froamy Goodness” use local premium ingredients, traditional methods, and intense flavors to produce some seriously impressive brews.

They have 12 brews on tap, including an ever-changing selection of local guest beers. Patron favorites include Longhunter (a smooth American IPA with a strong floral, pine, and citrus aroma), Berliner Off Broad (a clean, crisp sour), and Stones River ( an English-style oatmeal stout with notes of caramel).

Hop Springs Beer Park

6790 John Bragg Hwy, Murfreesboro, TN 37127
(615) 450-1907

Sprawling on 83 acres, Hot Springs is the place to be when you want to keep yourself busy. There are scenic walking trails, a disk golf course, a dog park, beautiful creek with three performance stages (two outside and one inside). This family-friendly (and pet-friendly) establishment is spacious, away from the commotion of the town center, and provides plenty of space for everyone to spread out, have a picnic and relax. With three stages, there is always some live music playing somewhere with a host of other events.

They have 15 – 20 beers on tap and also serve cocktails, wines, hard seltzers, shots, and ciders. Popular brews include Lightning ( a hazy west coast style IPA), Saffron IPA (a pale ale with notes of cardamom and saffron), Birdie Gosé (made with orange peel and hibiscus), Peanut Butter Udder (a milk stout made with peanut butter, chocolate, caramel, and vanilla) and Udder Dimension (a chai tea stout).

Best Breweries in Murfreesboro With Food

Tennessee has some of the best Southern Cuisine around, and Murfreesboro does its home state proud with its fine eating establishments. Check out our recommendations for a tasty meal and quality craft beer.

Mayday Brewery

521 Old Salem Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 603-7699

This microbrewery opened in 2012 and is known for its great beer and great music. Their production brewery is on-site, and while they don’t give official tours, the staff is always willing to show you around if you ask. The tasting room is vibrant and colorful, with art covering the walls and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Events are hosted every day throughout the month; you can check their website to see what lies ahead.

They have 25 taps with a rotation of exciting offerings, including IPAs, red ales, lagers, wheat beers, stouts, sours, hard kombuchas, and ciders. Some of Mayday’s most popular brews include Evil Octopus (a loaded black beer with 8 hop addition, one for each tentacle), Daddy’$ Money (a double IPA), Shimmy And A Shake (a milk and black currant sour), and Angry Redhead (a feisty red ale).

Mayday knows there is no better combination than beer and pizza and serves a straightforward menu of delicious pies straight from the oven. Options include Pepperoni, Big 5 (a meat lover’s dream), Buffalo Chicken, Mediterranean Chicken, and Cauliflower Veggie.

Party Fowl

127 Southeast Broad Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130
(615) 617-3909

In 2018 this all-in-one sports bar and restaurant opened its doors in Murfreesboro. Its spacious interior, huge windows, large outdoor patio, wall-to-wall large-screen TVs, and electric decor make it the perfect place to spend time with family and friends or enjoy the game. They have a rotating selection of local craft brews and sprints on tap, as well as boozy slushies, cocktails, bottles, cans, wines, and a variety of nonalcoholic beverages.

The food menu has all the Southern classics and more. There is something to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds from poutine, grit cakes, chicken skewers, nachos, wings, gumbo, salads, fried chicken, and every side and sauce under the sun. The star of the show is the Nashville Hot Half Bird. Mouthwatering Fried Chicken spiced from Southern Fried (mild) to Poltergeist (extreme) served on texas toast topped with a mountain of dill pickles and coleslaw.