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The Best Breweries in Milwaukee, WI | Breweries Near Me

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Besides being home to the 2021 NBA champions, the state of Milwaukee has a long-running history with brewing. Its history is so rich and diverse that at one point in time, Milwaukee used to be known as the beer capital of the world.

At its peak, the beers made in the state of Milwaukee were sent all over the globe because there were so many people obsessed with them. However, with time, the brewery industry isn’t what it once was, but many remnants of the glory days are still going strong, even today.

To make life easier for you, we have researched several breweries in Milwaukee and found what we feel to be the five best ones. You could always have your own personal favorites, but these are our personal recommendations.

1840 Brewing Co.

342 E Ward St. Milwaukee, WI 53207
(414) 236-4056

Home to some incredibly funky ales, the people at 1840 Brewing Co. definitely know what they are doing with their beers. For instance, they sell a PB & J sour ale which is known to be quite the hot seller. At 1840, you can get beer that has a delicate flavor or one where you feel there is a party going on in your mouth.

1840 Brewing Co. offers a variety of drinks such as ales, hopped IPAs, and lagers. They have the ability to be able to craft simple craft beers as well as creative and exciting offerings as well. Their customers flock at the chance to get a hold of their product.

Eagle Park Brewing

823 E Hamilton St. Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 585-0123

One of the newer entrants in this list, the people at Eagle Park Brewing definitely know what they are doing when it comes to making beers. For the beer purists out there, you can choose from a selection of West Coast IPAs and light lagers. However, if you want to take a step forward, you could also go for one of their opaque IPAs or hard seltzers. At Eagle Park, they rarely go wrong with a product that they introduce.

When you enter their premises, you instantly feel welcomed, and there is a certain playfulness about the brewery. You cannot describe the feeling in words; you just have to be there to take it all in. If you’ve come in for a beer but suddenly feel hungry, Eagle Park also has a cafe where you can order food and enjoy it with one of your drinks.

Hacienda Beer Co.

2018 E. North Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53211
(414) 296-7200

If you are on the prowl for an amazing hazy IPA or a farmhouse ale, Hacienda Beer Co. is definitely worth giving a shot at. They have recently opened a splendid taproom in Milwaukee proper after having moved from Baileys Harbor.

If you were to visit their new location, you would see the many hacienda art influences on the art there. Hacienda Beer Co. chose to have a fun atmosphere combined with a delicious beer that makes it the go-to place for many people to have a pint and unwind. Some of their must-try products include It Just Does Weird Things and L’Ete which are fan favorites.

Third Space Brewing

1505 W St. Paul Ave. Milwaukee, WI
(414) 909-2337

At Third Space Brewing, beer is treated as more than just a drink for people to enjoy. It is considered an art that must be celebrated and revered. Not only do they enjoy the beer that they make, but they also enjoy what it represents and how it makes them feel. Third Space Brewing has five main offerings around which their entire selection is built. They have a few staples that are available all year and also some seasonal options to cater to the needs of different beer enthusiasts.

Third Space Brewing is the product of two friends who decided that they wanted the people of Milwaukee to enjoy good beer. The two Milwaukee natives, Andy Gehl and Kevin Wright started the brewery with the intention of breathing life back into the beer culture of Milwaukee. Kevin Wright is the brewmaster who is responsible for making all of the beer go from idea to can. Thanks to the effort and thought process that goes into the beers, the people at Third Space Brewing rarely miss when it comes to a good beer.

Good City Brewing

2108 N Farwell Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 539-4343

When talking about one of the best breweries in Milwaukee, Good City Brewing definitely makes a case for itself. For a long time, they have been considered the finest in craft beers, and now that they have two locations, it is double the fun. Their beer is served in a variety of stylish yet extremely understatedly designed cans. The cherry on top? You can enjoy a spectacular beer with mouth-watering food.

Good City Brewing is more than just a brewery. In fact, they have taken it upon themselves to give back to their community. You will often see them collecting charitable donations, doing volunteer work, and placing emphasis on community organizations with the intention of improving the overall quality of life for the people living in the city. They do their best to ensure that the people are taken care of, and as far as we know, they are doing a pretty good job.

Lakefront Brewery

1872 N Commerce St, Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 372-8800

Lakefront Brewery is a spacious brewpub offering bar bites & an array of beers, including organic & gluten-free brews. It was started by two brothers, Russ and Jim Klisch after Russ gave Jim a homebrewing book as a gift. Shortly after, the two brothers ended up in a rivalry with the two competing for medals and awards in homebrewing contests. The logical next step was to open a brewery.

We recommend trying their Bourbon Barrel Breakfast Oatmeal Stout. It is a terrific oatmeal stout made with chocolate, and coffee then aged in bourbon barrels adding a little heat to round out the flavor profile. Lakefront recommends savoring every sip at a breakfast table near you (preferably at their restaurant).

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