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The Best Breweries in Michigan

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Did you know that Michigan was known for motors back in the day?

However, over time, the Great Lake State became the Great Beer State as hundreds of craft beer producers gained interest in the brewery scene and started to produce the craziest brews in the country.

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Here are some of the best breweries in Michigan that you absolutely must visit the next time you’re in town.

Bell’s Brewery Inc

8690 Krum Ave. Galesburg, MI
(269) 382-2338

Bell’s was one of the first breweries in Michigan with a decade of experience up its sleeves, making it a real competition for other breweries in the area. Don’t get us wrong- this brewery had humble beginnings as it started off with making beer in a soup kettle, but over the years, the founders worked hard, and today, their beer is available in 40 percent of the states in America. In fact, they have become the biggest producers of beer in the area.

Even though they are not working on a large scale, their quality has not been affected. The thousands of barrels they produce each year have the same amount of attention and love they have had since 1985. Legendary brews like Hopslam Ale, Oberon Ale, and the Two Hearted Ale are known to win the hearts of anyone who tries them.

Odd Sides Ales

41 Washington Ave #160 Grand Haven, MI 49417
(616) 935-7326

Odd Sides is a small and young startup in the Michigan beer scene. Even though it is relatively new, it has the local charm that is hard to find in older establishments that are busy fulfilling orders for their largely sought beer. This small bar offers 15 taps and is regularly packed, showing how popular the ales are.

Some of the standard favorites are the Hipster BrunchStout and Grapefruit Beer. After all, who doesn’t like coffee, bacon, and maple beer? Every beer you try here is unique, so get ready for a ride!

Blackrocks Brewery

424 N 3rd Street Marquette, MI 49855
(906) 273-1333

Marquette residents have quickly adapted to Blackrocks Brewery, enjoying their craft beer in a repurposed house. This brewery is built in a carefully renovated home to ensure a neighborly, comfortable vibe. It is a great place to visit any time during the year.

This microbrewery is known to be one of the best in Michigan as it provides a great taproom, outdoor seating, and live music in the evenings. There is no better way to enjoy a good beer than with music. Some of the best beers to try here include the 51K IPA, Potter’s Porter, Nordskye, Grand Rabbits, and Coconut Brown. The best part is that you can visit the tasting room any time of the week and have a wonderful night.

Right Brain Brewery

225 E Sixteenth Street Traverse City, MI 49684
(231) 944-1239

Right Brain Brewery is located in downtown Traverse City, making it a fantastic location for anyone who wants to enjoy a night off work. It is well-known for its brews, especially since they contain local flavors that anyone living in Michigan can instantly relate to. However, this also means that the beers at Right Brain Brewery require a unique palate. You might come across faint tastes of asparagus, pork, or cherry pie in your beers.

The craft beers here are interesting and fantastic. One of the things we like about this brewery is its location- it is a happening place that is always booming on the weekends. You can pair your pint with some board games for the best time possible.

Founders Brewing Co

235 Cesar E Chavex Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 776-1195

Founders Brewing Co has been around for 20 long years honing its innovative beers and attracting a loyal fanbase as it has become one of the best-known breweries in all of the United States.

Known for its brash beers and innovative flavors, Founders Brewing Co is the reason why Grand Rapids has become known as Beer City. If you are a craft beer connoisseur, this brewery should be on your must-visit list the next time you plan on coming to Michigan. The All Day IPA and Backwoods Bastard are worth a try.

Barn Brewers Brewery

235 Cesar E. Chavez Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 776-1195

A couple of decades ago, Barn Brewers Brewery used to be a gathering place in Lawton that looked like a small barn. However, over the years, the local pub has grown and become one of the best breweries in Michigan. It has managed to uphold its traditions so that live music and its social atmosphere continue to bring visitors to the brewery. Add in some great beer, and you have yourself a must-visit brewery that will not leave you disappointed.

There is a never-ending list of craft beers that you should absolutely try at Barn Brewers Brewery, especially the Train Wheel, EPA, Barn Light Smash, and Bourbon Barrels. If you like food with your beer, you can enjoy the Mexican or BBQ cuisine served here every Friday and Saturday.

Ascension Brewing Co

42000 Grand River Ave, Novi MI 48375
(248) 308-2093

A brewpub that attracts all the neighborhood beer lovers, Ascension has a large number of craft beers to choose from. In fact, it is hard not to love because there is something for everyone here, regardless of what their preferences are. Since 2015, this brewery has become well-known for its rotation of beers as it has earned a reputation for being innovative.

This brewery has lots of different styles and flavors that will blow you away. Some famous craft beers include the Cumberland Blues Sour Gose, Kilgore Nitro Stout, and Rumpus Time Saison. Since the beers are kept on rotation, it is hard to get bored. Of course, if you don’t understand something, you can ask the beer guide who is consistently around.

Best Breweries in Michigan with Food

If you’re looking for more than a few brews, you might want to take the trip to one of these amazing breweries that also have excellent food.

Brewery Vivant

925 Cherry Street SE., Grand Rapid, MI 49506
(616) 719-1604

Brewery Vivant has a fascinating history- it once was a funeral home. Then, it went on to become one of the greatest breweries in Michigan as its Belgian-inspired ales won awards and special mentions in Bon Appetit and Thrillist. Today, it lies in a great location in the Cherry Hill area.

Along with its beer, Vivant is also known to have some great, flavorful food. The frites are a much-loved item, but if you want to try any of their other food items, we are positive that you will not be left disappointed.

City Built Brewing Co.

820 Monroe Ave NW #155, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 805-5755

Not only is City Built Brewing Co a wonderful craft destination, but it is also known for its one-of-a-kind Puerto Rican menu that will have you coming back for more. Located in the downtown area of Grand Rapids, this brewery is only a little bit further from the Grand River.

The overall dining experience and the food and beer have brought locals and tourists to the brewery over and over again. The food here is fresh, and the tacos go wonderfully well with the craft beer. What else does one need?

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