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The Best Breweries In Macon, GA

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One of the reasons why people travel to the city of Macon in Georgia is to try out some of the finest beers available there. The beers in this city are so good that they have been voted the best drinking water in North America by the American Water Works Association.

The beers in this city are a product of the finest ingredients, as well as the passion and dedication of the people who make them. In the following paragraphs, we will check out some of the best breweries in Macon, GA.

Some of the best breweries in Macon, GA, include Fall Line Brewing, Ocmulgee Brewpub, Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen, Macon Beer Company, and the Society Garden. Let’s dig in.

The Society Garden

450 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Macon, Georgia 31201
(478) 743-1074 | (800) 768-3401

The first brewery on our list of breweries is the Society Garden. This brewery is situated within the historic village of Ingleside. It’s not just a brewery but also a great place to hang out with one’s family and friends. Another great thing about this place is the hospitality. The staff is friendly, and you can easily ask the staff about their suggestions and recommendations for a wine or a beer. They will guide you through, depending on your taste and your drinking capacity.

Let us make a suggestion from our end too. If you ever get the chance to visit, make sure to try out their wine slushies. They are extremely delicious and refreshing, especially if you are someone that likes to experiment with their liquor. You can also bring your kids along with you. They can play in the sandbox or try the slides they have there. They also have a live music scene that offers some of the best acts from across various genres, from folk to reggae and even Americana.

Best Breweries with Food In Macon, GA

Those are just a handful of the many breweries that are stashed all across Macon. Here are a few more Macon breweries with food options to pair with your beer.

Macon Beer Company

458 2nd St., Macon, GA 31201
(478) 200-1199

Do you want a place to mellow out and relax after a busy week? Look no further than the Macon Beer Company. It is not just a brewery but a place that allows you to unwind with a bunch of friends in a relaxed and chilled-out environment. All you have to do is to pop up a beer and forget about the worries of life. Over the weekends, they have live musical performances where they allow local talent to come out and showcase their artistic prowess. Also, they have games on weekends, which are fun to indulge in. Some of the best games you can play at the Macon Beer Company are the N64 and the Cornhole.

Now, let’s talk about the drinks. If you are in for a good night out, the drinks that will totally uplift your mood at the Macon Beer Company include the brown ale, the pale ale, the Macon Soul, and the Macon Progress. If you feel a little empty, you can try out their pizzas, their sandwiches, their burgers, and the steaming hot wings. They also have a brunch menu, just in case you plan on going there during the day. If you want, you can ask them to show you around, and they will take you on a trip to their entire brewing area. Isn’t that fascinating? Don’t forget to pull over at their door whenever you are in Macon.

Fall Line Brewing Company

567 Plum St., Macon, Georgia 31201
(478) 200-1957

The Fall Line Brewing Company is another amazing brewing hangout spot in Macon, CA. This is a full-fledged beer garden, which is big enough for you to throw your own parties for your friends and your loved ones. They also have a big screen which is great for movie screenings, but it also comes in handy on game nights. And don’t worry about the weather, even if it gets a little chilly. This brewing garden offers an outdoor heating system, as well as a fire pit to keep the guests cozy, even if the windchill increases. Even if there is no party, you can still show up with a bunch of pals and have the night of your lives.

Moreover, you will be amazed to see their wide variety of craft beers. If you are in for a really good time, you can’t afford to skimp on their Limestruck, and the new seasonal brews. On a balmy summer evening, you can beat the heat with their slushies, such as the lemonade shandy, as well as the cherry lemonade. They also have a wide variety of the best food items. With your drink, you can have snacks like the Knotty Pretzels, the Brisket Sandwich, the bacon cheddar, and the Hot Wings. After all, you have to munch on something while you drink, or it’s of no use.

Ocmulgee Brewpub

484 2nd Street, Macon, GA 31201
(478) 254-2848

Ocmulgee? Well, isn’t that a strange name? In reality, it’s not that strange. This brewery is actually named after the famous Ocmulgee river. This brewery/eatery is known for serving some of the best craft beers in Georgia, as well as the best-tasting food. You can visit during the day, or later in the evening. The windy and refreshing outdoor experience just pulls you towards this place. It’s extremely peaceful and serene, and it becomes difficult to leave once you get a taste of what they offer.

Now that you have come here, what’s next? Once you walk through their door, you will be welcomed by the aroma of a fresh burger being cooked on a grill somewhere. Their burgers and their hand-cut fries are finger-licking good. Once you have had your fill, it’s time to have some beer.

Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen

450-B 3rd St, Macon, GA 31201
(478) 254-2337

Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen is one of the finest places in Macon to have a nice combination of beer and some great-tasting food. This place combines a smokehouse, a family game room, and some amazing craft beers, all under one roof. If you ever pay a visit, don’t confuse it with your everyday burger joint or a BBQ spot. This brewery/eatery offers a one-of-a-kind experience, and they like playing around with recipes as far as food is concerned.

If you just want some beer, you are in for a real treat. There are some unique ingredients that go into their beers, thus providing you with a very refreshing drinking experience. They have no more than 12 beers available on tap, which allows them the room to play around with more ideas. Some of their best beers include the Sunshine Daydream Tropical IPA and the Satisfied Local Lager Beer. Whether you are just sipping your beer or waiting for your food to arrive, don’t forget to check out the arcade in their basement.

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