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The Best Breweries in Laredo, TX

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Laredo, Texas, is located right on the crossing point separating America from Mexico, making it an interesting place to visit since it is different from other states in Texas. Visitors get to witness a mix of different cultures. Here is a list of the best breweries in Laredo, Texas, that you should visit if you’re a beer enthusiast planning a trip there.

The best breweries in Laredo, Texas, will allow you to try different beer varieties and have a wonderful time while you’re there.

Laredo Brewing Company

3910 E Del Mar Blvd Ste 201, Laredo, TX 78041
(956) 462-5801

The Laredo Brewing Company hits the mark by providing guests with a lovely atmosphere and a broad selection of delicious beer. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that consumers are satisfied. They are friendly and helpful. A benefit is that they also provide food, allowing you to have a beautiful meal with friends or family. When the weather is nice, they also have a few tables outdoors where you may spend a great evening. There is lots of parking available at the location, so you won’t have any problem finding a space at any time of the day.

So, if you are making a list of the best breweries in Laredo, TX, the Laredo Brewing Company is a must-visit, especially if you love food, beer, and a good time. We recommend you try the tacos and the Kolsch while you’re there before leaving since consumers won’t stop raving about it online.

Big River Brewery

3910 E Del Mar Blvd Ste 201, Laredo, TX 78041
(956) 462-5801

The Big River Brewery is the place to go if you want to try local Texas beer. The Brewery has a pleasant ambiance and is a great spot to sit and relax or catch up with old friends as it is in a calm setting, and the music isn’t too loud. The decor is clean and rustic. The Brewery is clean inside and has pleasant air conditioning, so you will not be overheated on hot summer days. They have everything a brewery needs, including a TV, a shelf stocked with games, music, and a popcorn maker with several seasonings. The nicest thing is that the owners are polite and ensure every customer is satisfied.

Even though they do not serve food, a food truck rotation is set to park outside. The BBQ Ace food truck is a hit with the customers, and they serve delicious food inside the Brewery. So, if you’re hungry, you can get great cuisine from the food trucks while sipping on their fantastic brews. The Brewery’s serene and clean atmosphere makes it an excellent Brewery for families to visit after a long day of touring the city and sampling the local brews. While you’re there, try the nachos from the food truck outside with a Pink Elephant, which appears to be a crowd favorite.

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